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Pembroke Pines Charter High School Citizenship~College~Community

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1 Pembroke Pines Charter High School Citizenship~College~Community
Course Selection Pembroke Pines Charter High School Citizenship~College~Community

Course Curriculum Guide is available at the high school website, under School Information.

3 *Standard Graduation Requirements
4 credits of English (Language Arts) 4 Credits of Mathematics 3 credits of Science. 1 credit World History 1 credit U.S. History .5 U.S. Government/.5 Economics 1 credit in Fine or Performing Arts 1 credit of Physical Education with integration of Health (HOPE course) 8 elective credits World Languages TWO credits-not required for HS graduation, but required for admission into state universities (count towards the elective credits needed for graduation) Min. 2.0 Cumulative Unweighted Grade Point Average *Specific core class requirements are by academic cohort, the year the student entered the ninth grade

4 Assessment (Testing) Requirements
Varies by cohort (when student entered 9th grade) Current Grade 9: Cohort-School year entering 9th grade is • Passing scores on the Grade 10 FCAT 2.0 Reading or scores on a standardized test that is concordant with passing scores on the FCAT 2.0 (ACT or SAT) • Students must earn a passing score or attain an equivalent score on the Algebra 1 EOC Geometry EOC And Biology 1 EOC Assessment in order to earn course credit. • The final grade for U.S. History or U.S. History Honors must include a minimum 30 percent of the U.S. History EOC Assessment. Current Grade 10: Cohort-School year entering 9th grade is Passing scores on the Grade 10 FCAT 2.0 Reading or scores on a standardized test that is concordant with passing scores on the FCAT 2.0 (ACT or SAT) Algebra 1 End of Course (EOC) to receive credit Pass Geometry. The Geometry EOC counts as 30% of final Geometry grade Pass Biology. The Biology EOC counts as 30% of final Biology grade. The final grade for U.S. History or U.S. History Honors EOC is 30% of the final grade. At least one course within the 24-credit program must be completed through online learning. * If you register for a 1.0 credit online, you must complete the full credit to fulfill the requirement. If you register for a .50 half credit course, then completing the .50 credit meets the requirement. Current Grade 11: Cohort-School year entering 9th grade is Algebra 1 EOC Assessment is required and the results will count as 30 % of the final course grade (if taken in high school, 7th/8th graders were “grandfathered” from the EOC for this graduating class only) The final grade for U.S. History or U.S. History Honors must include a minimum 30% of the U.S. History EOC Assessment, effective for students enrolled in the course in

5 Grade Point Averages (GPA)
“At the high school level, credit is granted on the semester basis. One-half (.50) credit is given for passing a semester’s work in a course.” The semester grade is determined by totaling the points earned in both quarter grading periods and the points earned on the semester examination. To receive a passing mark for the semester grade in a subject, the student shall have previously earned at least a passing mark in: both quarter grading periods, or one quarter grading period and the semester examination Quarter, quarter, exam=semester grade. Students must pass 2 out of 3 to earn semester credit. To calculate a grade point average (gpa) you must add up the quality points of each class for the grades earned and divide by the total number of classes. Quality points are in HALF per semester. (Ex: An “A” is 2 points after 1 semester-an “A” for 2nd semester is another 2 points). Three GPAs appear on a report card: weighted, unweighted, academic/state Plus grades are not recognized by the Bright Future Scholarship Program GPAs ONLY go raise or lower when a semester credit is earned (not quarter grades). All credits attempted show on your transcript! The weight of each quarter grade is 37.50% of the final semester grade. The weight of the final examination is 25% of the final semester grade.

6 3 GPAS identified on report card
Unweighted GPA (State) Weighted GPA (District) Academic Core ALL courses attempted for high school credit NO “additional” points for plus, honors, or AP Highest this can be is a 4.0 (if straight As earned) ALL courses attempted for high school credit. Quality points issues for pluses, honors, dual enrollment, or AP classes All Core academic courses: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages (yes, this includes “academic electives”) Gives a .25 additional weight for honors or AP Bright Futures GPA: A weighted and unweighted scale that is applied to college preparatory courses (Florida Academic Scholars, Florida Medallion Scholars, and Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Awards) and career preparatory courses (Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award). That is, 0.5 additional quality point for each full credit and .25 additional quality points for each half-credit is awarded for courses that are more challenging. These courses can be found in the Bright Futures Comprehensive Courses Code Table at

7 Honors Level Courses Honors courses are advanced high school courses that include a greater range and depth of subject matter, with an emphasis on higher level critical thinking skills. Honors courses carry a quality point, meaning that when calculating GPA an honors course gives the student a higher GPA value than a regular course in a weighted GPA. The additional 1 point (if a “C”or higher is earned in the course) are called quality points.

