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High School 101 Class of 2018.

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1 High School 101 Class of 2018

2 High School Assessments
Credit Requirements Service Learning High School Assessments Career Preparation

3 Credit Requirements English 4 credits Health 1/2 credit Social Studies
Fine Arts 1 credit Mathematics* Technology Ed. Science Program Choice 2 - 4 credits Lifetime Fitness Electives 1 - 3 credits * Mention the 4 credit math requirement for University of Maryland system.

4 Career & Technology Completer
Program Choices Advanced Technology Career & Technology Completer World Language or or 4 credits 2 credits 2 credits

5 Career Academy Programs
Art, Media & Communication Business, Management & Finance Construction and Development Consumer Services, Hospitality & Tourism Health & Biosciences Human Resource Services Information Technology Manufacturing, Engineering & Technology Transportation Technologies

6 High School Assessments
Students must pass HSA or PARCC Assessments . Algebra I/Data Analysis American Government Biology English 10

7 A Typical 9th Grade Schedule Health/ Lifetime Fitness
English 9 United States History Mathematics Science Health/ Lifetime Fitness World Language Fine Arts/ Technology

8 Includes a 30 minute lunch
Start End Class Time Period 1 7:25 8:15 50 minutes Period 2 8:20 9:10 Period 3 9:15 10:05 Period 4A and 4B 10:10 12:25 Includes a 30 minute lunch Period 5 1:15 Period 6 1:20 2:10

9 Weighted Grading Scale
Grade Standard Honors GT/AP A 4.0 4.5 5.0 B 3.0 3.5 C 2.0 2.5 D 1.0 E

10 Gifted and Talented Program
Vincent James 10

11 Learning Objectives/Outcomes:
At the conclusion of this course it is expected that students will have demonstrated:  * The ability to develop a research question which will guide their research. * The knowledge of research sources and techniques * How to write a research paper which includes a proper thesis, references, footnotes, citations. * The ability to create “new knowledge” through experimentation and problem solving. * How to create and present an effective presentation.

12 Course Outline: First Quarter – Basic research techniques, defining topics Second Quarter – Project proposal due Third Quarter – Display boards due, abstracts and research papers due Fourth Quarter – Final project due

13 Mr. James Contact Information

14 Samantha Armstead Abraham Wright, ITL
9th grade English Samantha Armstead Abraham Wright, ITL 14

15 English 9 Review English 9 Regular English 9 Seminar English 9 Honors
English 9 GT Reading In class 3-4 books Independent 15 pages/night 4 books Same as Engl 9, Double Period Independent 20pg/night 6 books Writing Essays: organization detail purpose Essays: organization detail Analysis analysis support Vocabulary Level C Sadlier Oxford Vocab Level D Sadlier Oxford Vocab Level E Sadlier Oxford Vocab 2 periods/ 2 grades/ 2 credits, More depth Independent Projects Nightly journal

16 English 9 Review English 9 Regular English 9 Seminar English 9 Honors English 9 GT BOOKS Speak Night TKM (play version) A Raisin in the Sun Fahrenheit 451 To Kill a Mockingbird Mid Summer’s Night Dream

17 Jennifer McBeth, ITL
9th grade Mathematics Jennifer McBeth, ITL 17

18 Course Offerings for Freshmen
Algebra 1 Algebra 1 (with Seminars) Geometry GT Algebra 2 GT 18

19 Some thoughts … Great success with middle school recommendations
Middle School elective credit for Algebra I Great success with Algebra Seminars Testing in all Algebra classes at beginning Lunch bunch, after school help H.S.A. at end of year for Algebra I 19

20 9th grade U.S. History 1877-Today story: 1877 - Today
Lamont Goode, ITL 20

21 Overview… Three levels Engaging teaching strategies
Regular Honors G.T. Engaging teaching strategies Quarterly Assessments Preparation for American Government

22 For more information… Mr. Lamont Goode –
Instructional team leader Mr. Thomas Browne – Regular US History Mr. Rodney Clifford - Ms. Caroline McDermott – GT & Regular US History Mr. Richard Ewart – Honors US History

23 Devorah Urszuy Janice Doherty, ITL
9th grade Science Devorah Urszuy Janice Doherty, ITL

24 Science Course Offerings
Earth Science Earth Science GT Introduction to Ecological Systems Biology GT

25 Thoughts on Science Biology GT, recommended completion or concurrently enrolled in Geometry GT H.S.A. in Biology Several A.P. options in Science as upper classman IES – Intro to Eco Systems for students who can benefit from extra support for Biology Earth Science for strong science students who do not need extra support for Biology concepts

26 OMHS World Languages Jamie Bowman, ITL

27 Languages offered Spanish Chinese French Ms. Bowman Mrs. Florida
Ms. Bove Mr. Tourtlotte French Mrs. Menegay Mrs. Tourtlotte Mrs. Macek

28 General Information If a student starts taking French or Spanish in Middle School, they can reach the 5AP level their senior year. If not, they can reach level 4 Honors in Spanish and French. Students need at least 2 years of a language to fulfill the graduation requirement. Level 3 Honors (or higher) of any language are Merit courses.

29 Why take a language? Generally, students who take four years of language are our most well-rounded and accomplished students. Studying a second language contributes positively to listening and communication skills, cognitive skills, and higher order thinking skills. Students who study a second language perform better on the verbal portion of the SAT.

30 Why take a language? There are travel and study abroad opportunities.
Many universities look for an applicant with 4 years of language, some require it. It shows dedication to an academic program! 2 years fulfills the graduation requirement It is a fun and engaging learning experience!

31 Why take a language? World Language Honor Societies (Spanish and French) Gives the opportunity to appreciate and learn about other cultures.

32 Heritage Learners Heritage language learners are students who:
Are raised in homes where a non-English language is spoken; Speak or merely understand the heritage language; Are to some degree bilingual in English and the heritage language. Students who wish to study their heritage language in high school have the opportunity to take a placement test to determine in which level of the language they should be placed. This applies to the languages offered in the Catalog of Approved High School Courses.

33 Questions? We will be in the cafeteria after this presentation!

34 Health Education and Lifetime Fitness
Christina Hewitt, ITL

35 Health Education and Lifetime Fitness are ONE SEMESTER, ½ credit classes that are MSDE High School Graduation Requirements



38 Short and long term fitness goals Individual, dual and team activities
Lifetime Fitness … Short and long term fitness goals Individual, dual and team activities Periodic Assessments

39 Fall Eligibility for Sports
Residency up to date Physical Exam after April All 9th graders eligible

40 Mr. Yarn, OMHS PLTW Project Lead the Way Engineering Fair
Teams of high school seniors from all 12 HCPSS high schools participated in the Project Lead the Way Pathway Engineering Fair on April 27. The first place winner, Jackie Galloway from Oakland Mills High School (pictured, right), won a $500 college scholarship from Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems for his Voice to Voice Mobile Application. Mr. Yarn, OMHS PLTW

41 Project Lead the Way Engineering Academy

42 All College Credit GT level Courses
5 classes in 4 years Introduction to Engineering Design Principles of Engineering Computer Integrated Manufacturing Digital Electronics Engineering Development & Design All College Credit GT level Courses


44 Please plan to join us in the Cafeteria for the Electives Fair

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