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Leaders Training Course (LTC) Information Session January 19, 2012 Lieutenant Colonel John A. Polhamus Mr. Adam Henkaline.

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1 Leaders Training Course (LTC) Information Session January 19, 2012 Lieutenant Colonel John A. Polhamus Mr. Adam Henkaline

2 What is the Leaders Training Course? Four week training experience for college students considering being an Army Officer Consists of individual military skills (i.e. map reading, first aid, rappelling, rifle marksmanship), team building adventure training (i.e. ropes courses, obstacle course, river rafting), and leadership training scenarios (i.e. problem solving and military tactical missions)

3 LTC will enhance your leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills LTC takes the place of your first two years of ROTC classes, catching you up to join ROTC as a junior and commission as a second lieutenant (2LT) upon graduating

4 Who Attends LTC? Students from across the nation Typically students entering their junior year in the fall All academic majors are eligible to attend

5 Where and when is LTC Conducted? Fort Knox, Kentucky (south of Louisville) There are seven four-week cycles beginning June 1 st 1-30 June 4 June – 3 July 12 June – 11 July 17 June – 16 July 29 June – 28 July 5 July – 3 August

6 First Week LTC: Soldier First Phase Introduction Physical Training (PT) Learn Drill and Ceremony (D&C) (how to march, salute, and wear your uniform) Work in teams to solve problems in team building course

7 Second Week LTC: Warrior Leader Phase Build on the basics and challenge yourself… Water survival training Rappelling Map reading and orienteering Obstacle courses Rifle marksmanship

8 Third Week LTC: Bold Leader Phase Learn to lead groups of your peers through challenging scenarios with training and mentorship… Receiving missions Planning Attaining objectives Military tactics

9 Final Week LTC: Future Leader Phase Review your accomplishments with your mentors Receive feedback on leadership techniques Prepare for graduation and family day ceremonies

10 Basic requirements to attend LTC: –U.S. citizenship –age between 17 and 30 –must meet Army height and weight standards –must pass a physical fitness test (situps, pushups, 2 mile run) –cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 –4 semesters college remaining as of next fall –must demonstrate the potential and desire to become an Army Officer – must initiate the DOD Medical Exam Review Board (DODMERB) Physical –No civil convictions, no more than 3 dependents

11 So this is a paid internship? For the 4 weeks at LTC, you will receive about $800, before taxes If you complete LTC and contract you will receive a $5,000 bonus! Leadership training experience looks great on your resume

12 What does it cost me to attend? Virtually nothing- in fact, youll get paid! Army ROTC will provide lodging, meals, uniforms, equipment, and travel It is recommended that students bring $50-$75 for incidental expenses

13 Can I get a scholarship at LTC? Yes! Qualified students who complete LTC can be awarded a 2-year Army ROTC scholarship Scholarships pay: –100% tuition & fees (in- or out-of-state) –$1200/year book allowance –Stipend: $450/month for 3 rd years, $500 for 4 th yr –If desired, you are also eligible to join the Army Reserve or National Guard with no requirement to complete Basic Training You can collect additional financial benefits from these organizations

14 If I go to LTC, do I have to join ROTC? No! If youre considering serving, we hope LTC will inspire you to decide to become an officer No commitment required *Another option: you can complete LTC, think about it before classes start, and get a scholarship here before classes start

15 How do I prepare for LTC? If you decide to attend LTC, youll need to begin preparing soon Our faculty and staff will assist you with everything, including: –administrative paperwork –a medical exam –travel reservations –physical fitness training –ensuring you are properly prepared before leaving for LTC

16 When do I have to decide if I want to go to LTC? The earlier you decide, the better your chances are of getting the program cycle of your choice If you need to take classes, work, or even an extended vacation, LTC can fit into your summer plans

17 Typical day at LTC TimeEvent 0500Wakeup 0530-0630Physical Training 0630-0830Breakfast / Personal Hygiene 0830-0900Movement to training area 0900-1230Training 1230-1300Lunch 1300-1700Training 1700-1730Movement to barracks 1730-1830Dinner 1900-1930Vignette 1930-2000Review / Personal Time 2000-2200Cadet Leader Time/Counseling 2200Lights out

18 Questions / Discussion

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