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Diane Ruiz Cairns, MBA, Ed.S.

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1 Online Master Course Shell: A Model for Developing and Managing Course Content
Diane Ruiz Cairns, MBA, Ed.S. Lawrence Technological University Southfield, MI

2 Agenda Background Concept of Master Course Shell (MCS)
Course Design Components Learning Management System (LMS) design components Management of MCS Opportunities Future Q & A

3 Your Participation / Assignment
What opportunities were prompted? What challenges do you foresee? Recommendations? Time will be reserved at the conclusion of the presentation for conversation. Write your comments on the paper provided and leave on your chair at the end of the presentation. A summary of the information will be provided along with the presentation.

4 Background LTU Online programs - 2006
Design for Online Course Development Courses Developed Instructor Facilitated by Course Developer Content exported / imported using last semester taught As online programs increased: Managing content became labor intensive More time spent administering content Less time adding value to Teaching and Learning

5 Background Problem / Opportunity Learning Management System (LMS)
Online programs increasing Ease burdensome processes Core curriculum Programs to enhance teaching and learning Learning Management System (LMS) Explored capability of LMS Partnered with IT to develop and test concept Content System incorporated Master Course Shell Design Administrative standards

6 Concept Master Course Shell (MCS)
Advantages for eLearning Services: Quality management of course content, Support quality of student experience and teaching effectiveness “Clean Copy”, Minimal if any change to structure, Pre-Determined Content Learning System Content Active Semester Course Managed by Assigned Instructor / eLearning My Content Learning System .Guidance .Instruction .Link to Artifacts Content Course Artifacts Master Course Shell Managed by eLearning Services .Student Orientation .Syllabus Template .Faculty Resources Content Master Resource Template Managed by eLearning Services Managed by Instructor Copy Link Content Link

7 Concept Master Course Shell (MCS)
The Master Course Shell includes all course items required and common core content designated by assigned college faculty SME, College and eLearning Services. At the end of the semester a review of the content is completed for quality improvements. This is prompted by the instructor and eLearning Services. Learning System Content Master Course Shell Managed by eLearning Services

8 Course design components
Look and Feel Navigation Terminology Content Requirements

9 Learning Management System (LMS) design components
Navigation Location of Material Content File Folders Repository Instructor Material Documentation

10 Management of MCS Start of Semester End of Semester New Course
Established timeline for migrating Master Course Shell to Active Semester End of Semester Review for quality updates Update MCS Export backup New Course Development Organization Finalize before migrating content to MCS Refresh Course Learning System Content Development Course Shell Instructor eLearning Services Learning System Content Master Course Shell Managed by eLearning Services

11 Opportunities Quality Management
Faculty and Semester specific information Syllabus requirements aligned with course Point Value Assignments Etc. Teaching and Learning Development

12 Future Not just for online programs
Implement Model Course for all courses Online Campus Hybrid Student and Faculty Resources Master Resource Template Applied to all course sections Share Common Teaching and Learning Concepts: Teams Presentations APA Case Studies Research Assignments Rubrics Assessment Requirements

13 Q & A Your Turn! Opportunities Challenges Knowledge Gap
Diane Ruiz Cairns, MBA, Ed.S. Lawrence Technological University Southfield, MI

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