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Getting to Know Us College of Business Presentation 4/29/09

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1 Getting to Know Us College of Business Presentation 4/29/09

2 Presentation Objectives Background on eLearning at NIU Online Course Development Process Examples of learning objects, courses, and programs Address your questions and concerns

3 eLearning Team Instructional Designers –Project Lead –Designer of learning experience Multimedia Designers –Animation programming –Video encoding –Audio recording and encoding Graphic Designers –Illustration –Interface design of animation –Designer of all visual materials Computer Programmers –Custom programming –Contract programming Quality Assurance –Testing on multiple platforms, bandwidths –Conduct and analyze course evaluation

4 Dynamic Digital Environments Faculty Led Approaches - Multimedia Slideshows - Desktop Videoconferencing Interactive Independent Learning Modules - Demonstrations - Case Studies - Simulations/Games Social Technologies - Discussion Forums/Chat - Blogs/Wikis - Social Networks - Virtual Worlds More demos available at:

5 Focus on Online Pedagogy Course overview and introduction Learning objectives Assessment and measurement Resources and materials Learner engagement Course technology Learner support Accessibility

6 Students and Online Courses Who are the online students? –Older, employed, with family responsibilities –Graduate-level students higher in online education –Over 3.9 million students –Over 20% at least one online course in the fall of 2007 Why are they taking online courses? –Bad economic times –Positive impact of economic changes –Higher fuel costs: more students selecting online courses

7 Course development process: ADDIE Model I.Analysis II.Design III.Development IV.Implementation V.Evaluation

8 Phase I: Analysis ELS receives approved proposal Initial meeting(s) with faculty Design document and project timeline

9 Phase II: Design Faculty provides content for prototype development ELS design team develops prototype Faculty reviews prototype Prototype modifications based on faculty feedback

10 Phase III: Development Faculty submits all content to ELS ELS develops learning objects Faculty reviews learning objects Modifications as needed

11 Phase IV: Implementation Learning objects uploaded in Blackboard Quality assurance testing Course goes live ELS provides support for learning objects developed

12 Phase IV: Quality Assurance Different platforms and browsers Usability and functionality testing

13 Phase V: Evaluation Technology Survey link Debriefing meeting (faculty and ELS)

14 Examples

15 Examples: Complete Course SHRM (Blackboard link) (Blackboard link) –Effective leverage of Blackboard technologies –Discussion –Multimedia slideshows –Virtual synchronous meetings/recordings –Podcasts –Virtual office hours –Games

16 Examples: Highly Interactive Experiences Slideshow: What is Religion?What is Religion? Case Study/Simulation: Threat AssessmentThreat Assessment Learning Module/Simulation: GerontologyGerontology Serious Games/Simulations: FirehouseFirehouse

17 Examples: Community/Collaboration Blogs/Wikis (Blog Link) (Blog Link) Social Networks

18 Examples: Emerging Technologies Mobile Technology –Anywhere, anytime –Portable devices Smart phones (iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry, G1 etc.) MP3 players (iPod, iPodTouch, Sansa) Laptop, Netbook Micro projector (3M-MPro110, Nextar) Samples –Podcast (audio, video, enhanced podcast) –RSS Feed –Future Develop interactive applications to be used on iPhone, iPodTouch and other portable devices such as smart phones Develop games

19 Examples: Virtual Worlds Second Life Open Sim Example: ETRA

20 Examples: Others Screen Capture Demonstration Animations Podcasts Video Conversion

21 Questions

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