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A Community of Learning SUNGARD SUMMIT 2007 | 1 Peek-a-Portal Panel Presented by: Esterman, Joyce (Xavier University) Pile, John (University.

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Presentation on theme: "A Community of Learning SUNGARD SUMMIT 2007 | 1 Peek-a-Portal Panel Presented by: Esterman, Joyce (Xavier University) Pile, John (University."— Presentation transcript:

1 A Community of Learning SUNGARD SUMMIT 2007 | 1 Peek-a-Portal Panel Presented by: Esterman, Joyce (Xavier University) Pile, John (University of Alaska) Shukla, Monisha (University of Saskatchewan) Tirrell, Zachary (Plymouth State University) Veloz, Lisa (Bucknell University) Yerk-Zwickl, Sherri (Lehigh University) Ruschman, Doug - Moderator March 21, 2007 Course ID 1152

2 2 Introduction Portals continue to evolve and develop into the one- stop shop for information. This session targets those considering implementing a portal and those looking to enhance and grow their existing portals. A panel from several universities using Luminis 3.x for over two years each will share their experiences views of portal channels information on the most valuable and asked for applications and content

3 3 Course ID 1152 Agenda Overview of panel members institutions A peek into panel members portals Discussion and question/answer

4 4 Course ID 1152 Bucknell University Lisa Veloz

5 5 Course ID 1152 General Information Bucknell has been using Luminis since August, 2004 7 main roles Incoming Students Incoming Parents Students Alumni Parent Faculty Staff Specialty roles First Year Student Reunion years Seniors Alumni/Parent Volunteer myLibrary for Faculty myLibrary for Student Young Alumni Lots and lots of channels

6 6 Course ID 1152

7 Incoming Students Incoming students receive access to myBucknell 4 months before arriving on campus. Over 99% of the incoming classes use myBucknell to access: Bucknell email Critical information they need as an incoming student Welcome from the Dean Student Health info What to bring and not bring to campus Athletic team tryout information My Due Dates channel that provides them with important dates and deadlines throughout the summer months. Students complete housing surveys, learn their room assignments, take placement tests and register for classes. Course ID 1152

8 8

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10 10 Course ID 1152 Questions or More Information… Information on views and myBucknell in general Lisa Veloz –

11 11 Course ID 1152 Lehigh University Sherri Yek-Zwickl

12 12 Course ID 1152 Helpful Facts Lehigh using Luminis since January 2003 Content is King! All the usual tabs MyLehigh, Courses, Campus Life, Employee, Banner Many special projects undertaken First Year Student tab Admitted Student tab Alumni tab eMBA tab Parent tab Trustee tab MyLibrary tab Athletics tabs

13 13 Course ID 1152 MyLibrary

14 14 Course ID 1152 Athletics Staff

15 15 Course ID 1152 Athletics Students

16 16 Course ID 1152 For More Information… MyLibrary Athletics (or other tabs) Sherri Yerk-Zwickl

17 17 Course ID 1152 Plymouth State University Zach Tirrell

18 18 Course ID 1152

19 19 Course ID 1152

20 20 Course ID 1152

21 21 Course ID 1152 University of Alaska John Pile

22 22 Course ID 1152 University of Alaska: A Unique Educational Institution UA spans three separately accredited universities in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau, and includes a dozen community campuses, from Ketchikan in Southeast Alaska, to Kotzebue, in the state's far north.

23 23 Course ID 1152 MyUA: External Authentication and Email Integration Goals of these customizations: Integrate with External Authentication Service Return useful account management messages (on failed login, password expiration, etc.) Integrate with 4+ external email servers (and allow user to select which email account to use)

24 24 Course ID 1152

25 25 Course ID 1152

26 26 Course ID 1152

27 27 Course ID 1152

28 28 Course ID 1152 MyUA Weather Channel

29 29 Course ID 1152 University of Saskatchewan Monisha Shukla

30 30 Course ID 1152 About the Institution 15 colleges, 7 affiliated, federated and virtual colleges, 7 satellite sites 7500 employees 19,000 degree students (regular terms), 7800 students in the summer terms Banner Student & Finance PeopleSoft HR & Payroll In-house systems for: Alumni and Advancement, Name and Address, Identity Management and Account Provisioning

31 31 Course ID 1152 About Our Campus Portal Personalized Access to Web Applications Role-specific Content 16 default layouts 82 content pieces 56 Targeted Announcers 434 community groups 9,758 Courses Live data from Banner and Library Resources Two course management toolsets: Enhanced PAWS Course Tools, WebCT 21 Hundred concurrent portal sessions 16 Thousand unique users a day 1.2 Million page requests a day

32 32 Course ID 1152 A Peek inside PAWS On-line Surveys Community Bulletin Board Contact Information Management Print Account Management On-line Shopping Classified Ads Apply to… Self Service Applications And Much Much More… Enhanced Course Tool Set Library Account Details Customizable Job postings Exam Schedules Zoom-able Campus Maps Access to Personal File Storage On-line Elections

33 33 Course ID 1152

34 34 Course ID 1152

35 35 Course ID 1152 Survey Locations - PAWS Courses - PAWS Groups - My Surveys channel Survey Features - Multiple Question Types - Dependent Questions - Access Controls - Anonymous Results - Flexible Results Format - Additional Features

36 36 Course ID 1152 Community Bulletin Board…

37 37 Course ID 1152 Back-end Bulletin Board Application

38 38 Course ID 1152 Xavier University Joyce Esterman

39 39 Course ID 1152

40 40 Course ID 1152

41 41 Course ID 1152


43 43 Course ID 1152 Questions & Answers

44 44 Course ID 1152 Thank You! Bucknell UniversityLisa Lehigh UniversitySherri Plymouth State UniversityZachary University of Alaska John University of SaskatchewanMonisha Xavier UniversityJoyce Please complete the online class evaluation form Course ID 1152 SunGard, the SunGard logo, Banner, Campus Pipeline, Luminis, PowerCAMPUS, Matrix, and Plus are trademarks or registered trademarks of SunGard Data Systems Inc. or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and other countries. Third-party names and marks referenced herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. © 2006 SunGard. All rights reserved.

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