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1 General Education Office LA.121 / LA1301 English 1 Course Introduction.

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1 1 General Education Office LA.121 / LA1301 English 1 Course Introduction

2 2 Objectives The objectives of this course are that students will be able to: 1. 1.Distinguish spoken and written English of different situations in their daily life and express themselves confidently, accurately, and fluently. 2. 2.Reproduce and construct word or sentence structures through practice drills as well as conversational exchanges. 3. 3.Use polite expressions in real general discussions, and compose appropriate common conversations in different social situations. 4. 4.Identify topics and main ideas of any general passages of everyday English and summarize them in their own words. 5. 5.Write a diversity of short passages to reflect their background, personal approaches, trainings and the specific needs for everyday experiences.

3 3 Course Description Upon the completion of this course, students will have improved their listening, speaking, reading and grammar usage skills at pre-intermediate level. Students will be able to compose and write various types of sentences, use polite and formal conversational English and appropriate vocabulary for daily different situations such as greeting, introducing, making requests, etc. Students will also improve their general reading comprehension and writing skills.

4 4 Evaluation 1. Class Attendance & Participation 5% 2. Uniform & Discipline 5% 3. Quizzes and Assignments 10% 4. Mid-Term Examination 20% 5. Language Centre Use and Self Access10% 6. Listening 10% 7. Speaking 10% 8. Final examination 30% Total 100%

5 5 Rules and Responsibilities 1. 1.Attendance and Participation will be recorded every day. You are allowed 4 absences… 5 or more absences and you will not be allowed to take the final examination. 2. 2.Uniform and Discipline will be recorded every day. The DTC suit uniform is the only acceptable dress code in the classroom. The Kitchen and Sport uniforms are not allowed. Violation of this rule will give you a zero mark for the uniform. 3. 3.Coming to class 15 minutes or more late will result in a zero mark for participation. 4.Late assignments will no longer be accepted… NO EXCEPTIONS! 5.Mobile phones, Blackberries, iPads, etc., etc., etc. are allowed, but they must NOT make a sound. 6.Homework or projects for other classes or schools is not permitted during class. 7.Non-registered students are not allowed in the classroom – dont bring your friends to class! 8.Mid-Term and Final Examinations are based 50% on lectures in each class, and 50% of course-book exercises, which will only be available in class. TAKE NOTES! 9.All assignments must be submitted with the following information: 10.Originality – all work must be your own. Any copied or unoriginal work will result in a zero score for you AND the person you copied from. False information of ANY kind will not be accepted, especially on the LC Usage Forms.

6 6 Assignments There is one major assignment to be completed: In the language centre Research and describe one English topic each week One Hour each week 15 Stamps (one each week) Submit two weeks before Final Examination ( 4 / 5 / 12) It includes 15 tasks including reading comprehension, writing and can include watching a movie, listening to music, etc.

7 7 How to pass this course….. 1. To pass this course, it is important to be here for every class. If you are absent five times, you cannot take the final exam. 2. Being late for the start of class, or after the break, will lower your final grade… … NO EXCEPTIONS! 3. Look for the symbol on the PowerPoint presentations because these are the notes to study for the mid-term and final exams. TAKE NOTES!!! 4. Assignments and Language Center projects are important because they count toward your final grade. DONT IGNORE THEM! 5. Ask questions if you do not understand something. 6. Know and practice formal letter writing for grammar and format. 7. Come dressed in the proper uniform and wear it correctly with professionalism!

8 8 Course Text Book We will use the text book and course TOP NOTCH 2

9 9 Supporting Website ch2/

10 10 Lesson Structure

11 11 Lesson Structure

12 12 Lesson Structure

13 13 Lesson Structure

14 14 Lesson Structure

15 15 Course Content Mid Term Examination

16 16 Course Content (contd) Grammar Booster Writing Booster ActiveBook Self-Study Disc

17 17 QUIZ!

18 18 Why is English Important? Why is it important for you to learn English? Ask yourself, What is the worlds most spoken language? Look at the worlds top five languages as of 2011… LanguageNative SpeakersTotal SpeakersRank Mandarin845 million1.025 billion1 Spanish329 million390 million2 English328 million1.5 billion 3 Hindu-Urdu240 million405 million4 Arabic221 million452 million5 Future of English". The British Council. Retrieved 2011-08-24. (page 10)

19 19 Why is English Important? So then, if both Mandarin and Spanish have more native speakers, how can English have more total speakers? First, look at this map. What do you notice?

20 20 Why is English Important? Now ask yourself, How many countries in the world speak English? Look at these charts…

21 21 Why is English Important? So look at this map again… 69 countries around the world speak English for: business, entertainment, politics… everything! WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITHOUT ENGLISH?

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