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Millbury High School Online Student Course Request.

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1 Millbury High School Online Student Course Request

2 Student Online Course Request With the X2 Student Portal you can: View teacher course recommendations Make course requests Select electives

3 Login to X2 Student Portal To access the X2 Student Portal go to: http://http://ma-millbury.myfollett.com Enter your username and temporary password obtained from the Guidance Office. You will be asked to enter a new password.

4 Passwords Passwords must have 7 characters and must contain at least one digit, one uppercase and one lower case letter. EXAMPLE: Jd38762 or MyDog23Max IMPORTANT! Choose a password that you can remember. Resetting a password requires a written request to be submitted to the Guidance Office.

5 Inside the Student Portal Go to My Info Tab

6 Go to the Requests Tab

7 View Current Requests

8 Select Requests In the Primary requests box, select your requests for the different subject areas. For example, to select your request for a math course, click Select next to Math. The courses you can request appear.

9 Select A New Request The Status column displays information about the course, such as if the course is full, or if this is the course your current teacher recommended for you. If you select a course other than the course recommended for you, your counselor is notified. Select the checkbox in the Select column of the course(s) you want to request, and click OK. The requests now appear on your Requests page.

10 Notes to Counselor In the Notes for counselor box, type any notes to your counselor regarding your requests. Your counselor can view these notes when reviewing your requests.

11 Post Your Requests IMPORTANT! When you have completed your requests you must click on the Post button to finalize it. Your requests will not processed until it has been posted.

12 Online Help If you need assistance with the X2 Student Portal, online help is available while you are in the portal. Go to the Help menu, choose User Guides, then Student Portal and a PDF manual can be viewed.

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