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The popular Style names and their defining features.

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1 The popular Style names and their defining features

2 Have developed over centuries as tastes of people change All styles have benefits Many are derivations of previous styles that evolved into a distinct type creating a particular feel or atmosphere Many express a personality and taste specific to an era

3 Has clean lines (straight lines and sharp corners) Focus on function Avoids excessive ornamentation Blacks, whites and neutral tones dominate Often with a colour for emphasis (solid colours) Unadorned or window treatments that allow for the shape and line of the window be emphasized

4 Art pieces are a major focal point for contemporary design

5 Soft colour contrasts for visual emphasis Rounded furniture provides warmer setting Colours are complementary less focus on any one element

6 Traditional Has roots in previous generations Most popular style Focuses on natural tones Has many textures and miss-matched patterns Timeless designs tend to be more formal Elegant and inviting Dark woods & details


8 Chic Many whites and washed out colours Modern furniture is accented with vintage items

9 (alternatively) Shabby Chic British look All white interior walls, floors and ceilings Accented with vintage items and distressed furniture

10 Arts and Craft (or Mission Style) Incorporates hand crafted items made from natural materials Earthly organic colours Heavy square furnishings Clean straight and simple lines

11 Other examples of mission style

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