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Making Responsible Decisions

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1 Making Responsible Decisions
Chapter 1 Lesson 3

2 Warm up Activity On your own, draw pictures representing some of the decisions that you make everyday. For each picture write down how long it takes you to make these decisions… And, what kind of decisions are the most difficult?

3 Steps to Make a Responsible Decision
4 Evaluate your decision. 3 Decide on your course of action. 2 Evaluate Each Choice. Use the Guidelines for Making a Responsible decision. Identify your choices. 1

4 Guidelines for Making Responsible Decisions
Is it Healthful? Is it Safe? Is it Legal? Do I show respect for myself and others? Do I follow the guidelines of responsible adults, such as my parents or guardians? Do I demonstrate good character?

5 Consequences A consequence is the result of an action.
Name a situation where an action resulted in a positive consequence. Name a situation where an action resulted in a negative consequence.

6 Unwise Decisions An irresponsible decision may result in negative consequences. One way to take responsibility is restitution. Making good for any loss or damage Sometimes you cannot make restitution because there have been permanent consequences. Examples?

7 Decision Making Styles
Inactive Decision Making I waver back and forth trying to make a decision. I am never sure what to do. I wish I didn’t have to make decisions. Reactive Decision Making I follow the crowd. I do whatever my friends tell me to. I would rather please others than be responsible for my own actions. Proactive Decision Making I use the Responsible Decision Making Model I take responsibility for my decisions. I review options with parents or other adults.

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