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New to You Search Engines, Gadgets, Protective Software, and Settings Tweaks.

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1 New to You Search Engines, Gadgets, Protective Software, and Settings Tweaks

2 LEARN.UAEX.EDU The Home for In-Service Training

3 Learn Overview View and register for all in-service training classes

4 Learn Overview Calendar My Courses Courses

5 Learn Overview Course Catalog FAQs

6 Learn Overview Course Evaluation

7 Learn Overview Course Completion Certificate

8 THE NEW CES WEBSITE Are you Web Ready?

9 Zoom


11 The First area I look at when I access your computer

12 Microsoft Updates You can open IE and click Tools, Windows Update Windows 7– type update in the Search Box

13 Pruning your Computer Remove toolbars and games especially free ones Run your program updates Java and Adobe are near weekly

14 If Internet has Slowed just for you If your internet browser is running slow, take a look at Add/Remove Programs for: Add/Remove Programs Toolbars (especially if there are multiples), any instance of the word bar Websearch, Screensaver, and/or especially iWin, Rebate Lotto, etc.


16 IT controlled accounts Systems controlled by IT require the following:following Never previously used, 8-20 characters in length, start with a capitalized Letter, and a mix of letters and numbers. e.g. Ake4evar, Tr1sta1n, or Tr1cke21

17 Reset AD password Initial setup requires that you know your current AD password After account has been created, you can login with secret Q&A to change password

18 Reset Banner Password IF you know your current Banner password, you can use the INB login off the page to change password (righthand column has Change Password) If you do not know your current password, there is a Reset your Banner password link off Instructions are in a weird format, so read them closely

19 SEARCH ENGINE UTILIZATION The internet is vast and deep

20 Some Research Starting points Http:// Http://!/search-home

21 Keywords If you get an error, copy/paste the error into Google CTRL+C is Copy, CTRL+V is Paste If you have an interesting idea and wonder how to accomplish it, try throwing some keywords into Google Youtube also has a wide variety of instructional videos

22 WEBCONFERENCING Connecting to other locations

23 Zoom Login with your AD username and password You can install the client on your PC or use emailed links for subsequent meetings. Can also use app on mobile devices, just input the meeting number or use the link provided

24 Webmeeting Info Do a system check before the meeting to weed out any problems with your Java, etc. Login with the emailed link for ease of use Login 30 minutes early to download the latest Saba client and test voice

25 FTP: LARGE FILE STORAGE Sharing is Caring

26 Access FTP.UAEX.EDU Open Computer/My Computer Make sure that the File option is visible so you can login Change address line to: and hit Click on File>Login As and login with your AD account

27 Accessing File Menu Line

28 Login Example

29 Upload/Control file(s) Access an existing folder or create a new one for your use under Uploads Copy/Paste your file(s) into the folder Copy the address line and paste it into an email for your client Delete the folder/files when the client confirms download

30 ZIMBRA TWEAKS AND TIPS It only gets better

31 Am I running out of room in Zimbra? Hover over your name to find out Helps with those phishing emails that say youre out of room

32 Zimbra General Preferences

33 Zimbra Mail Preferences

34 Zimbra Composing Preferences

35 Zimbra Address Book Tweak

36 Zimbra Calendar Tweaks

37 Zimbra SharingFolders, Calendars, Address Books

38 CREATING A ZIMBRA CONTACT GROUP Bringing people together

39 Under Preferences: Turn off Bubbles Turn off Bubbles, under Preferences>General

40 Create an email with all the addresses in the to: field Then select all of the addresses and Copy them

41 Open the Address Book and Click New:Contact Group

42 Create a name and Address Book, then Paste bottom right

43 Check your work and Save it.


45 Create a shortcut for a website Go to the website and Copy the address Rightclick on blank part of the desktop Select New, then shortcut Paste the address, then name the shortcut

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