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BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER Jury Presentation Plaster.

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1 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER Jury Presentation Plaster

2 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER Country: ITALY BPB-Company: BPB ITALIA S.p.A. Contracting Company: Mayor snc - Campagnola (RE) - 1 -

3 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER Site: La Scala Opera House - Milan Building Owner: Ente Teatro alla Scala - Milan Architect: Studio Botta - Lugano (CH) Arch. Mario Botta - 2 -

4 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER Contracting Company: Mayor snc Principal representative: Antonio Esposito Romano Simone Antonio Esposito Name of the person attending the Trophy Gala-Event: Antonio Esposito - 3 -

5 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER Short Description of the Contracting Company: The company, established in1976, operates in various sectors: residential, commercial and public. The main activity is the application of special pre-mixed plasters for interiors and exteriors. The founders are Esposito Antonio and Romano Simone: the former deals with administration and representation, while the latter looks after technical advice and site management. Mayor snc has well-established relations with the most qualified building companies in Central and Northern Italy for new constructions and refurbishments. References: Restoration La Scala Opera House - Milan New Hospital Complex - Fidenza Loc. Vaio Recovery of section of the old Bazzano Hospital Residential and commercial buildings - Modena Comparto Corassori New Business Park complex - Reggio Emilia Residential and commercial complex - Parma Loc. Traversetolo - 4 -

6 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER The project envisaged preservative restoration of the "monumental" area, the stage tower, theatre services and offices. This was necessary to modernise the structure, bring it into line with regulations in force (with particular reference to fire protection) and improve room acoustics and utility distribution systems and circuitry. The project also involved the creation of a new elliptical plan area (the Botta Ellipsoid) housing the services (dressing rooms, rehearsal rooms, changing rooms, canteen, etc.). - 5 -

7 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER Restoration of La Scala Opera House, in accordance with the regulations in force and considering the different design, structural and functional needs, required the study of specific solutions using: - fireproof plasters - plasters and finishing products for interiors - plasters for exteriors as well as the construction of plasterboard walls and ceilings. - 6 -

8 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER In the monumental part SURMIX undercoat plaster was machine applied to the surfaces of the interior walls and the access corridors to the boxes, with prior application of VICONTACT adhesive primer, in suitable thickness to make the surfaces perfectly flat. White reflective finish was subsequently carried out with RASOCOTE 5 Plus plaster. - 7 -

9 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER For the access corridors to the boxes and rehearsal rooms INTO ALFA plaster was applied to the original masonry and subsequently finished with RASOCOTE 5 Plus plaster. - 8 -

10 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER On the lower part of the walls in the new staircase up to a height of 1.10 meters the exsisting plaster was removed and a SURMIX base layer was applied. RASOCOTE 5 Plus was then used for finishing. - 9 -

11 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER - 10 - Rendering with RASOCOTE 5 Plus smoothened the surfaces of the walls which were covered above a height of 1.10 meters with RIGIPS RB 13 boards. The ceiling was also covered with RIGIPS RB 13 boards to create a mirror effect with the steps.

12 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER For the office area in Via Filodrammatici, INTO ALFA plaster to a thickness of 5 cm was applied to the walls from which the old plaster had been previously removed. - 11 -

13 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER The products SURMIX, VICONTACT and RASOCOTE 7 Plus were also used on the surfaces of the new reinforced concrete structures in the stairwell and the masonry of the service rooms. -12 -

14 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER For the fire protection of the steel structures in the Ellipsoid - designed by Architect Mario Botta - the fireproof plaster IGNIVER was used in suitable thickness to guarantee the required fire resistance. - 13 - IGNIVER fireproof plaster was also applied to the metal bearing structure in the Scenic Tower.

15 BPB TROPHY 2006 – PLASTER For the walls and ceilings of the porticos in Via Filodrammatici the pre-mixed undercoat plaster TOM 100 was machine applied to obtain a civil plaster effect. TOM 100 plaster was also used on the walls of the courtyard as preparation for the ventilated wall. - 14 -

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