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2011 May 15, 2011. 1 Overall design and construction excellence New Landmark Libraries demonstrate overall design and construction excellence with.

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1 2011 May 15, 2011



4 1 Overall design and construction excellence New Landmark Libraries demonstrate overall design and construction excellence with consideration of the (1) appropriateness and quality of materials; (2) connection between interior and exterior spaces; (3) durability of building finishes and furnishings; (4) appropriateness of materials used given local circumstances; and (5) response by the community including recognition, additional funding, and/or symbolic significance.

5 2 Response to community context and constraints New Landmark Libraries respond to their community context and constraints with consideration to (1) how public and staff input shaped the design; (2) any neighborhood improvements such as pedestrian access; (3) any incorporation of multifunctional uses; (4) any creative solutions to local constraints; and (5) an appropriate physical setting.

6 3 Sustainability New Landmark Libraries must be sustainable, particularly with regard to (1) site selection and development; (2) water efficiency; (3) energy use; (4) materials and resources used; (5) indoor environmental quality; and (6) ongoing education, outreach, and operations.

7 4 Functionality New Landmark Libraries maximize functionality in the delivery of library services. What design elements improve service delivery, experience, and accessibility for the public and staff?

8 5 Innovation New Landmark Libraries respond to current and anticipated demographic, cultural, and technological changes in innovative ways. Does the building test and prove the viability of new knowledge and assumptions?

9 6 Beauty and Delight New Landmark Libraries give the visitor an initial impression of beauty and delight. Judges looked for evidence of a wow factor that delights visitorsand any local, state, or national recognitionand considered how it relates to the design, if it is long-lasting, and why.




13 Flexible, Functional, Fabulous The Poplar Creek Public Library expansion went all out, with its glass beacon tower, colorful and soaring open spaces, like the Amoeba, a 100' LED panel lightwall, and the duly named tech Green Zone. Did someone say kick-ass? Photos copyright Lambros Photography/ Poplar Creek Public Library

14 Inner-City Scapes Reaching customers where they live and play is the focus of the Palo Verde Library/Maryvale Community Center, as two somewhat disparate activities find common ground and rejuvenate a neighborhood. Photos by Bill Timmerman Palo Verde Library/Maryvale

15 Cesar Chavez Branch Library Divine in the Desert Locked between an arid environment and a human-made lake, the Cesar Chavez Branch Library pays tribute in its design to both settings and maintains a unique place in the landscape. Large cantilevered overhangs shade the interior spaces, which include the cool children's area, while leaving the view of the site's beauty undisturbed. Children's area photo by Henry Tom, AIA; all other photos by Bill Timmerman

16 Hamilton Mill Branch Library High on Art Integrating traditional library service with an appreciation for art is at the heart of the new Hamilton Mill Branch Library. Incorporating the two into a green build was a "golden' opportunity. Now, sustainable features nestle up with 67 art glass panels and sculpture work. Photos by Michael Casey

17 Durango Public Library What a Site Triple its former size, the Durango Public Library considered population growth and environmental preservation in its design. Sitting above the Animas River and along a narrow gauge railroad, it respects the area's natural treasures while giving patrons the feel of home. Photos by Michael Shopenn

18 Sammamish Library Community Vitality Whimsy meets grandeur in the new Sammamish Library, with its plaza locale offering access to outdoor amenities and indoor wonders. Eliminating columns allows for future change in addition to expansive sight lines through the open plan. Colored signs and concrete flooring lead to a variety of delightful spaces. Photos by Benjamin Benschneider

19 Appaloosa Branch Library Desert Dream With a 275' suspended wall, the Appaloosa Branch Library seems to float in its desert setting. No mirage, this library is well grounded in energy-efficient and ecoconscious design that makes the most of its social spaces and its transparency. Photos by Bill Timmerman

20 Agave Library Grand Facade Once considered caught between a strip mall rock and a residential hard place, the Agave Library design makes the most of historical references and low-cost construction to give it a personality all its own. The 56' scrim makes it stand out in a crowd, as do the interior features like exposed wood truss ceilings, mid- century modern seating, wide open spaces, a large-scale ceiling sculpture, and a children's story tower. Photos by Bill Timmerman

21 Roseville Library Color Coordinated Preconceived notions of a library will be left at the door upon entering the now larger Roseville Library. The 74,000 square foot expansion added a level and opened up areas to light and definition. The teen, children's, and adult sections each are distinguished by identifying bold colors and a marketplace ambiance. Going up instead of out in this "amazing transformation" kept the building's plan ecofriendly. Photos by Lara Swimmer

22 Anythink Wright Farms Anythink Any Time A whole rebranding campaign is just the beginning of the out-of-the-box facets of the Anythink Wright Farms library. Finding a home on a nine-acre plot, it blurs the lines between interior and exterior space with its open floor plan encompassing an inside-outside fireplace, a children's garden, and outdoor nooks for reading. With a distinctive logo on furnishings, Anythink stands out for flexibility and sustainability. Top photo by Marcus Farr; side photos by Kent Meireis, tree photo by Stacie Ledden

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