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1 Pre-Bid Conference & Site Tour State Library and Courts Building Renovation.

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1 1 Pre-Bid Conference & Site Tour State Library and Courts Building Renovation

2 2 Project Management Overview Department of General Services – Owner, Building Manager, Contract Authority, and Inspection Carey & Co. – Architect Vanir Construction Management - On-site Construction Manager California State Library, Supreme Court, Court of Appeals - Tenants

3 3 Project Funding Pre-sold Lease Revenue Bonds States Estimate: $ 50,000,000

4 4 Neighborhood Parade/Demonstration Routes State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) Jesse Unruh Building Library & Courts Building State Capitol Building Capitol Park Capitol Extension Group Parade/Demonstration Routes

5 5 Project Overview 188,000 GSF Six stories plus basement Complete fire, life and safety upgrade MEP and telecom infrastructure replacement Hazardous materials abatement. Registered State Historic Landmark and on the National Register of Historic Places

6 6 General Requirements & Conditions Building is vacant. Special Project Procedures include: Intensive coordination requirements Method of procedures Interval schedules, work plans & coordination drawing submittals Requirement for qualified designated historic preservationist on GC staff. LEED accredited professional

7 7 Decorative Elements

8 8 Historic Fabric & Fine Art

9 9 Project Overview - Site ~ 3.90 Acres Within the jurisdiction of Capitol Park Several memorial statuary, placards, and plantings Mature tree and landscape protection Landscape irrigation replacement Replacement of aged shrubbery Miscellaneous signage

10 10 Site Views

11 11 Memorials & Statuary

12 12 Exterior Improvements Repair and re-point granite and terra cotta Repair windows Replace roof Remove and replace mechanical penthouses Restore light wells Improve accessibility

13 13 Façades

14 14 Fine Art Fenestrations

15 15 Fine Art Statuary & Detail

16 16 Interior Improvements Abate hazardous materials Replace MEP Replace telecommunication New fire suppression & alarm Replace or refresh most finishes New access, security, and controls Tenant Improvements

17 17 Interiors

18 18 Typical Interiors

19 19 Plant Rooms

20 20 Elaborate Ceilings

21 21 Light Fixture Restoration

22 22 Maynard Dixon Mural – Rm 301

23 23 Dixon Paintings - Second Floor North Corridor

24 24 Memorial Vestibule History of War Panels

25 25 Decorative Arts

26 26 Decorative Arts

27 27 Review of Bid Instructions Bid Date: August 17, 2010 Bid Time: 2:00 PM Bid Location: Third Floor PMB Reception Desk, 707 3 rd Street, West Sacramento Anticipated NTP: Late 2010 Project Duration: 670 calendar days

28 28 Bid Forms: The bid proposal forms will be distributed at the conclusion of the conference. All Contractors bidding as a Prime Contractor must sign-in and receive bid forms today!

29 29 Request for Bidders Information Please submit bid questions on form included in project manual E-file is available from Project Director & on Bidsync Email to: Cut-off date: 10 days prior to bid date

30 30 Bidding & Contracting Requirements Lump sum Prevailing wage February 2010 Disable Veteran Business Enterprise Reference documents available Original 1920s documents Hazardous Materials Survey Data Historic Structures Survey DGS General Conditions August 2009 Edition

31 31 Disable Veterans Business Enterprise Program Good Faith Effort has been discontinued! Bidders must meet or exceed 3% DVBE participation or bid will be non-responsive. Incentives for exceeding DBVE requirement and stated SBE goal are calculated based on lowest responsive bidder.

32 32 Disable Veteran & Small Business Enterprise Requirements James Frolich, Contract Officer Contract Management Section 916-376-1770

33 33 Supplementary Conditions Contract time 670 Calendar Days Liquated Damages on completion date Insurance Commercial General Liability = $10,000,000 Employer Liability = $1,000,000 Pollution Liability = $2,000,000 Builders Risk = Contract Sum Escrow Bid Documents

34 34 Supplementary Non-Mandatory Bid Walks July 28, 2010: 9:30 to 11:30: Architectural Protection, Restoration, Exterior Restoration, Hazardous Materials Abatement and Demolition 1:00 to 3:00: Electrical, Telecommunication, and Security Systems and Historic Light Fixture Restoration July 29, 2010: 9:30 to 11:30: Mechanical and Plumbing 1:00 to 3:00: Fire Suppression and Elevator renovation No new Prime Contractors admitted to bid!

35 Questions?

36 Last Chance! Prime contractors must sign-in and receive bid proposal forms before leaving this area.

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