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UCSB Office of the Registrar Fall Kick-Off 2012. Registrar Fall Kick-Off Agenda Welcome and Introductions Course Scheduling Policy Update Cancelling Courses.

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1 UCSB Office of the Registrar Fall Kick-Off 2012

2 Registrar Fall Kick-Off Agenda Welcome and Introductions Course Scheduling Policy Update Cancelling Courses MCA Submissions HEOA FERPA Requests for Systems Access Summer Sessions Updates Inputting Minors into STAR Degree Audit Update SIS Modernization Update General Announcements and Closing

3 Introducing… new staff members Martin Stokes, Student Services Manager Jill Title, Assistant to the Residency Deputy Ryan Redding, Student Services Representative Alma Gonzalez, Student Services Representative

4 And more new staff members… Sean OShea, Scheduling Systems Manager Thomas OBoyle, Scheduling and Publications Assistant Lisa Klock, Financial Analyst Jivka Bojilova, Software Developer

5 And staff members in new roles… Anthony Schmid, Associate Registrar for Systems Operations and Development Sara Cook, Assistant Registrar for Academic Services Luke Lindquist, Assistant Registrar for Systems Operations Sean Woods, Scheduling and Publications Manager

6 And more staff members in new roles… Mary Jacob, Director of Enrollment Services Leesa Beck, Registrar

7 Special Thanks to… Marsha Bankston for two outstanding years as Acting Registrar!

8 Course Scheduling Policy

9 Remember the F09 pilot? –Distribute course offerings more uniformly throughout the day and throughout the week –Reduce scheduling conflicts for students –Increase number of two-day per week teaching slots –Clarify and formalize existing campus scheduling practices What changed based on your feedback? –Exception process streamlined –Prime-time hours revised –Prime-time percentage revised –Standard course lengths simplified

10 Course Scheduling Policy Proposed for Phase 1 implementation in F13: –Standard day combinations: MWF for three-day per week courses TR, MW, WF, or MF for two-day per week courses –Standard Course Lengths –Standard Course Start Times

11 Course Scheduling Policy Proposed for Phase 2 implementation: –No more than 60% of each departments courses in prime-time Systems tools needed for better tracking Campus vetting process to begin F12

12 Cancelled Courses Sean OShea Scheduling Systems Manager

13 Dropping Students from Cancelled Courses Once registration has started, undergrad course cancellations are accepted via Schedule Alteration Form (SAF), signed by the Dean of the relevant department. (For College of Letters and Science, I will make arrangements to obtain Dean Nisbets signature) SAFs are available to download and print from the Office of the Registrar website: Once the course has been cancelled, the department must notify all students enrolled in the course.

14 Who does it? Prior to the drop deadline After the department notifies the students that the class has been cancelled and asks them to drop themselves via GOLD, any students who dont drop themselves can be dropped by the department. After the drop deadline After the department provides proof to the Office of the Registrar that all students have been notified, the Office of the Registrar will drop the students.

15 What else? The department follows up to make sure that no students remain in the course. This should be done 1-2 weeks after the students have been notified of the course cancellation.

16 Notifying students Dear Student, The following class, in which you are currently enrolled has been cancelled: > Please log into GOLD and drop this class from your schedule as soon as possible. Failure to do so could result in an F or NP grade appearing on your record. In order to avoid negative impacts to your cumulative progress or financial aid status, you may need to add an additional course to your schedule to replace the one that has been cancelled. If you have any questions, please contact the advisor for the department offering this course.

17 Office of the Registrar contacts cancelling a course: Sean OShea Removing students from a cancelled course after the drop deadline: Luke Lindquist

18 Master Course Approvals

19 Master Course Approval Requests Instructional Activity Type


21 Effective Quarter Submissions must be made for an effective date that is after a quarter that is in production.

22 Crosslisting & Repeated Courses Courses are typically only Cross-Listed with courses from other departments When a course has changed its number, the Former Number must be listed here. It MUST have effective dates. Fill in the Through quarter to be the same quarter for which the new course is starting.

23 Crosslisting & Repeated Courses Dropdown Menu

24 Repeating An Illegal Repeat is a course that is similar enough to another course that you cant take both, but theyre not exactly the same. If a repeat does not fall into any of the categories described above, it should be listed as an Other Repeat. Effective dates are optional for illegal and Other Repeats.

25 Repeating If the repeat information coded above is good, leave this marked as No (which is the default anyhow) If the repeat information for this course, as stated in the Repeat Comments box below, is too complicated to code in the fields above, change this to Yes.

26 HEOA and FERPA Marsha Bankston, Associate Registrar

27 HEOA Regulations Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 –The act requires that postsecondary institutions participating in federal student aid programs make certain disclosures to students, parents, and the general public. –HEOA and other required disclosures can be found on the Student Affairs Policy web page:


29 FERPA Reminders & News *NEW* Faculty & TA Essential Student Record Information Sheet Revised FERPA/UC Student Records web pages on the horizon Student Records Consent to Release Who needs to take FERPA training and quiz? FERPA Quiz link:

30 Student Systems Access Requests Marsha Bankston, Associate Registrar and Luke Lindquist, Assistant Registrar

31 Requesting Access Where to begin?

32 Requesting Access Prior to submitting a request, confirm that the user has completed the online FERPA quiz. Begin all access requests by filling out the fields at the top of the page with information about your user.

33 Requesting Access At least one job function must be selected. If Other is selected, must provide additional information in the comment section.