8 What is Advanced Placement?
Advanced Placement (AP) are rigorous college level courses offered at high school through the Advanced Placement teachers submit a syllabus to the College Board, which is reviewed and approved by college professors, insure the course is of comparable content and rigor to an introductory college course. All students that take an AP course will also take the national AP Exam in May. Colleges and universities often award college credit or advanced course placement for AP exam scores of 3, 4, or 5 in a scale of 1 through 5. Each college has varying standards for scores as well as what type of credit they will award for a course, and in order to know those options visit the specific website for the university of your choosing. If a “C” or higher is earned in the course and the student takes the exam, 2 quality points are issued to the weighted GPA. Many honors courses open up the doors to advanced placement in some classes. By tenth grade, you have the opportunity to consider AP classes. For example, Biology Honors could lead to AP Biology, Spanish III could lead to AP Spanish Language, Drawing and Painting II could lead to AP Art. AP classes cover the breadth of information, skills and assignments found in corresponding college courses and usually is 2 hours of homework a night. AP classes align with the standards and expectations of leading liberal arts and research institutions AP classes provide motivated and academically prepared students with the opportunity to study and learn at the college level The College Board encourages all educators to make equitable access a guiding principle for their schools’ AP programs and to make every effort to ensure that their AP classes reflect the racial, ethnic and socioeconomic diversity of their student body. Most U.S. colleges and many international ones have an AP Credit Policy that allows students who have taken AP courses or exams to earn college credit, placement or both.

9 PPCHS A.P. Courses Studio Art Spanish Language
Art History English Language English Literature Statistics Calculus AB Physics B Biology Chemistry Environmental Government World History U.S. History Psychology European History

10 What is Dual Enrollment?
The dual enrollment program with Broward College allows eligible high school students who have completed: a min. of 11 high school credits and have an unweighted cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher or higher Meet min. test scores through the ACT/SAT/PERT test Informational meeting on 4/12. You must pre-registat the Guidance Desk to attend the meeting. Dual enrollment courses provide two additional quality points to a weighted grade point average (like Advanced Placement courses). You will save both time and money on your college education since tuition, laboratory and student fees are waived for program participants. Textbook fees are also waved for core academic courses. The classes count into your high school transcript and graduation requirements AND it starts your high school transcript. Most students are not eligible for this program until they are entering their junior year, but it is something to keep in mind since you will need at least a 3.0 unweighted grade point average. There will be further meetings for you to learn about the program when you enter sophomore year.

11 Cards due Friday, April 12th, 2013
Discuss course selection with your teachers and parents. Do not “hold on” to your Course Selection card after the due date. If you have a question to ask the counselor or want to discuss the course selection with the counselor, submit your card and complete a “Request to See Counselor”

12 Bright Futures Scholarship http://www. floridastudentfinancialaid
Florida Academic Scholars Award (FAS) 3.5 weighted GPA in college prep academic courses *1290 SAT (Reading & Math sections) or *29 ACT Composite 100 Hours of Community Service Florida Medallion Scholars Award (FMS) 3.0 weighted GPA in college prep academic courses *1170 SAT (Reading & Math) or *26 ACT 75 hours of Community Service Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award (GSV) 3.0 weighted GPA core credits required for high school graduation 3.5 unweighted GPA in a minimum of 3 vocational credits in one Program Minimum scores from PERT, SAT or ACT In addition, each student must have an error free FAFSA filed annually. *Pending Annual Legislative Review, criteria could change annually. Bright Futures weighting for more challenging, higher level courses is prescribed by law as .50 per course per year. Basically Honors or AP course is given the same .25 “weighted” quality point per semester

13 Behind Credits? Trying to Get Ahead?
If you are planning to take the required HOPE graduation requirement online, NOW is the time to register. FLVS is seeing a mass influx of requests and waiting lists are long. Register NOW (select a course start date of late May/early June so you are placed on the waiting list) Create an account or register at Florida Virtual School now has a 14 day drop without penalty clause. After 14 days, if you are dropped from the course an additional “F” is averaged into your cumulative GPA.

