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Positive Behavior Interventions and Support PBIS Universal Team January 25, 2011.

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1 Positive Behavior Interventions and Support PBIS Universal Team January 25, 2011

2 If a student cant read…we Teach! If a student cant do math…we Teach! If a student cant behave…we give time outs, send to the office, suspension (in and out), punish!

3 Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) What is PBIS? A broad range of proactive, systemic, and individualized strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes in safe and effective environments while preventing problem behavior with all students (Sugai, 2007) This is done through teaching, re-teaching, and acknowledgements for positive behavior.

4 Time Lost on Behavioral Issues (Barrett and Swindell, 2002) StaffAdministratorStudent ODR (Office Disciplinary Referral) 5 minutes10 minutes20 minutes In-School5 minutes20 minutes6 hours Out-of-School5 minutes45 minutes6 hours

5 Four Elements of PBIS: Systems – efficiently and effectively support implementation of supports, services, and interventions for students at the Universal (Primary), Secondary (Selected), and Tertiary (Targeted) level Data – used for decision making to determine appropriate interventions Practices – positive teaching and reinforcement strategies at school-wide, classroom, and individual levels Outcomes – academic and behavior targets that are endorsed and emphasized by students, families, and educators and are supported, evaluated, and measured by data


7 Seymour Middle School PBIS Purpose Statement By implementing PBIS, Seymour Middle School will create a caring school climate that maximizes achievement for all students, establishes staff consistency, and uses data to guide decision making.


9 R Respect Myself *Keep locker organized *Stay on assigned routes *Use your manners *Wash hands with soap and H2O for 20 seconds *Be green with the water and towels (2) *Sit quietly *Keep hands to self R Respect Surroundings *Keep hands/feet to self (off walls, ceilings, and displays) *Keep halls neat and clean *Carry materials (dont kick or throw them down the hallway) *When done eating, take your tray back *Dump your food, not silverware into garbage *Stack trays and separate silverware *Take turns wiping off the table each day *Keep H2O and soap in the sink *Keep bathroom clean *Bring only necessary items *Report problems (messes) to staff *Use conversation voice when speaking to staff *Stay behind front desk unless asked to move *Respect others in office

10 Acknowledgements Wii/Ping-Pong/Foosball at lunch 1 st table to eat Candy Bars/Suckers Team Incentive Pizza Party with Mrs. Schenk or other staff member

11 PBIS Emphasizes Anytime an adult interacts with any student, its an instructional moment Teaching behaviors like we teach academics Modeling, practicing, and reinforcing expected behaviors (School Wide Expectations) Actively supervising to prevent problem behaviors Expect only that which you have specifically taught

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