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Whats happening in Sheffield? Public Health Observatory Event Heather Burns NHS Sheffield Disability Strategy Manager

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1 Whats happening in Sheffield? Public Health Observatory Event Heather Burns NHS Sheffield Disability Strategy Manager

2 LD Partnership Board Priorities Complex Needs Keeping Safe Health Friendships Leisure This presentation will focus on the work around health

3 Whats On In Sheffield? Commissioning Health Guide £754k health invest to save business case in learning disability – aiming to avoid too late Continuing Care packages, through early interventions Hostel reconfiguration programme over 400 people having individual person centred support plans around where to live Respite service transformation: plan to create a Short Breaks Hotel compatible with SDS – in addition to consultation and engagement with family carers, all individuals have had person centred planners paid for by NHS Sheffield as a reasonable adjustment because of the recognition of the impact of a major change programme Improved access to Tier 4 mental health beds for young people aged 16-18 years - opened up access for people with LD. New transitions and shared care protocols being developed for CAMHS and CLDTs Joint commissioning plans are being developed between LA and NHS S Year 2 DES role out

4 LD service user and carer audit of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals (STH) planned for winter10/11- looking at real experience of people and carers and staff understanding of reasonable adjustments Staff training module delivered at STH by Speak Up Rotherham covering issues such as DDA/ MCA (3 large cohorts of staff attended including matrons and consultants) Sheffield Hallam University PMLD research into the experience of people and carers of people in hospital care - scoping stage Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust (SHSC) improved offender health pathways with Court Liaison and mental health staff SHSC major reconfiguration around care pathways (QUIP programme) – enablement work by CLDTs aiming to formally link specialist LD clinicians with mainstream staff Sheffield City Council Local Authority joint work on forecasting STH Opthalmology care pathway accessible leaflet won national award STH patient admission system (PAS) linked to Sheffield Case Register: Improving Health Group now reviews this regularly. Flags up all hospital episodes Whats On In Sheffield? Providers Health Guide

5 Increasing numbers of adults with a learning disability Refreshed needs analysis based on Sheffield Case Register. Forecast significant increase in the next ten years Biggest area of increase in younger adults with a learning disability with moderate and complex needs Further joint work to refine the forecast and develop costed projections

6 A Sheffield example: Community Developments and Health Programme Uses community development principles and approaches to promote and implement public health Uses learning to engage members of the community with public health activities Links to the Health and Wellbeing consortium (accountable for the Health Champions programme) -raising self awareness, -understanding of personal barriers -building confidence -raises motivation of individuals to make changes -participate in health activities -positively impact their families and the community Reasonable adjustments to ensure people with LD can access it We have adjusted the course, making it less academic. Reduced written tasks included various interactive and fun exercises to get participants to talk about their health and wellbeing increased facilitators to 1:3 participants, giving participants more attention and support. Exercise includes group work, walkabouts in the neighbourhood and taking photographs, making collages, practical cooking and eating healthy meals The learning programme is being piloted with a group of people What the intended outcomes /actual outcomes are -For more people with learning disability to engage in health conversations and health and wellbeing activities. -Building confidence and self awareness. -Building social skills specifically on communicating and exercising personal choices.

7 Example of a reasonable adjustment accessible job description of Member of the Peoples Parliament for Health (the MPP)

8 What might a Health Member of the Peoples Parliament Do? To help us check what is good and bad in health services Get peoples ideas about what needs to improve To make sure that we give people with learning disability chance to talk about health, and all the work that is happening Be a member of the Improving Health Group ( partnership board subgroup) and set up a health group themselves

9 What health services? Primary Care Health services that happen in local clinics, and peoples own homes. It also means services such as local doctors (GPs), dentists, opticians and district nurses. Hospital services – This is services at the Hallamshire Hospital, Northern General Hospital, Western Park, or mental health hospital services. It would include when people visit hospital just for the day, or when people need to stay in hospital for longer.

10 What will you talk to people about? All the things that need to be good in health services like: Doctors Nurses Hospital staff Dentists Pharmacists or chemists Therapists Opticians

11 Four big things to improve in the NHS: 1. Make sure people who lived in long stay hospitals have all moved. 2. Make sure people with learning disabilities as good health services as everyone else. 3.Make sure people are safe in health services 4.Make sure we are improving health services like Valuing People Now says we should

12 There are laws which the MPP might need to find out about Disability Discrimination Act Disability Equality Duty Safeguarding Adults Human Rights Act Mental Capacity Act Deprivation of Liberty

13 There are reports that the MPP might need to find out about Disability Rights Commission Equal Treatment: Closing the Gap found people with learning disability died ten years younger than other people of preventable health conditions Sutton, Merton and Cornwall PCTs investigations into abuse of people with learning disability in NHS services found serious breaches of peoples human rights Mencap report Death by Indifference which looked into the treatment and deaths of 6 people with learning disability in hospital

14 More reports into health Sir Jonathan Michaels subsequently published his independent investigation Healthcare for All into the deaths of the above individuals, and made 10 recommendations to the NHS on improving services to learning disabled people. Health Ombudsman Six Lives (an independent inquiry) and response to Sir Michaels report Six Lives asking health and social care organisations to look at their services for people with learning disability

15 People in the health service who would work alongside the MPP Some of the people who work in the learning disability teams Heather Burns, the learning disability service planner Members of the Improving Health Group such as Helen Grant

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