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Introduction to our Team

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2 Introduction to our Team
Alec Pettigrew - Alec, a long time Hong Kong National team golfer, has a track record of building successful businesses. Ben Davis - Ben was head-hunted to fulfill the position of Head Consultant – Asia Pacific with Tropical Landscaping International due to his 7 years experience in Asia in the Golf and Sportsfield industry Darren Moseley - The Managing Director of Asian Sportsturf and owner of Hong Kong Turf, Darren has been involved in the construction and management of sportsturf in Asia for the past 15 years. Stuart Murray – Stuart is a qualified Quantity Surveyor who was responsible for the successful on time completion of the award winning Hong Kong Airport. Stuart has been involved in project management all over the world.

3 History of Golf Course Construction and Maintenance.
Historically Golf Boom Golf in the Middle East

4 Common challenges with Golf Course Construction
DESIGN Playability i.e. Tees placed in wrong position for majority of golfers Not enough movement in roughs and fairways to channel high rainfall amounts Courses often designed in "cookie cut” fashion with many holes being replicated on different course. Courses lack notability and differentiation from other courses to be able to stand out.

5 Common challenges with Golf Course Construction
Incorrect turf often specified for use resulting in poor playability/high maintenance costs. Poor irrigation systems / irrigation water quality / irrigation amounts Insufficient / incorrect drainage Construction/Design of golf course does not match the available maintenance budget Inconsistent depths / types of soils results in wet / dry and other problematic areas Management of Subcontractors

6 Common challenges with Golf Course Construction
MANAGEMENT Communication between Expats and local staff Need to be able to adapt due to unavailability of products / plant available in larger golf markets. Lack of continuation between the construction (and contractor) and maintenance / management phase. Long term viability / financial considerations rarely taken into account

7 Site Specifics Close to Ocean - need to control site run off / leaching Salinity due to proximity to beach. 7 month dry season (bulk earthworks) 5 month wet season (grow-in) Plants / grasses required that are adapted to seaside environments Landscaping / theme Natural sand-based site

8 The Alternatives Bring in Overseas Based Company PROS CONS
Very successful overseas based golf course companies are available. Staff are generally highly trained / true turf professionals. May have experience on beach front properties CONS No direct / continuing involvement with the project Lack of experience with the climate / environment / culture No previous experience in Phuket Lack of Thai staff Difficulties with work permits / company formation / banking / legal issues

9 The Alternatives Consultant who employs people under his guidance PROS
Experience in the region Generally well qualified Some are Thai based CONS Majority of cost taken by consultant, little left to employ quality staff Consultant rarely on site, not based in Phuket. Primary responsibility of consultant lies in other places Generally not involved with project for long period of time Staff training not priority

10 The Alternatives Local Construction Companies PROS CONS
Experience in the region Local Thai Staff Thailand Based Access to local products CONS Lack of experience on premium projects Prone to shortcuts, lack of knowledge of modern turfgrass principles / products / developments Communication difficulties between client and management staff Products / grasses specified are what are locally/personally available and not generally what’s best for the project Lack of experience on beach-front properties and the salinity issues that accompany

11 What TLI are offering Legally Registered Thai company
Senior Management already based in Phuket Fully qualified Golf Course Construction and Maintenance staff Local knowledge of climatic conditions Proven successfully implemented and fully developed training program Thai management staff already employed by TLI

12 What TLI are offering Existing Phuket based operation
Existing local supply base Existing nurseries Turf (Seashore paspalum) Trees Plants Existing base of specialists with local knowledge Existing relationships with senior government officials

13 What TLI are offering Stage 1: Pre-construction
Selection of Golf Course Architect Site inspection & analysis Liaise with client regarding project parameters Provide / Work with Masterplan Project co-ordination with architects & engineers Budgeting & construction scheduling Environmental auditing Selection of approved sub-contractors and equipment suppliers Employment of staff and labor

14 What TLI are offering Stage 2: Construction Surveying & staking
Bulk earthworks and grading Main and Sub-surface drainage Installation of Irrigation system and Pump House Fine shaping Turfing & grow-in Landscaping (Soft & Hard) Cart paths

15 What TLI are offering Stage 3: Post construction
GPS as built documentation Maintenance and Management services Landscape planting and restoration Erosion control

16 How will TLI ensure that the Golf Course is leading edge
SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Purchasing Not tied to any particular supplier or product providers Can select most applicable / most economic product at all times Supplier Audits Ensure that suppliers used are capable of providing what is required

17 How will TLI ensure that the Golf Course is leading edge
RISK MANAGEMENT TLI can oversee: Environmental Impact Soil / Product Testing Local team with Local Knowledge Grow our own grass Have our own Phuket Nursery Developed staff training programs

18 How will TLI ensure that the Golf Course is leading edge
CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY Use of modern turf-management strategies Young and Dynamic management team Fully computerized record keeping processes Up to date with current industry developments

19 How will TLI ensure that the Golf Course is leading edge
RELEVANT EXPERIENCE Knowledge of and experience dealing with salt affected / seaside locations Extensive use, study and testing of warm season turfgrasses applicable for use in Thailand including Zoysia, Bermudagrass and Seashore Paspalum Proven successful projects in Phuket / Phang Nga Prior world-renowned tournament experience Active involvement in the Golf Course Industry Understanding of issues relating to completing projects in Thailand Access to qualified staff who want to work with us

20 Success Stories International Asia Phuket
TLI and our Management team have been involved with the following successfully completed projects International Hillview Golf Club, Perth, Australia Bonnie Doon Golf Club, Sydney, Australia Fancourt Golf and Country Club, South Africa Selborne Golf Club, South Africa Royal Cape Golf Club, South Africa Asia Pun Hlaing Golf Club, Myanmar Hong Kong Golf Club, Hong Kong Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course, Hong Kong Hong Kong Disneyland Shek-O Golf Club, Hong Kong Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club, Hong Kong Phuket Barama Bay – Jumeirah Private Island Karon Stadium The Plantation – Phuket Ocean Breeze Resort Sai Khao Private Residences

21 Success Stories REFERENCES
“We have worked with Ben and Tropical Landscaping International on several projects in Phuket together with International landscape designers. We can highly recommend the service we have received and look forward to working with them again” Anthony James, Pacvest Group “Tropical Landscaping International was the first company that I thought of to be involved with these projects, due to their previous experience and expertise in the Asian region and ability to provide a cost-effective, yet world class, golfing facility.” Steven Nelson, S.P.A. International “I have been personally impressed by the dedication, passion and adaptability of both Ben and Tropical Landscaping International, and believe that they add great value to our status as a premium golf course destination. I would not have any hesitation in recommending Tropical Landscaping International for any role in the golf course or landscaping field.” Ms. Jintana Sungsuwan, Pun Hlaing Golf Club “During my years working as a Project Manager in Thailand I have yet to come across a Landscaping company as knowledgeable, well resourced, adaptable and helpful as Tropical Landscaping International.” Robert Pfingstein, DMG Thailand

22 Conclusion TLI team are innovators within the golf course business
TLI are financially stable Our team are investors We are familiar with the site TLI have offices in Phuket and Hong Kong We want the project and will not let you down ONE team Hungry to win Fully resourced Passionate to deliver!

23 CONTACT INFORMATION Alec Pettigrew – Managing Director Tel: Ben Davis – Head Consultant – Asia Pacific Tel: Darren Moseley – Managing Director ASL Tel: Phuket Office 19/9 Moo 7 Srisoonthorn Road Thalang District Phuket 83110 Thailand Hong Kong Office Kam Chung Building, 2nd Floor 54 Jaffe Road Wanchai Hong Kong

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