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Acronyms Early PforR experience – Exchanging views and emerging lessons CGD, Washington DC, November 27, 2012.

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1 Acronyms Early PforR experience – Exchanging views and emerging lessons CGD, Washington DC, November 27, 2012

2 Acronyms Development Effectiveness and Client Demand – PforR responds to client demand that could not be fully met through existing instruments; it enhances development effectiveness of client programs and of development assistance Focus on Results – PforR places attention on results through more direct linkage of funding to the achievement of verifiable results and performance actions Institutional and Capacity Building – By using program institutions and systems, PforR will strengthen institutions/capacity of the whole program Enhanced Partnerships – PforR provides an opportunity to improve coordination among development partners in government programs Why did the Bank develop the PforR? 2

3 Acronyms Implementation Mechanism How does PforR complement the Banks menu of instruments? Funds for specific expenditures Funds for non- earmarked general budget support Funds for specific expenditure program Bank IL rules and procedures Country policy processes Project Lending (IL) Policy Lending (DPL) Program Lending (PforR) Program systems

4 Acronyms Where are we? The five first operations were approved by the Board totaling $881 million of Bank financing supporting a total of $2,28 billion of government programs An additional 15 operations are in the pipeline for approval by July, 2013 Operations approved to date are in five different regions in a range of country typologies (from fragile states to MICs) The sectoral breakdown is also diverse with operations in transport, human /social development, urban and so forth. 4

5 Acronyms PforR Pipeline Operations Morocco Nepal Tanzania Uganda Ethiopia Indonesia Mozambique Uruguay VietnamKenya Mauritania India Bangladesh 5 Brazil Pakistan

6 Acronyms The five approved Operations OperationSectorExamples of selected DLIs Morocco – National Initiative for Human Development (Phase II) Social Development % girls who reside in the educational dormitories graduating to the next grade % population provided with access to improved water supply in targeted rural communes by the Program Nepal – Results-Based Bridges Improvement and Maintenance TransportCompletion of major maintenance of bridges and of building/improvements to new bridges on national network Tanzania – Urban Local Government Strengthening Program UrbanLocal govts. with strengthened institutional performance achieving: (i) Program minimum conditions; and (ii) performance score (annual assessment) Vietnam – Results-Based Rural Water and Sanitation Water and Sanitation Number of people (i) having working water supply connections from systems that are sustainable: and (ii) benefiting from commune-wide sanitation in new communes Uruguay – Road Infrastructure Program for Results TransportNumber of km of the National Road Network: (i) rehabilitated with minimum quality level; and (ii) maintained through performance-based contracts

7 Acronyms 7 …but, risk of falling short of potential? Concerns about the exclusions Clients voice concerns about intrusive nature of some aspects especially on right to investigate Early feedback 7 PforR proves to be useful in different countries and sectors we appreciate the reduced transaction processes deeper focus on results shift in the dialogue with government counterparts game changer extremely welcome more interagency dialogue between government agencies

8 Acronyms DLIs range from outcomes to outputs, processes, and actions depending on the specific nature of the program e.g. Morocco Communities: percentage of girls who reside in the educational dormitories graduating to the next grade Uruguay Transport: cumulative number of kilometers of the Uruguay National Road Network rehabilitated at a minimum quality level Vietnam Water and Sanitation: disclosed provincial annual plan and progress report for each province Verification arrangements haven been agreed that are acceptable to the Bank and ensure credible verification e.g. Nepal Bridges: reputable firm financed by third party (AusAID) Tanzania Local Govt.: government-contracted reputable firm with TORs satisfactory to the Bank Early findings 8

9 Acronyms In general, the assessments have allowed to open good dialogue about systems, their performance and how best to improve that e.g. Tanzania Local Govt.: in the expenditures area, the technical assessment identified partial budget transfers from central to local governments as a cause for under-performance, and made full transfer a condition of DLI disbursement Uruguay Transport: in the fiduciary area, quantitative indicators were defined to measure the performance of the Uruguay's Road Administration procurement system, and a study to be undertaken to identify the key obstacles to shorter bids evaluation periods, and propose related measures Grievance/complaint mechanisms have been identified or developed, taking into account the specific nature of the program e.g. Tanzania Local Govt.: mechanism to be put in place by local governments as a Minimum Access Condition to access infrastructure financing Morocco Communities: existing government program mechanisms with specific improvement 9 Early findings (contd)

10 Acronyms Environmental and social impacts are limited Category A type activities are not part of the Program scope e.g. Nepal Bridges: 2% of the bridges were excluded given their potential effects on environmentally sensitive areas PforR Programs are also expected to have positive effects e.g. reduce risk of flooding and soil erosion (e.g. Tanzania Local Govt.), reduced transportation cost (e.g. Uruguay Transport) increased percentage of the population provided with access to improved water supply in targeted rural communes (e.g. Morocco Communities) Priority Capacity building measures have been included in Programs, linked to specific DLIs and/or included in the PforR operations Program Action Plan e.g. Nepal Bridges: DLI #4 Strengthened performance management in bridge sector (percent works complete on schedule) Morocco INDH2: DLI #7 Percentage of provinces and prefectorates in the Program Area which have put in place a plan of action to address audit recommendations 10 Early findings (contd)

11 Acronyms The PforR instrument has been adapted to varying country and sector contexts Each operation reflects the nature of the individual Programs in which they operate Program systems have been assessed as respecting policy requirements, and as being supportive of Program results with improvements as necessary Overall, risks to results have been assessed to be manageable Overall engagement and discussions on results and DLIs have fundamentally changed the dialogue between Clients and the Bank 11 Summing up

12 Acronyms 12 Exchange of views and lessons - whats next? Want to continue the conversations Keep the spirit of a learning approach to the instrument Events include Internal/external peer learning events (e.g. on results) 2013 Spring/Annual Meetings events Exchange of views and lessons by email to

13 Acronyms For more information, please visit

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