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Course Selections for 2013-2014 An overview of the Course Selection procedure for students who are returning to GRCI next year.

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2 Course Selections for 2013-2014 An overview of the Course Selection procedure for students who are returning to GRCI next year.

3 Outline for Todays Session 1. Timelines 2. The Big Picture 3. Making the Right Decisions 4. Departmental Updates 5. Using SOCR 6. Suggestions

4 Timelines Tuesday February 5 th - You should have received the following in your homeroom: - your personal CCS (marks are not final) TODAY YOU WILL RECEIVE - GRCI course calendar supplement - instructions for completing your course selection on-line (in your supplement ) - a course selection worksheet (in your supplement) WRDSB Common Course Calendar (more information about each course) February 8 th (at lunch) - Counsellors will be in T-108 computer lab to help students enter in their course selections. February 11 th – Students hand in a printed (from computer) signed copy of their course selections to their period A teacher. Please tell your friends who arent returning that they need to do this too! After period A on Monday-return your forms to Guidance.

5 Part 2 The Big Picture What are your plans for next year???

6 eLearning Online courses are available for the fall and winter semesters. Check eLearning courses are either Semester Course offerings numbers annually increase. Waitlists for courses can be an issue. Courses count towards fulltime status at GRCI (5 credits + 1 online = fulltime GRCI) or (2 credits + 1 online = fulltime) See Counsellor for more information

7 eLearning 2 Be VERY cautious with online courses. Most students find it is not the answer they were looking for You must be self directed and committed to self directed learning.

8 COOP 2 Credit Co-Op is the standard. 12 hours/week for 2 credits is the requirement Class time = all of September, and then Monday afternoons for the rest of the year. You can choose COOP2 or COOP4 as a course (2 = one semester, 4 = both)

9 Co-Op continued Transportation is NOT provided Police and Military are possible, however they are extremely limited. Military is only available in semester 2. GRCIs Co-Op is not paid work. Co-Op is a great way to test drive a career.

10 Dual Credits Credits that can be earned at GRCI. The universities will honour these courses. SES4UI and BAT4MI Conestoga College also offers dual credits. * see your guidance counsellor for more information

11 Part 3 Making the Right Choices…

12 Course Types O = Open E = Essential W = Workplace P = Applied C = College A = Academic U = University M = University/College Preparation

13 Course Prerequisites Pay attention to prerequisites for every course you choose Note: some courses have odd prerequisites, and some courses dont have prerequisites (that youd think would) If you choose a course without having the prerequisite: you will come out of the class at one point (sooner or later…beware!)

14 Considerations 1. Do you have the courses required to meet the graduation requirements? Check carefully! 2. What courses do you need to select that will meet post secondary program entrance requirements? 3. What courses interest you? e.g. COOP 4. In what courses can you get excellent marks? 5. Talk to teachers about course recommendations, school and programs.

15 OSS Diploma Requirements 18 Compulsory credits 4 English 3 Math 2 Science 1 French 1 Canadian History 1 Canadian Geography 1 Arts 1 Health and Physical Education.5 Civics.5 Career Planning

16 OSS Diploma Requirements Group 1: 1 additional credit in English or French as a second language or a native language or a classical or international language or Social Science and the Humanities or Canadian and World Studies or guidance and career education or cooperative education*. (The following courses fall under the heading of Social Science and the Humanities or Canadian and World Studies: Geography, History, Family Studies, Law and Economics). Group 2 - 1 additional credit in Health and Physical Education or Arts or Business or cooperative education* Group 3 - 1 additional credit in Science (Grade 11 or 12) or Technological Studies (any grade) or cooperative education* or computer studies * A maximum of two credits in cooperative education can count as a compulsory credit. 40 Hours of Community Service Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test/Course

17 Please… …check your CCS!


19 Part 4 Departmental Updates

20 34 CREDIT THRESHOLD THE GUIDELINES ARE CHANGING ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS AFTER STUDENTS EARN 34 CREDITS Students will not be limited from taking more than 34 credits and will not be charged a fee for any of their additional credits; however, some courses may be offered through alternative programs. i.e. summer school, night school etc.

21 34 CREDIT THRESHOLD Students who have not earned their diploma and or under the age of 18 are required to be full time. This means registered in 3 full time subjects for 1, 2, or both semester. Students who have earned their diploma and are 18 can be part time and enrolled in 1-2 subjects.

22 Part 5 The Course Selection Process (Using SOCR) Apply on-line now or in line later!

23 Course Selection Procedure Access SOCR and make your selections Print out your selections and sign it (or get your parents to sign it if you arent 18) Hand in the printed, signed form to your period A teacher on Monday February 11 th. Return the form directly to Guidance if you do not have a period A class. As long as you get a signed form in by Monday, Feb. 11th, your selections wont be marked LATE.

24 ONLINE COURSE SELECTION Please follow along closely as I go through the computer process with you. Please put your hand up if your have any questions.












36 T-108 (Careers Lab)- Reminders Over lunch–T-108 will be open for you to access the SOCR site. Feb 8 th – A Counsellor will be on-hand to answer questions in T-108

37 Making Changes to Your Course Selections 1. Once your selections are made, changes may be requested during the month of February. Timetabling and sectioning will take place in the spring. Course request changes wont be processed during this period. 2. Conflicts will be dealt with. 3. During the last week of August, you can fill in a request form if changes are still needed. 4. Once school has started in the fall – There will be no course changes 5. Wait Lists will be used when courses are filled. Wait Lists may start building as early as March.

38 Part 6 Suggestions and Considerations

39 General Entrance Requirements – Colleges and Universities Check Specific Requirements for every post-secondary school and program you are interested in!

40 College Admittance Averages Admittance averages will be based upon your Grade 12 marks or your final year marks depending upon the college. Check with college staff to find out how they will calculate averages.

41 The Significance of Grade 11 and 12 Marks for University Entrance! Early conditional offers are based upon Grade 11 marks and sometimes early Grade 12 marks. Most offers of acceptance and scholarship are decided based upon your April Report Card Marks.

42 Differentiating Courses A credit is a credit! Regardless whether the 4U or 4M course is obtained from Night School, Summer School, e-learning they are all counted equally towards OSSD…BUT colleges and universities may treat them differently. (Contact the various institutions for direct answers.)

43 Generalities Full Disclosure takes effect 5 school days after the first Report Card. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE anticipate extremely short timelines for changing courses. Plan ahead for your own good. Remember fulltime course requirements. Teacher recommendations are very useful!

44 Assistance from Counsellors Counsellors are interested and willing to assist students with their decisions. Students are strongly encouraged to: Visit websites Discuss options with Teachers Contact College /University liaison staff before seeing your counsellor

45 Transferring to Another School In SOCR, indicate that you are not returning by choosing (I will be moving to another school board in September) Your counsellor will see you in about a month to fill out the Principal to Principal Transfer Form needed to change schools and/or boards. (Usually, you then will be contacted for an interview/choose courses)

46 Dont know yet? If your Plan A is university or college…dont choose courses! Log onto SOCR and choose Univer or Collge (Although this may not be important to you, it is important to Counsellors who are trying to make sure your graduation is smooth.)


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