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Development Measure of Adolescent Career Choice

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1 Development Measure of Adolescent Career Choice
Belina T. Cuevas, Ed.D.,RGC and Delia D. Laguyo, Ed.D., RGC Guidance Services Specialists University of the Philippines Diliman 18th Annual Convention of the School Counselor s Circle of the Philippines, in partnership with Asian Psychological Services and Assessment, Inc. Century Park Hotel, Ocampo St., Malate Manila November , 2013

2 Why Filipino made test? Purpose:
Need for valid Filipino made Career Test or Interest Inventory Indicator for Academic program Students who wants to shift but don’t know what course to take. Purpose: This study is an attempt to construct and develop a Filipino test on interest for college students in particular. The purpose is to help the student analyze their potential and ability, and match it with the interest and career that he/she wants to do in the future. This career or occupation has to be realized through the kind of course, training and other forms of skills development the student has to undergo to equip the self with knowledge and skills to qualify for the chosen career.

3 Four Academic Clusters
Communication & Arts Political and Social Science Business, Economics & Management Science & Technology

4 4 Academic Clusters 1. Communication & Arts
Program engaged in the commitment of molding the individuals’ aesthetic and physical capabilities and abilities. Related Degree Courses: Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts , Fine Arts, Music, Sports, Human Kinetics, Physical Education, Mass Communication Areas of Interest: Artistic ( A ) 2. Sports ( S )

5 2. Political & Social Science
Program committed in strengthening the involvement and emphasizing the importance of social, cultural and political awareness of the individual. Related Degree Course: BSE/BSEE (Education), Social Work, Social Science courses, Military courses, Public Administration, Psychology, Areas of Interest : 3. Humanitarian (Hum) 4. Political & Social Services (PPS)

6 3. Business, Economics & Management
Committed in developing the individuals’ appreciation and values in instruction and research, public policy and in areas of economics, business and management. Related Degree Course: Economics, Tourism , Public Admin., Business Courses, Management courses Areas of Interest : 5. Commercial (Com) 6. Management (Mgt)

7 4. Science & Technology Program committed to the advancement and
strengthening of knowledge and skills of the individual in different science professions such as allied medical areas, physical sciences, agriculture and forestry, transportation and different areas of technology in the sciences area. Related Degree Courses: Physical Sciences, Information, Technology Home Economics, Library Science, Stat., Medicine, Allied Medical Courses, Agriculture, Forestry, Aviation, Nautical, Geology, Natural Science Transportation

8 Areas of Interest : 7. Information & Technology (I-T) 8. Mechanical (Mech) 9. Geological Science (GS) 10. Medical & Allied Medical Services (MAMS) 11. Agriculture & Forestry (A-F) 12. Transportation (T)

9 Part II: Self-Assessment
Allows the student to assess their performance in 5 different areas of knowledge: General Ability - Your ability to do well in school, understand the lessons quickly and accurately. Verbal Aptitude- Your ability to use words effectively, grammar correctly, interpret information and identify relationships between words.

10 3. Numerical Aptitude – Your ability to understand
and perform task involving manipulation of numbers, graphs, tables, diagram and alike Spatial Aptitude your ability to analyze, comprehend and identify images, signs, shapes or forms from patterns. Manual Dexterity - your ability to coordinate hand and eye movements and to work with tools and objects with precision and accuracy.

11 Result Descriptive characteristics Validity Reliability

12 Summary Item Statistics
Cronbach’s Cronbach’s Alpha Based N of Items Alpha on Standardized Items ________________________________________________ Item Mean Min. Max. Variance No. of Items

13 Item Mean Min. Max. Variance No. of Items 3.56 2.81 3.85 .0193 4


15 Career Development Domain
Standard A: Students will acquire the skills to investigate the world of work in relation to knowledge of the self and to make informed career decision. B: Students will employ strategies to achieve future career goals with success and satisfaction. C: Students will understand the relationship between personal qualities, education, training and world of work.

16 Thank you very much

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