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Course: Immunopathology and Immunotherapeutics

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1 Course: Immunopathology and Immunotherapeutics
By Dr. Sheeba Murad Mall

2 Recommended Books Essentials of Clinical Immunology by Helen Chapel, Mansel Haeney, Siraj Misbah and Neil Snowden Immunology by Kuby, 2011 Basics in Immunology by Lichtmann and Abdul Abbass

3 Course Contents: The basis of immunology, Antigen recognition and response of immune system Tolerance: immunological principles of tolerance: central versus peripheral tolerance, role of regulatory T cells, natural killer T cells, dendritic cells Primary immunodeficiencies of lymphocytes, phagocyte disorders, complement disorders Proliferation disorders of immunologic cells: lymphomas, plasma cell eosinophilia, mastocytosis Systemic disorders with immunopathologic key mechanisms: rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatic fewer and other conditions Organ specific immunopathology: diabetes melitus, autoimmune thyroid disease, myastenia gravis, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune hemolytic anemia Allergic diseases: asthma, anaphylactic syndrome, insect venom allergy – Immune evasion mechanisms in infections: Tuberculosis, EBV-infection, Lyme disease Autoimmune response and immune tolerance, Priming regulatory t cells and antigen specific suppression of autoimmune diseases, Peripheral t cell regulation and autoimmunity, Antiergotypic regulation of immune response Immune mediated inflammatory disorders: role of TNF, role of other inflammatory pathways, identification of therapeutic targets Allergy and asthma: role of inflammatory cells and immune cells; role of mediators; therapeutic targets Immunotherapy: overview of immunotherapies (small molecules, biologicals): principles, indications, side effects: T cell therapy, Non-T cell therapy, Use of dendritic cells in immunotherapy , heat shock proteins Solid Tumor Immunology and immunotherapy

4 First sessional 20% Second sessional 20% Quiz and Assignment 10% Terminal 50%

5 The basis of immunology, Antigen recognition and response of immune system

6 Terms in relation to Immunity
Immunity is defined as resistance to disease “Immunity” derives from the latin word immunis , meaning exemption from military service, tax payments or other public services The state of exemption or protection from infectious disease The collection of cells, tissues and molecules that mediate resistance to infections is called an immune system The study in relation to the immune system is termed as Immunology The coordinated reaction of these cells and molecules to infectious microbes is the immune response

7 immunological recognition immune effector functions
The immune system recognizes infection and induces protective responses: immunological recognition immune effector functions Immune regulation immunological memory

8 Lymphoid organs

9 Basic terms used in Immunology
Innate immunity Adaptive immunity Humoral immunity Cell-mediated immunity Antigen Epitope Hapten Superantigen TLR PRRs MHC molecules Immunological memory Antigen presenting cells

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