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8 in 6 Program Advanced Opportunities for Idaho Students

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1 8 in 6 Program Advanced Opportunities for Idaho Students

2 8 in 6 Definition “8 in 6” program means the two (2) years of junior high, the four (4) years of high school and the first two (2) years of college or professional-technical preparation that normally take eight (8) years to complete are compressed into six (6) years by taking full course loads during the school year and one (1) or two (2) online courses during the summer or as online overload courses. (Senate Bill 1091)

3 8 in 6 process flow 1) Student expresses interest in the program
2) School clarifies the requirements & demands of the program 3) Parent / student sign assurance form and submit to the school 4) District identifies student as an ‘8 in 6 participant’ in ISEE- student demographics file 5) School assists in enrolling student in courses that meet program requirements 6) District reflects 8 in 6 course fee incurred in ISEE 7) SDE reimburses district $225 for cost of course taken 8) Student earns a ‘C’ or better in course taken 9) Student completes graduation requirements early 10) Student participates in MAP or Dual Credit for Early Completers

4 Student / Parent Responsibilities
Fully understand and agree to program requirements prior to participating Alert school / district of interest in participating Review and sign assurance form Identify district 8 in 6 course payment method (district reimburse parent or district to pay directly- SDE to reimburse district) Course costs exceeding $225 are the responsibility of the student / parent Inform district of enrollment in eligible 8 in 6 course (majority delivered electronically, offered by an Idaho public provider or accredited by Northwest Accreditation Commission or other recognized entity)

5 Student / Parent Responsibilities
Student- maintain good program standing Complete at least one online summer or online overload course per year Student takes a full course load to qualify for online overload courses Student takes minimum of 14 courses to qualify for online summer courses Earn a ‘C’ or better in 8 in 6 courses Complete at least one dual credit or professional-technical course during eleventh or twelfth grade Complete the required form to officially withdraw from the program

6 District Role / Responsibilities
Inform interested parties about the 8 in 6 program Make reasonable efforts to ensure interested students understand program requirements Successful participants are independent learners, will follow through, have successfully completed online courses, have a mentor for support through the process Identify mechanism to limit to 10% in each grade level if needed Students who have completed at least 1 online course (required criteria) Grade Point Average (optional criteria) State mandated test results (ISAT) (optional criteria) End of Course Assessment results (optional criteria) Other district criteria

7 District Role / Responsibilities
Identify method of course payment and inform parent District to pay cost of course (recommended) Parent / student to pay cost of course, district reimburse parent / student SDE will reimburse $225 per 8 in 6 course to district for either method regardless of actual cost of course Retain required assurance form signed by parent and student Identify student as an 8 in 6 participant in ISEE Student demographics file (is 8 in 6 participant? Y/N) Assist in the process of enrolling students in 8 in 6 courses

8 District Role / Responsibilities
Document 8 in 6 courses taken and cost in ISEE Student course enrollment file- 8 in 6 course cost Course taken Grade earned Course provider Summer courses reported in August manifest, overload courses reported during regular school year Reflect 8 in 6 credits earned on student’s transcript

9 SDE Role / Responsibilities
Provide required documentation and reporting mechanisms Assurance form Withdrawal form ISEE reporting fields Reimbursement for courses taken ($225) District reporting incurring an 8 in 6 course cost is the trigger for the SDE to reimburse districts for 8 in 6 Provide technical assistance and guidance for districts, schools and parents (online course portal to be published Spring 2014)

10 Eligible 8 in 6 Courses A majority of instruction is delivered electronically Course is non-sectarian in nature Offered by an Idaho public education provider, or Provider is accredited by Northwest Accreditation Commission / AdvancED To verify this requirement search for provider at the following website: Eligible providers will be identified in the institution search (if not present, they are not eligible) IDLA courses are eligible for 8 in 6 reimbursement

11 8 in 6 Course Limitations The SDE shall pay for no more than two credits of online overload courses per student per school year. The SDE shall pay for no more than two credits of online summer courses per student per summer. The SDE shall pay for no more than a combined total of 8 credits of online overload and online summer courses per student during such student’s participation in the program.

12 8 in 6 Program Contact Jennifer Caprile, Regional Coordinator Student Engagement & Postsecondary Readiness State Department of Education (208)

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