14 Pembroke Pines Charter High School
Mathematics Department

15 Mathematics Courses Offered
Algebra 1 Regular Algebra 1 Honors Informal Geometry Geometry Regular Geometry Honors Liberal Arts Mathematics Algebra 2 Regular Algebra 2 Honors

16 Mathematics Courses Offered, cont.
Mathematics for College Readiness Advanced Algebra II with Business Application Pre-Calculus (Honors) Calculus (Honors) Statistics (Honors) Advanced Placement Calculus AB Advanced Placement Statistics

17 Pembroke Pines Charter High School
Science Department

18 Sciences Earth Space Science Biology/H Chemistry/H Genetics (Honors)
Anatomy and Physiology (Honors) Marine Science (Honors) Physics/H Physical Science Forensic Science (elective not science credit) Zoology (elective not science credit) AP Physics B/C AP Environmental AP Chemistry AP Biology

19 Pembroke Pines Charter High School
Social Science Department

20 Social Science Courses
10th Grade World History Regular & Honors AP World History 11th Grade US History Regular & Honors AP US History 12th Grade Government Regular & Honors Economics Regular & Honors AP Government /Economics Honors

21 Social Science Elective Courses
World Geography/Honors Psychology and Sociology Psychology I/II AP Psychology AP European History AP Art History Law Studies Leadership Skills I and II Leadership II (can only be taken once) Local Honors credit

22 Pembroke Pines Charter High School
English Department

23 English Courses 9th Grade - Survey Regular & Honors 10th Grade
World Regular & Honors 11th Grade American Literature Regular & Honors AP Language and Composition 12th Grade English IV for College Readiness British/World Literature Reg. & Honors AP Literature and Composition Lang. Arts Elective – Debate 1,2,3,4

24 Pembroke Pines Charter High School
Communications and Technology Department

25 Com & Tech - Courses Offered
Introduction to Journalism Journalism 1-4 The CHAT Online Newspaper The Independent Magazine Digital Publishing 1-4 (CHAT) Yearbook The Prowler Intro to Information Technology Multimedia Foundations 1,2,3, GAMING Digital Video Production 1

26 Com & Tech - Courses Offered
Electives – Dual Enrollment College Credit Courses Computer & Internet Literacy Three (3) College Credits Digital I Photoshop CS5 Classes available to eligible Dual Enrollment Students

27 The World Languages Department

28 Courses Offered French American Sign Language Spanish French I
French II French III Honors American Sign Language American Sign Language I American Sign Language II American Sign Language III Honors American Sign Language IV Honors Spanish Spanish I Spanish III Honors Spanish II Spanish IV Honors Spanish for Spanish Speakers I and II Advanced Placement Spanish Language

29 Pembroke Pines Charter High School
Fine Arts Department

30 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Keyboard I & II Guitar A.P. Art History

31 Band 1-4 and Instrument Tech

32 Drama classes improve Drama I Acting Technical theatre Theatre history
Creativity Public Speaking Teamwork Drama I Acting Technical theatre Theatre history Improvisation Mime, movement, voice and diction Annual “Winter Fantasy” show Advanced Drama classes - Theater Company: Drama 2, 3 and 4 students Admission is by audition    Two full productions each school year Smaller festivals, competitions and shows 32

33 Ceramics Ceramics levels 1 and 2

34 Drawing & Painting Annual PPCHS Art Show Art 2D Levels: 1, 2 &3
Advanced Placement Studio Art Annual PPCHS Art Show

35 Physical Education Beginning/Intermediate Weight Training
Advanced Weight Training Volleyball/Basketball Soccer/Individual Dual Sports Team Sports 1 and 2

36 Sheridan Tech Vocational
REGISTER FOR AN INFORMATIONAL MEETING AT THE GUIDANCE DESK A new and unique opportunity is being considered at PPCHS for rising Juniors who have a 2.0 unweighted GPA (or higher) and are seriously considering a career in: Legal Administrative Specialist Teaching Assistant Medical Coder Biller A/C and Heating Technology Court Reporting Customer Service Representative Web Development Automotive Service Technology

37 SAT/ACT ACT ($50.50)
All Juniors should have at least one ACT and/or SAT completed this year. ACT ($50.50)- Test Date: JUNE 8TH (must register by May 3rd) SAT ($50.00)- Test Date: June 1 (must register by May 2nd) Eligible free/reduced lunch students should request to see Mr. Gonzalez in the guidance office for applicable fee waiver

38 Jaguar Pride!

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