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Arrowhead Course Selection 12 th Grade Class of 2015.

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1 Arrowhead Course Selection 12 th Grade Class of 2015

2 Senior Year Course Selections What you dont know can hurt you!

3 CHANGES CHANGES CHANGES A Short Summary of Changes DO NOT GIVE ADVICE TO YOUNGER STUDENTS AS THE REQUIREMENTS HAVE CHANGED You are the LONE RANGERS New Engineering Experience New English Options Alphabetized, credit, duration, and length of class period in Arrowhead Course Guide Summer School full credit courses register online – Future 10 th, 11 th, and 12 th graders

4 ANNOUNCEMENTS Junior conferences resume February 17 Read course description before signing up Select a class for content NOT teacher, friend, etc. Arrowhead High School 2014-15 Course Guide and Summer School 2014 Guide online Online registration begins at 6:00 p.m. Selection worksheets, directions, etc. also online Registration is due February 7 in the Counseling Office

5 Course Guide Highlights Available Online Course descriptions/details 1 & 2 after course + Full Year Nothing after title – take once Not all classes are each semester (front vs back) Watch prerequisites Select an alternate Choose 7 or 8 courses Pathways Early Graduation and Abbreviated Schedules Requirements

6 Arrowhead Graduation English8 Credits Social Studies6 Credits Science6 Credits Math4 Credits Career and Technical Education2 Credits Health1 Credit Physical Education3 Credits Fine Art2 Credits Additional 18 Credits STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CHECKING CREDITS

7 FSO Flexible Scheduling Option Arrive Late or Leave Early Signed contract states requirements Automatically dropped if dont meet criteria or it does not fit

8 WORK BASED PROGRAM OPPORTUNTIES Youth Options Post Secondary Courses Semester 1 – Due March 1 Semester 2 – Due October 1 Work Experience Internships/PLTW 2 classes and 2 credits

9 ART (Fine Arts) Advanced Ceramics Advanced Ceramics Studio Adv. Draw/Painting Adv. Draw/Painting Studio AP Studio Art 1 & 2 Art Survey Comm. Art/Design Comm. Art/Design Studio Intro Ceramics Intro. Draw/Pntg Jewelry/Art Metals Jewelry/Art Metals Studio

10 Business and Marketing (Career and Technical) Accounting 1 & 2 AP Microeconomics 1 & 2. Advertising and Sales Business Law College Accounting 1 & 2 Desktop Publishing Entrepreneurship Venture Health Youth Apprenticeship Intermediate Comp. Apps. Marketing and Business Medical Term./Bus Proced. Personal Finance Personal Law Sales and Advertising Sports/Enter. Marketing Video Game Design NEW

11 Engineering Experience NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW Engineering and Mechanics I Physics & Principles of Engineering 1 Credit of POE and 1 Credit Physics or AP Physics B1 The Engineering Experience Page 4 Integrated, Project Based, Hands-On Sign up for 3611 and 3612 – two credits each semester

12 English Classes of 2016 and beyond are required to take English 9 and 10 - 1 & 2 for graduation Advanced Composition is only Semester 2 All courses, except AP, are one semester (take either not both) NEW AP English Language 1 and 2 NEW Organizational Communications is English credit but not NCAA Eligibility Approved or guaranteed college prep READ the course descriptions before signing up for a course Journalism, Yearbook and College Strategies not English credit

13 English AP English Language 1 & 2 AP English Literature 1 & 2 Advanced Composition Advanced Speech American Literature British Literature Composition Creative Writing Modern Literature Organizational Communications World Literature

14 Family and Consumer (Career and Technical) Advanced Food and Nutrition Culinary Foods Fashion Analysis Food and Nutrition Interior Design Health Occupations Health Youth Apprenticeships Human Relations Parenting World of Foods

15 FSO Flexible Scheduling Option Arrive Late or Leave Early Contract required 3.000 Cumulative Current Grades – Multiple Ds & Fs No serious violations No more than 2 unexcused First thing dropped if a schedule conflict Only added late if it FITS

16 General Electives College Strategies Journalism Yearbook

17 Math Must have C to move to next level 4 credits required to graduate Colleges like to see Math senior year and require 6 credits – with minimum Adv. Algebra Read descriptions for more details ASK CURRENT TEACHER FOR RECOMMENDATIONS