34 Requesting Access Other important reminders… –Requests must be specific – no longer approving requests to copy another employees access. –Allow enough time! If the employee is new and does not currently have a Complete UserID and password, one will need to be created by IS&C, which can take up to two or more weeks. Registrars staff cannot assign system access until the Complete account is created. –When staff/faculty leave the University or a department, or they no longer need the current level of access, a cancellation request must be submitted. –No longer need to print and fulfill the requirements listed on the FERPA Confirmation page.

35 Requesting Access Request access to AAA Document View

36 Requesting Access Request access to AAA Document View Select Other

37 Requesting Access Request access to AAA Document View Type Request in Comments Field Dont forget these fields!

38 Requesting Access Request DARS Exception Workflow

39 Requesting Access Request DARS Exception Workflow Select Other Or DARS/AAA only

40 Requesting Access Request DARS Exception Workflow Type Request in Comments Field Dont forget these fields!

41 Requesting Access Click Continue FERPA Disclaimer: This action is no longer required

42 Requesting Access Verify everything is correct and click confirm. No longer need to print the FERPA Confirmation page.

43 Summer Sessions 2012 Recap and Updates

44 Summer Sessions 2012 Some data! 7852 Registered students (another 300+ on EAP) –7252 Undergrads (600 newly admitted for F12) –277 Graduate Students –323 Non-UCSB Students Average study load was 9 units Approximately 1700 different course sections were offered (includes X98/9 courses and all combinations of primaries and secondaries)

45 Summer Sessions 2012 Changes from Previous Years –3 pass times rather than 1 Pass 1 for continuing UCSB students only Pass 2 for UCSB and other UC students Pass 3 for all students –Lapse Fees Reduce seat holding or students who forget to drop

46 Summer Sessions 2012 Changes from Previous Years (cont.) –Earlier Fee Deadline Moved it up to July 2 Why? To mitigate risk of Session D students receiving grades before payment is due –Online Courses CHEM 142, MCDB 108, PSTAT 120, GEOG 8

47 Summer Sessions 2012 Changes from Previous Years (cont.) –Retro-registration Process Internal processing changed for Registrar and Summer sessions Why should you care? Please send students to SS or Registrar before approving retro adds. –Misc. Changes Some travel studies programs discontinued No French Immersion program this year New High School Rugby program

48 Inputting Minors into STAR Sara Cook Assistant Registrar



51 HIST A = add Type Perm and start quarter (QYY format). Hit enter. Major and students name will appear. Hit enter again to add the minor.


53 Cancelling a minor Please do this as soon as you know that the student will not complete the minor!

54 HIST C = change Act = c (cancel) Type c in the Act column, perm, and end quarter (QYY format). Hit enter. Students major and name will appear. Hit enter again to cancel the minor.

55 Reporting tools Minors will not be officially recognized until a minor clearance form is received by the Registrars Office. STAR report to find all minors declared as degree candidates for a particular quarter (emailed to you in.pdf format).




59 Sample report (PDF)

60 Do I have access? You may or may not already have access to the X-12 screen in STAR. If you do not, please request access via REGAccess.

61 Academic Senate Regulations 140. Academic Minors at UCSB B. At a minimum, a minor must include 18 units of upper division course work. All of these units must be completed with a grade-point average of 2.0 or better; at least 12 of them must be completed in residence at UCSB; no more than 5 may count toward both the minor and the upper division requirement of the major; and no more than 5 may be taken on a P/NP grading basis.

62 Degree Audits

63 Degree Audit Majors completed since Fall 2011 –Chemistry and Biochemistry –Physics –Chicano/a Studies –Art History –Feminist Studies –Black Studies –Asian American Studies –Art –College of Creative Studies – all majors 94.64% of undergraduates in released majors or undeclared

64 Degree Audit Departments currently in process (2.32% of undergrads) –Linguistics –Geography –Statistics and Applied Probability –Religious Studies –French and Italian –Comparative Literature 2.93% of undergrads in majors left to do

65 Degree audit reporting tools Using the AAA degree audits, we can query the course data in batches. We can look for: –Courses applied to the major –GPA –Other? Email


67 SIS Modernization Anthony Schmid Associate Registrar

68 SIS Modernization Project Goal: –Migrate the existing mainframe-based Registrar, Admission, and Graduate Division systems to a new technology Approach: –Working with an external vendor which has tools to automate the conversion of the code and data of the current mainframe-based SIS.

69 SIS Modernization Project Systems subject to this conversion project: –Undergraduate Admissions (UADMIT) –Admissions Departmental Reporting (ADMS) –Campus Schools (CTAB and STAB) –UCSB Person Index (INDX) –Student Access and Reporting (STAR) –Student Registration System (SREG) –Student Systems Departmental Access (SSDA) –Curriculum Access (CRES) –Financial Aid (FAID/SFSO) –Graduate Student Fee Remission (GSFR) –Graduate Division (GDIV)

70 SIS Modernization Project Current Status –Converted code for all applications has been delivered to UCSB –Testing of the converted code is ongoing Scope: –1594 Online Screens –781 Batch Jobs Focusing on: –System Correctness –System Speed

71 SIS Modernization Project STAR/SREG/SSDA Testing –Anyone that wants to test is welcome –If there are screens or jobs that are only used by your department please contact us about testing those features!

72 SIS Modernization Project Go Live: January 1, 2013 Systems down 12/26/12 – 1/1/13 –Including AAA, GOLD, eGrades & others.

73 SIS Modernization Project User Training & Updates –Project Website: –User Training Sessions 3 sessions will be scheduled for Late November & Early December Exact dates will be posted to the project website and sent out to campus listservs in October

74 General Announcements Leesa Beck Registrar

75 Announcements Umail Migration –To Microsoft Office 365 –Expected to begin F12 Online Education Forum –October 24 –Open to students, faculty, and staff

76 Questions?

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