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Why take an Information Literacy Course? Created by Daina Migdel.

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1 Why take an Information Literacy Course? Created by Daina Migdel

2 First off, what is Information Literacy? According to the American Library Association*: To be information literate, a person must be able to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the information needed Ultimately information literate people are those who have learned how to learn. They know how to learn because they know how information is organized, how to find information, and how to use information in such a way that others can learn from them. What is Information Literacy? Introduction to Information Literacy. Association of College & Research Libraries. Online. 21 September 2010

3 But I already know what I need to in order to get through college… One common misconception about courses on information literacy is that we, the students, grew up in the Information Age surrounded by technology and are already well equipped in terms of information literacy. Unfortunately, many students dont realize the amount of information they have not even come across. Through taking an Information Literacy course, students will not only become more knowledgeable in previous areas including Minerva, citations, and writing a thesis, but will also develop enriched researching skills and explore new websites and databases innumerable people dont realize are available for use or research.

4 Are any of these sites, databases or terms familiar to you? – Boolean Operators – EBSCO: Academic Search Complete – Lexis Nexis – ACM Digital Library – – Can you easily answer these questions? – What is the difference between a scholarly journal and a trade journal? – How do I appropriately use And, Or and Not in a search? These are only some of the topics covered in an Information Literacy course offered at UAlbany. Did you know?

5 Its only an 8 week, 1 credit course that will fulfill the necessary Information Literacy General Education requirement. In a world that is constantly evolving and revolutionizing, being information literate is necessary. The Information Literacy Gen Ed will have 3 characteristics: – Classroom activities on finding, evaluating, citing, and using information in print and electronic sources from the University Libraries, World Wide Web, and other sources. Courses should address questions concerning the ethical use of information, copyrights, and other related issues that promote critical reflection. – Assignments, course work, or tutorials that make extensive use of the University Libraries, World Wide Web, and other information sources. Assignments should include finding, evaluating, and citing information sources. – At least one research project that requires students to find, evaluate, cite, and use information presented in diverse formats from multiple sources and to integrate this information within a single textual, visual, or digital document. Why not fulfill that Gen Ed in an environment specifically designed for that purpose? Hmmm…Maybe Ill consider taking an Information Literacy Course Information Literacy. General Education Program. University at Albany. State University of New York. Online. 20 September 2010.

6 Other people are not information literate, why should I bother? Aside from the fact that this is a general education requirement and you should not succumb to the idea that No one else is doing it, so why should I? not being Information Literate can have consequences. Being students at UAlbany, we are constantly told to Strive for Excellence. In order to do so, we should put in as much effort as we can to do the best we can do and to the be the best we can be. While we have plenty of information accessible and quickly available, it is now pertinent, more than ever, that in order to find the best, most relevant information, we need to learn HOW to obtain information. While searches may yield quick results, those rapid results are not always of the best quality. Having knowledge of the internet and knowledgeable websites and databases is wonderful, yet, information technology is constantly changing and new and improved databases/websites/online resources are coming out nearly everyday. As Liason to Liberal Arts & Continuing Studies at Philadelphia University, Jordana Shane, explains, Once seemingly exotic technologies like word processing and electronic mail are now commonplace, but at one time, they were amazing and revolutionary. Today's employers are looking for people who understand and can adapt to the characteristics of the Information Age. If a student has learned how to learn, upon graduation, they are a much more attractive job candidate. An information literate individual--with their strong analytical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills--can be expected to be an adaptable, capable and valuable employee, with much to contribute. Why is Information Literacy Important? Philadelphia University. 21 September 2010. Website.

7 You Are Not Alone As much as you think you know, there is always more you can learn. Youre in college to gain more knowledge and I guarantee you will not sit in an Information Literacy course alone. In fact, certain classes encourage group learning. – You can take tests in group. – Go on scavenger hunts for journals in your group. – Have fellow peers proofread your work before submitting.

8 In the brilliant words of web designer and developer, Simon Bouchard, Remember that if you dont try, you have already failed. So, what is there to be afraid of? Theres nothing to lose, and only everything to gain. Bouchard, Simon. The moment of fear. Theres nothing to lose, and only everything to gain. Simon Bouchard. Website. 21 September 2010. Give a course on Information Literacy a try.

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