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Security Services & VIP Protection

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1 Security Services & VIP Protection
GLOBAL COLLEGE Security Services & VIP Protection

2 Global College Global College is one of the most prominent accredited academic institutions in Cyprus. It offers a variety of degrees and courses attracting both local students and a great number of international students. The Department of Security & VIP Services, is fully accredited and endorsed by the Ministry of Education & Culture and students are eligible for a substantial government subsidy.

3 Global College offers a comprehensive Security & VIP Services program designed to meet the needs of aspiring and accomplished Security Professionals. Under this program, successful candidates may pursue a Certificate, a Diploma or even a Bachelor’s degree. The program offers great flexibility and may be attended on a part – time or full time basis.

4 The program is addressed to:
Young adults Security Professionals Military or ex military personnel Police Personnel or ex police personnel Emergency Services personnel Management Executives Port and Airport Personnel Individuals wishing to pursue a career in VIP Security Services.

5 Infrastructure Security Risk Assessment & Management
What the program has to offer: Extensive knowledge in a variety of fields including: Security Management Business Continuity Infrastructure Security Risk Assessment & Management Crisis & Disaster Management Workplace Violence Competitive Intelligence Policing First Aid Martial Arts / Self Defence IT Security

6 General Education Courses:
The Security & VIP Services curriculum aims at providing students with a solid academic background familiarizing them with the fields of study which contribute to Security. Psychology Sociology Public Relations Computers Business Management Law

7 Security Courses: Security Courses are designed to introduce students to the field of Security Studies and further enhance their knowledge and understanding of contemporary issues in Security and VIP protection. Security Courses are taught by certified instructors and professors with many years of experience both in the field and in the classroom. Students are also encouraged to attend practical workshops to gain experience and have a chance to apply the principles and methods which they are taught.

8 Indicative List of Security Courses:
Security Management Martial Arts – Self Defence Security Operations Risk Management Infrastructure Security Business Continuity Terrorism Weapons Training

9 Career Opportunities: Security & VIP Services graduates enjoy a high professional status and are sought after applicants for a variety of job openings. Students may seek employment in the private or public sector or further pursue an academic career through a Master’s degree in related fields. Global College offers Career Services to all its students providing information and guidance in all career related matters.

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