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Moodle is not just for teaching: How Moodle brings Cal State closer to the community Presented by: Mauricio Cadavid Edgar Chabolla Jim Monaghan.

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1 Moodle is not just for teaching: How Moodle brings Cal State closer to the community Presented by: Mauricio Cadavid Edgar Chabolla Jim Monaghan

2 Introduction Cal State, San Bernardino demographics –Students-18,000 –Commuter campus-1500 live on campus –Use of course management systems Office of Distributed Learning (ODL) intro –Formed in 1999 –Over 750 FTE in online and online hybrid programs and courses Learning Management Systems –Blackboard 7.1 –Moodle 1.8 (hosted by –Moodle 1.9 (CSU-wide pilot program)

3 Theoretical Background Social Constructivism –Piaget-construction of knowledge –Vygotsky-zone of proximal development –Lave & Wenger-legitimate peripheral participation Cognitive Apprenticeship (Collins) Collaborative Learning (Johnson & Johnson) Slotta & Linn (Science learning in a community of practice)

4 A seminal web-based project WISE project –Web-based integrated science environment Slotta & Lin Encouraged students to discuss their investigation of current scientific controversies See: Slotta, J. D. & Linn, M. C. (2009). WISE Science: Inquiry and the Internet in the Science Classroom. Teachers College Press.

5 What made Moodle a good choice Attributes: Open Source On time support Ease of use Cost Effective Reliability Flexibility Faculty control

6 What made Moodle a good choice Tools which facilitate rich student-student and student-teacher interactions –Forums (discussion boards) –Wikis –Journals –Chats –organic structure which allows for easy customization

7 What made Moodle a Good Choice In Blackboard you needed to be a CSUSB student….we had more flexibility with Moodle…. –Licensing agreement issue with Blackboard –Blackboard license agreement needed to regard each non-student as an FTE…. –Flexible administrative implementation of our Moodle instance… –Faculty learning curve for understanding the system was small

8 Communities of practice at CSUSB 1 st online community of practice--2005 Coyote Nurses –Supported first online program –RN to BSN Currently, we have 50 communities of practice –Blackboard Communities, Main Campus (17) –Blackboard Communities, Palm Desert (13) –Moodle Communities (20)

9 Total # of Communities20 Total # of participants627 Active Communities8 Communities in Development12 Current Communities of Practice in Moodle at CSUSB General Statistics

10 Current Moodle Communities of Practice Noyce Math Peer Advising Center SAIL Math Adjunct (SAIL) California Faculty Association Vista Murrieta High School National Children's Study California State Field Directors Online Intern Site Coach Training

11 Communities of Practice In Development Arab Program Nursing Faculty MAS – Mentoring Through Alumni in Sociology Palm Desert College of Education

12 Design & Development of the Communities Process –ADDIE Model: Florida State University, 1975 –5 phases Analysis Design Development Implementation Evaluation

13 Design & Development of the Communities Analysis –Identify Goals and objectives –Audience –Delivery method –Timeline Design –Training on Moodle course development –Develop prototype User interface Content

14 Design & Development of the Communities Development –Creation of community –Assistance as needed Implementation –A small group is trained to interact with the community –End-users are added to the community –Planning for evaluation procedures Evaluation –Formative –Summative

15 ADDIE Model Flowchart By Nicolas Tsapatsoulis

16 Demonstration of Moodle Communities of Practice at CSUSB

17 SAIL Community S tudent A ssistance I n L earning –Federally funded program to assist struggling students complete college. –1 st generation, low income. Government mandates that ¾ of participants be both. Currently 71% both – remaining 29% are either 1 st generation and/or low income. –Over 400 students currently enrolled in the program

18 SAIL Community S tudent A ssistance I n L earning –Challenges: How to manage each students progress How to encourage students to participate in the different required activities How to manage counselors participation in the program How to keep students on track How to report progress to the federal agency

19 SAIL Community Some of their most used features

20 Other features included SAIL Achiever! SAIL Community

21 Arab Summer Project Challenges –Only CSU San Bernardino offered the program Students came from a diverse geographical distribution Some students were not Cal State students –Arabic calligraphy needed for immersion Language pack available from Moodle –Faculty needed full control of course –Intensive interaction, and collaboration

22 Arab Summer Project Some of their most used features WIKI: as part of a collaborative exercise to prepare them on how to travel to Lebanon Forms: as part of the preparation to travel to Lebanon

23 Cooking Dance Calligraphy Music Movies Field Trips Arabic Radio Arab Summer Project Other features included Activities: Program Information

24 Arab Summer Project HTML blocks More Resources

25 National Childrens Study Challenges –National collaborative project Regional collaboration among governmental and non-governmental agencies Need for formal and informal exchange of information Field professionals are not associated with Cal State –Director of the program and some research were Cal State employees

26 National Childrens Study How Moodle was utilized:

27 National Childrens Study A virtual office

28 California Field Directors Challenges –State Field Directors from over 20 institutions Needed to facilitate communication among directors spread all over California Meeting place with lower costs –Utilization of the chat feature Information exchange/collaboration Non Cal State students, all professionals

29 California Field Directors Cal State University –Bakersfield, Chico, Dominguez Hills, East Bay, Fresno, Fullerton, Humboldt, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Northridge, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Diego State, San Francisco State, San Jose, Stanislaus. University of California –Berkeley –Los Angeles University of Southern California Azusa Pacific University Loma Linda University

30 Success Stories Debbie Flores (view video) Director: SAIL Teresa Morris (view video) Director of School of Social Work Nicole Garcia (view video) Lecturer - CFA

31 Lessons Learned Start with a meeting to clarify goals and objectives –Identify Needs Wants Target audience Train faculty on Moodle basics Allow users to express their creative perspective by designing their own sites Empower user to be self-sufficient when it comes to the management of their site

32 Questions?

33 Contact Information For questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at CSUSB Office of Distributed Learning (909) 537-7439 –Mauricio Cadavid, Admin. Analyst/Specialist –Edgar Chabolla, Instructional Designer –Dr. Jim Monaghan, Director

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