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Conservation Project Planning R. Steven Lang ASM Physical Arrangements.

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1 Conservation Project Planning R. Steven Lang ASM Physical Arrangements

2 N5-347-11-1 2 Learning Objectives Understand the importance of incorporating conservation projects into every level of the Scouting program Be familiar with some of the resources and methods to help develop worthwhile conservation efforts Plan how your unit can develop ongoing cooperative relationships with local land management agencies. Plan your patrol part of the day 4 project. Upon completion of this presentation you will be able to: N5-347-11-1

3 N5=347=11=1 3 What is a Conservation project Protecting a resource, usually means a natural resource Taking action for nature Protecting the earth Fixing the land First Aid for nature

4 N5=347=11=1 4 Why do Conservation projects Better appreciation of the resources Learning responsibility and Stewardship Fun with a purpose Community service Hands-on Learning

5 N5-347-11-1 5 Ties to Scouting 9 th Law – A Scout is Thrifty Outdoor Code Do a Good Turn Daily A Duty to my country Search and Discover (hands-on) Strengthen America Advancements and awards

6 N5-347-11-1 6 Getting Even MORE Work with another agency Municipal Parks and Rec. Municipal shade tree commission, open space preservation County Parks, Friends of Parks National Trails Day – Earth Day – Clean Water National Parks Regional Trails organizations National and Regional Environment groups

7 N5-347-11-1 7 Recognition http://www.goodturnfor

8 Conservation Project Foot Trail from the Activity Field to the Pond General Maintenance Replace Worn Water Bar Install New Water Bar Fill In Wash Outs


10 Materials and Supplies Tools (shovels, pick axe, axe, buckets, saw) Personal (gloves, boots) Materials (Wood for Water Bar, Fill Dirt, ReBar)

11 Jobs Clean Up Install Water Bar Backfill Water Bar Borders Transport Materials

12 N5-347-11-1 12 Thank You!

13 NE-II-177 13 Change control log DateVersionChangesBy Jan. 14, 20090.1templateFred M. Stringer Aug. 25, 20010.2Steve Lang

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