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Saturday February 22nd Mercer County Community College 9:30am - 9:15pm State Leadership Conference.

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1 Saturday February 22nd Mercer County Community College 9:30am - 9:15pm State Leadership Conference

2 Help raise funds through a competition! FIRST COLLECTION: Tuesday, February 25 th Penny Wars

3 Membership Pyramid

4 The future of PBL is in your hands! March 25 th General Meeting **Be aware of the requirements to run E-Board Elections!

5 An Exploration of Rutgers Majors: Using Degree Navigator, Course Schedule Planner, and Webreg General Meeting Tuesday February 11, 2014

6 The Lovely World of WebReg Anxiety is normal… this may last up to 4 minutes Rutgers Web Registration: Used to register for your courses Have back-up courses and wait for Add/Drop Registration Schedule: Schedule of classes:


8 Using Rutgers Course Schedule Planner CSP: Linked to Webreg Create up to 10 variations of a schedule Can directly register from CSP on registration date Be prepared before the deadline! (especially freshmen!) Keep your options open




12 Degree Navigator DN: Use DN to track your course progress Shows all courses you are required to take Core/Major/Minor Course codes Manage your Programs

13 The Major Decision Not everyone has their future planned! Explore while you complete pre-reqs or work on a minor Some resources: Things to consider: Success Rate, Average Income, Job Options, Job Market Demand


15 Fun Facts! According to the National Center for Education Statistics, Business Administration was the most popular major in the U.S by an overwhelming amount. School Student Counseling is the least popular Major. According to the most valuable college major is Biomedical Engineering. According to Business, Social Psychology is the major with the highest unemployment rate.

16 If you already know your major… Good! But continue your research… Pursue extracurricular activities related to your major Know job options for your field of study You can always change your mind!

17 Is it Bad to Change My Field of Study? No! People change their major all the time No one is expected to have their life planned The first two years of college are filled with generic classes


19 Finding More Information Schedule a meeting with your Advisor Make a visit to the Departments you are interested in Talk to your professors – they have the experience! Use career fairs to find Information – you can ask the questions! – take a personality test! Take interesting courses, not easy ones

20 Volunteers? What was your experience? Why did you choose your Major? Help give insight to your fellow members!

21 Activity: Time to Quiz Your Knowledge! One side of the room will be competing against the other Send one person up from each team at a time Compete one-on-one to answer trivia questions Each member from the winning team receives a prize!

22 PBL Leaders in the Spotlight

23 Katie Cuciti Major: Marketing (Formerly Engineering) Year: Senior

24 Veronica Velazquez Major: Marketing Minor: American Studies Year: Senior

25 Pranusha Reddy Major: Finance (Non-Wall Street Perspective) Year: Senior

26 Brennan Young Double Major: Electrical Engineering (with a focus in Communication) and Mathematics Year: Junior

27 Jeanne Lo Major: Communication, Specialization in PR Double Minor: DCIM and Economics Year: Senior

28 Dhara Singh Major: Finance Minor: AMESALL and South Asian Studies Year: Sophomore

29 Peter Traficante Triple Major: Accounting, Communication, Economics Minor: Psychology Year: Junior

30 Current Events! Winter Olympics in Sochi Very Expensive -- $51 billion! Potential for terrorist attacks Repulsive conditions Global increase in support for global rights Attacks in Syria Continue War and humanitarian casualties worsening Second round of peace talks are under way

31 Current Events! Worst Winter Weather in Years… The united states has been experiencing record amounts of snowfall Many problems across the country Georgia is a declared state of emergency Extreme caution is recommended on roads due to the buildup of ice Flappy Bird App Taken Off of Market A game from Vietnamese game maker Dong Nguyen Taken down from app stores because the owner no longer wanted it Stirred trouble because it caused outbreaks of violence

32 PBL Events Ahead SLC February 22 nd Penny Wars 1 st collection February 25 th Elections March 25th Happy Valentines Day!

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