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Online Course Evaluated : Multi-Cultural Literature For Teacher, School of Education, Park University =41341.

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1 Online Course Evaluated : Multi-Cultural Literature For Teacher, School of Education, Park University =41341 Reporter: Tseng Shu Ping Lawrence Tec. University

2 Brief Introduction : Course Name : ED 619 Multi-Cultural Literature For Teacher Instructor: Fields, Barbara This is an online course of the Master of Education program, School of Education, Park University. Brief Introduction of Park University~ Brief Introduction of its online learning programs~

3 Brief Introduction: Online degree programs it offers: programs are accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. * Course Site : =41341 *Course Home Page: 04056& 748&ClientNodeID=402999&coursenav=0&bhcp=1

4 Course Communication Syllabus Online Classroom Technical Support McAfee Memorial Library Career Counseling Park Helpdesk FAQs for Online Students PirateMail

5 Course Communication Findings: Some of which are given email address and even phone number. Notation: Priratemail is the Park University email account assigned to each applicant. All important University information will be communicated to students through the PirateMail account.

6 Communication Between Faculty and Students Office Location Office Hours Daytime Phone number Other phone number E-mail address Timeframes for email response **On line within 24 hours of students questions, which be answered within 12hours ** Communication between faculty and students is encouraged

7 Interactions Among Peers Introduction; Discussion ; Group Activity; Chat ; Email **Peer communication is facilitated by online discussion areas mentioned above. ** Through the above on-line sections, Students not only develop reciprocity of their learning but also develop the intimacy of the learner community * Notation: (1) Introduction, Discussion, Group Activity, can be found on the left side of course home page, Chat and Email are on the top of the page.

8 Active Learning 1). Visible content areas: educational philosophy course description textbook Learning outcome Class assessment ** What facilitates active learning are: Interact with the other online learners All learners will be engaged in reading, writing, dialoguing, reflective thinking, evaluating, and synthesizing. Share ideas with other globally-oriented students

9 2). Assignment that facilitates reflection on earning and discipline Journal Oral writing Synthesis * (Use the materials you have studied to create something.) * give example : 3). Activities that facilitate reflection on learning and application to discipline, such as: brings the culture to life for your colleagues (more explanation: ) recommend three children's book or easily read books representing some aspect of multi-cultural America (more explanation: ) Active Learning

10 Assignment & Expectations I.) The assignment is given with clear description: Respond conference discussions Weekly journal Original Writing ( explain why they are given with clear direction :) II.) * Not every assignment is provided a rubric. * A rubric referring to the major journal entries that students will post reflecting on each novel they read is provided in the Doc Sharing section of the courwe from the top menu.

11 Time on Task 1). Learning outcomes are clearly provided in the syllabus. 2). Time-based course outline in the syllabus: (a) journal, original writing, responding to conference ~ due on Sunday night (b) mini-module activity ~ week 1 (c) an activity that brings the culture to life:week6 * Some courses are not specified the time on task * give example : * They might be due before the end of the semester.

12 Feedback Give prompt feedback: Grade book Open PirateMail * There is no announcement posted on course home page. * Important information may be brought up through the above entries or published on the discussion board.

13 ** based on the evidence it presents 1. This course seems to address visual, auditory, and tactile learning styles. : * examples : interactive activities, group projects, introspective assignment, etc. ** based on the syllabus 2. This course seems to provide a balance of theory and practice. explanation : * Theory part: * Practice part: Needs and Teaching Theory and Practices

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