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PVSS and JCOP Framework Organization, Support & News Oliver Holme IT-CO.

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1 PVSS and JCOP Framework Organization, Support & News Oliver Holme IT-CO

2 Organizational structure Support services Useful contacts News on PVSS and JCOP Framework

3 Organization ALICE ACC JCOP Wayne Salter IT-CO Renaud Barillère External Services ALICE Detector Users PVSS FW FE ATLAS CMS LHCb

4 Organization ALICE IT-CO Link Person Renaud Barillère Understands needs of experiment Knows who in IT-CO has relevant expertise Most of JCOP manpower comes from IT-CO Contributions from experiments e.g. ELMB, FSM, ISEG, Rack Monitoring & Control IT-CO supports many standard tools Back End PVSS JCOP Framework Front End Fieldbuses OPC PLC DIM / DIP

5 Support Single email address for all technical support questions Somebody always available to respond Each case is tracked and not forgotten A record is kept of all cases to build up a knowledge base Relevant FAQs can be made for common queries Helps us to target support more effectively

6 Support Lots of information on IT-CO web pages FAQs Around 100 FAQs available A/PVSS/FAQ/welcome.html On-site Support Available from IT-CO Limitation on available staff time Used when important or necessary to see running system

7 Support Training Courses Combined PVSS and JCOP Framework Course Includes material on OPC, PLCs and ELMB FSM Course This course is intended for FSM specialists in sub- detectors Course materials available on the web for self-study

8 Support CERN newsgroup for PVSS News and discussion about PVSS at CERN cern.pvss Users Mailing List (in development) Latest news on PVSS and JCOP framework Announcement of useful features Notification of new FAQs Any other ideas?

9 Useful Contacts For design and conceptual queries ALICE ACC For technical queries IT-CO Link Person Renaud Barillère (

10 News PVSS 3.0.1 + SP1 (released October 2004) This is the recommended version Several additional patches are also available Download from the PVSS registered users page Framework 2.3.1 (released February 2005) List of improvements and fixes on the download page Next release March 2005

11 Framework Functionality Components to control hardware CAEN, Wiener, Analog/Digital, etc. Configs component Panels and libraries to set up alerts, archiving, peripheral address etc. Library functions can be reused by anyone Tools FSM, Trending etc. Trending provides customizable display of values Documentation of panels and libraries

12 Latest Major Features New framework functionality Mass configuration Configuration Database Looking for user feedback Upgraded FSM Including requests from ALICE & CMS New PVSS functionality Oracle archiving Peter is already using it Discuss usage with ALICE ACC

13 Major Framework Enhancements CAEN Easy System (May 2005) Histograms in the Trending Tool (March 2005) Performance assessment of Configuration DB (Q1 2005) Access Control (Q2 2005) Alarm Handling Prototype (April 2005) Sub-detector filtering and alarm screen layout Data exchange applications for external systems Magnet Control System Cooling & Ventilation And others… Predefined FSM types for framework devices

14 Questions?

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