18 Mathematics Advanced Algebra 1 & 2 AP Calculus AB 1 & 2 AP Calculus BC 1 & 2 AP Statistics 1 & 2 Algebra (SC) 1 & 2 Algebra B (SC) 1 & 2 Calc. & Applications 1 & 2 Functions 1 & 2 Geometry 1 & 2 Geometry/Adv. Algebra BLOCK Integrated Math 1 & 2 Pre-Calculus 1 & 2

19 Music Options (Fine Arts) Broadway Company 1 & 2 Chamber Strings 1 & 2 Jazz Band 1 & 2 Music Theory 1 & 2 North Concert Choir 1 & 2 Symphonic Band 1 & 2 Wind Ensemble 1 & 2

20 Physical Education and Health 3 Different Courses 3 Different Years May take more for credit 1 Health Required Summer School counts on the next year

21 Physical Education Options North Campus Adventure Physical Education Aerobic Fitness for Life Performance Training Physical Education 11/12 Phy. Ed. AM – 6:20 A.M. Health

22 Science 6 Credits required for graduation Watch pre-requisites Science, Tech, and Society not college prep Blocks in Chemistry and Physics Engineering Experience NEW Sign up for this option under its own category

23 Science AP Biology 1 & 2 AP Chemistry 1 & 2 AP Physics B1 1 & 2 AP Physics 1 & 2 Anatomy & Physiology Biology Biotechnology Chemistry Reg. or Block Chemistry for Health See Engineering Experience Environmental Biology-Land Environmental Biology- Atmosphere and Aquatics Landscape Ecology Physics Reg. or Block Physics of Analog/Dig 1 & 2 Science, Tech. & Society-Space Science, Tech. & Society- Forensic Science Zoology

24 Social Studies 6 Credits required to graduate US History 1 and 2 REQUIRED Government REQUIRED 3 Additional Electives No prerequisites Changes Class of 2016 AP courses are rigorous

25 Social Studies Options American Problems Domestic Affairs American Problems Foreign Policy Economics Global Relations Hybrid History West. Civ. 1 & 2 Political Science Psychology Sociology U.S. History 1 & 2 AP European History 1 & 2 AP Macroeconomics 1 & 2 AP Psychology 1 & 2 AP US Govt./Politics 1 & 2 AP US History 1 & 2

26 Technology and Engineering (Career and Technical) 2 Periods Alternate Days Advanced Auto 1 & 2 Advanced CAM Advanced Woods Auto Technology Cabinetmaking Civil Engin./Arch. 1 & 2 Consumer Auto Consumer Auto (Female) Engineering Experience Engineering Design and Development 1 & 2 Intro. to Computer Aided Machining (CAM) Intro. to Eng. Design 1 & 2 Metals Fabrication Metals Manufacturing Principals of Eng. 1 & 2 Physics of Analog/Dig. 1 & 2 Tech & Eng. Practicum 1 & 2 Woods Survey

27 Theatre and Media Options (Fine Arts) Acting Directing Theatre Arts Video Productions Video Productions Studio

28 World Languages Options All Classes Meet Full Year Solid C to Move On Chinese French German Spanish AP Options

29 Career and Technology 2 Credits Required Read Details in the Arrowhead High School Course Guide 2014-15 Career Focused Coursework Options May Vary By Semester Business and Marketing Family and Consumer Technology and Engineering

30 Fine Arts Please Take Note 2 Credits Required to Graduate May mix and match Does not include Journalism or Yearbook Art Music Theatre/Media – see exceptions

31 Register Online Use Course Selection Worksheet Follow instructions on beige handout Print out online registration and attach to Course Selection sheet Dont wait until the last minute CRASH!!!

32 SUMMER SCHOOL IS …Different Six weeks Full credit Online options Lavendar worksheet Be EARLY Keep checking Read the online Arrowhead High School Summer School Course Guide for Description Using the Summer School Online process is different than the regular school year Talk to your counselor about options, credits, etc.

33 Summer School Register during online window printed on Summer School Course Selection sheet To enroll: turn in Summer School Course Selection AND online printout February 7 th May continue to add if space (online until June 7) Determine courses to take next year based on what you take in summer school


35 OK…Lets Review Due Feb. 7 th Min. 6 ½ classes (possible only with an 60 minute AP ) Pre-Requisites Junior Conference Difficult to change PLEASE SUBMIT BY FEBRUARY 7, 2014 Counseling Office: -Course Selection Sheet (Required) -Print out online verification (Required) -FSO Contract (Optional) -Summer School Course Selection Sheet and online verification printout (Optional)



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