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CSE 332: Goals of course What do you want to learn in this course? Here are the goals I wrote for this course: To learn how to design and develop multimedia.

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1 CSE 332: Goals of course What do you want to learn in this course? Here are the goals I wrote for this course: To learn how to design and develop multimedia for real world e-learning To practice software engineering in a learner- oriented project To learn and apply cognitive principles of user interface design To learn how to implement multimedia e-learning in Macromedia Flash

2 What is multimedia? Combining materials in many mediatext, graphic art, sound, video and animation and delivering it via digital computer or other electronic means. Interactive multimedia: Giving an end user some control over what elements to present and when. Hypermedia: providing a linked structure through which a user can navigate through elements.

3 How is multimedia delivered to users? CDROM, Internet and Intranets Why did Macromedia improve the compression technology in Authorware? Shockwave browser plug-ins for Authorware, Director and Flash

4 Why multimedia? Sandom, Einstein and Sandom: Multimedia is a very effective presentation and sales tool. If youre being driven somewhere in the back seat of a car, you may not remember how you to your destination; but if you had been driving the car yourself, chances are you could get there again. Studies indicate that if youre stimulated with audio, you will have about a 20 percent retention rate, audio-visual is up to 30 percent, and in interactive multimedia presentations where you are really involved, the retention rate is as high as 60 percent. Clark and Mayer present more detailed results How can multimedia improve on a slide show?

5 Where multimedia? At home: games, entertainment, education, etc. In public places: kiosks in hotels, malls,... In business: marketing and training In schools: pre-school through post-grad Just Grandma and Me, Broderbund (1992) Yale University School of Medicine: medical students learning nuclear cardiac perfusion imagery E-learning is now big business

6 What is e-learning? Instruction delivered via computer Includes content relevant to learning objectives Uses instructional methods such as examples and practice Builds new knowledge and skills Corporate training: over $50 billion/year Corporate training

7 Why e-learning? Why use computers to teach? Cost of instruction by other methods is high Extensive learner practice is needed Logistical difficulties, getting to classroom Convenience of just-in-time learning, at ones own pace Intended learners may have special needs or different learning styles

8 Benefits of e-learning* *From EMEA e-learning Benchmark Survey - The Users Perspective, SkillSoftSkillSoft

9 How do you learn? From lectures? From Powerpoint or chalk board? By reading? Textbooks, reference books, articles, web pages? By seeing demonstrations? By practicing skills? By doing exercises in class or lab? By doing homework assignments? By following a coach or tutor? By asking questions? By discussing ideas? In class? Outside of class? Others ways?

10 E-learning methods Tutorials (with text, audio, graphics, or video) Hypermedia (gives user control) Drills (learning from practice) Quizzes and tests (multiple-choice, true-false, fill-in-the-blank, drag-and-drop, etc.) Simulations Games Tools and open-ended environments

11 Requirements of course From syllabus on web site for the course:syllabus Paper comparing The Analytical Engine and The Universal Computer Class learning activity Flash lab exercises Class participation and occasional quzzes Team project (analysis, UI prototype, design (script/storyboard), user observation report and final project)analysis See chapters worth in UM or AE for scope Work in teams of 2-3 people, you may have roles in more than one project Youll learn about applying software engineering principles to e-learning Youll hand in documents after each major phase: proposal, analysis, design, user observations, implementation (user manual) Each project should incorporate various media, tutorial screens, several exercises for knowledge development and assessment (fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice, hot-spot, drag-and-drop), and one or more intense interactive activities (game, drill or simulation), plus menus and navigation to connect everything

12 Two e-learning titles The Analytical Engine: An Introduction to Computer Science The Universal Computer: Introducing Computer Science with Multimedia Both associated with CS0 textbooks Write a paper comparing them Upload it to Blackboard by Monday, along with your multimedia e-leaning project idea

13 Project proposals Tentative title and one paragraph description Subject matter Audience Subject matter expert (teacher) Email me by next Monday, letting me know whether youd like to pitch it next Tuesday Pitch your ideas for projects next Tuesday (3-5 minutes per proposal)

14 Introduction to Flash Tool for creating animation and interactivity Deployable via web or CDROM Learning Interactions add abstract functionality for building quizzes and other complex interactions

15 Flash versions Macromedia Flash, Flash MX … Flash 8 Much better help New components Better video quality ActionScript 2.0 Adobe Flash CS3, CS4 Flash 8 is available on Lehigh LANs; trial version of Adobe Flash CS4 on web trial version Student pricing available but still pricey

16 Flash lab and textbooks James F. Evans; Unruh textbooks Getting Started: drawing, text, layers Animation and symbols (buttons, etc) ActionScript Multimedia Creating interactive content Getting content from files or databases Learning Interactions Games

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