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2 Common Scenario Students Working hard in school Juggling extra-curricular activities after school Hoping everything works out to pay for college Hoping mom and dad have an extra fund to pay for college Parents Encouraging students in school work Juggling all the responsibilities for family Hoping the child has a plan to pay for college Guidance Counselor Helping students navigate the high school arena: schedules, guidance issues, school programs

3 Add-In Scholarship Advisor Brooke KrimScholarship Advisor Everything and Anything related to scholarships and college planning Helps Parents and Students Navigate the Specific Steps to College AND the Big Ideas to being a successful candidate for scholarships Student and Parents Uses Resources suggested and researched by Mrs. Krim Follows up with assignments from presentation nights, one-on- one meetings Use plan to be accepted at specific colleges Use plan to PAY for college

4 Tonight: Charting YOUR Course Which Way Should I Go? Research College / Scholarship Options Understand the Scholarship and Admissions Arena Know about Resources AND Apply Them Build Depth Stacking up Scholarships

5 First Resolve: Know Your Course Research which schools you would like to attend I Wonder Which Way I Ought To Go... How to Research Colleges and Their Scholarships Website Major / Department Website and Phone Visits College Visits Schedule Beforehand Sit in on classes Visit with Professors AND Students

6 First Resolve: Know Your Course Make the right decision for you Private University Public University Small Liberal Arts College Large University Understand the expectations for each school Index Admissions / Scholarships Weber State Scholarship Index Scores Utah State University Index Scores Holistic Admissions / Scholarships University of Utah Brigham Young University Admissions MIT Admissions

7 School Options Safety School (at least one) You will absolutely be accepted Receiving Scholarships is Guaranteed Likely School (at least one) You fall into the range of accepted students Receiving Scholarships is Probable Reach School (at least one) You fall into the range of accepted students with your Academic Record You have done something extra that matches the values of the college / institution Aiming for department and private scholarships

8 Understanding Scholarships Scholarship = money that an individual, a company, or a school awards to a student They want to award a student that has similar VALUES and GOALS Why are these the requirements? The individual or company giving the scholarship wants a good investment The past is the best predictor of the future (for investments) In 10 years, the student will STILL be exhibiting similar traits

9 Are scholarships easy to get? Some students ask Mrs. Krim about the easy scholarships Essentiallythese students are saying I want someone to give me money without having to work. All scholarships require some sort of record that says: Im a good investment I will make sacrifices and good choices that will benefit this specific field I exhibit similar values of the company / college promoting the scholarship

10 What do I have to do? Strong Academic Record GPA Baseline cumulative GPA of 3.0 for some scholarships 3.5 for higher awards ACT / SAT Scores 25 is okay, 28 is good, 30 is great Leadership Leader in School, Community, or Church Can be connected to depth focus Volunteer / Service in the Community January presentation will focus on Volunteer / Internships Can be connected to depth focus Be Different in a positive, original way that reaches beyond the scope of others

11 Understand Scholarship Arena Some Scholarships are awarded EVERY year Study what is requiredand what past recipients have done Learn from their ingenuityand use your own Example: MIT Wait-Listed SongMIT Wait-Listed Song Make a Calendar of scholarships that match your individual goals / interests / strengths Ultimate Scholarship Book 2014 Authors: Gen and Kelly Tanabe Ultimate Scholarship Book 2014 Begin Application 1-2 months before deadline Have someone outside the family edit the application Submit Application 1-2 weeks before deadline

12 Use Resources Available How to Be a High School Superstar Author: Cal Newport How to Be a High School Superstar Countdown to College Authors: Valerie Pierce with Cheryl Riley These two books complement each other perfectly. Read both for ultimate success.

13 Depth = Exceptional Performance in 1 Area Breadth is needed in all subjects to maintain a high GPA Depth is a focus in 1-2 related fields Understand: Having this focus in 1-2 related fields is not a ticket to have mediocre scores in all other classes. Instead, it is a challenge to become EXCEPTIONAL in one area.

14 Example of Focusing Efforts… building depth Interest in History / Political Science Volunteer with a local political group Study History / Political Science beyond school assignments and classes Enter Scholarships focused on History / Political Science: VFW Voice of Democracy American Legion Oratorical Contest National Peace Essay Contest United States Senate Youth Program Student Body Officer / Student Council College Level…Department Scholarships

15 Essentials to Winning Scholarships Apply! You cant win a scholarship if you dont apply Start Early…Submit Early Learn from each process of applying Stack Scholarships Apply for large and small amount scholarships Many students think a small amount ($400 or $200) is not worth applying for)…DONT MAKE THAT MISTAKE You can ADD up all the money – stack the scholarships –to get the amount you need

16 Example of Stacking Up Scholarships If I were in High School… Partial Academic Scholarship Honors Program Weber HonorsWeber Honors Cost of Books Housing Scholarship Academic Scholarship Work as an Ambassador / Resident Assistant Regents Scholarship Sterling Scholar FAFSA: Financial Aid, Work Study Department Scholarships Writing Scholarships: Blogs, Essays, Research Conferences

17 Charting YOUR Course Use Resources to Begin YOUR Personal Course for College and Scholarships Books / Websites / Ideas This PPT Monthly Newsletters Individual meetings Oct. 10, 11 Schedule through Front Office Ask Questions…Get Answers Apply!

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