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ID-Tech Pasi Hyvönen – F6804 Tuomo Stamblewski – F7195.

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1 ID-Tech Pasi Hyvönen – F6804 Tuomo Stamblewski – F7195

2 id Tech 0 id Tech is the family of game engines designed and developed by id Software. 0 Prior to the presentation of the id Tech 5-based game Rage, the engines lacked official designation and as such were simply referred to as the Doom and Quake engines, from the name of the main game series the engines have been developed for. 0 id Tech numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 have been released as free software under the GNU General Public License.

3 id Tech 0 0 id Software had developed 3D engines for several games before creating id Tech 1. Each game's engine had progressively more advanced 3D technology. 0 Hovertank 3D (1991) used solid-color drawn walls and scalable sprites. Hovertank 3D 0 Catacomb 3-D (1991) added texture mapping to the walls. Catacomb 3-Dtexture mapping 0 Wolfenstein 3D (1992) increased the color palette from 16- color EGA to 256-color VGA. The game engine was also licensed out to other companies. Wolfenstein 3DEGAVGAgame engine 0 Shadowcaster (1993) features diminished lighting, texture mapped floors and ceilings, walls with variable heights and sloped floors. Shadowcaster

4 Doom engine (id Tech 1) 0 Originally developed on NeXT computers, later ported to MS-DOS for Dooms initial release 0 Commercial games using Doom engine 0 Doom – id Software Doom 0 Doom II: Hell on Earth – id Software Doom II: Hell on Earth 0 Heretic – Raven Software Heretic 0 Hexen: Beyond Heretic – Raven Software Hexen: Beyond Heretic 0 Strife – Rogue Entertainment Strife


6 Quake Engine (id Tech 1) 0 Less commonly, but also known as id Tech 1, the Quake engine is the game engine that was written to power 1996's Quake. It featured true 3D real-time rendering and is the first id engine to use the client–server model. 0 Commercial games using Quake engine 0 Quake (1996) – id Software Quake 0 HeXen II (1997) – Raven Software HeXen II 0 Half-Life (1998) - Valve Corporation (Half-Life uses the GoldSrc engine, which is based on the engines for Quake and Quake II) Half-Life


8 id Tech 2 0 Previously known as the "Quake II engine". id Tech 2 is based on the Quake engine, and features some enhancements such as colored lighting and a new model format. Game code is now written in C and loaded from a DLL, in place of the original Quake engine's "QuakeC" scripting language. 0 Commercial games using id Tech 2 0 Quake II – id Software Quake II 0 Heretic II – Raven Software Heretic II 0 SiN – Ritual Entertainment SiN 0 Soldier of Fortune – Raven Software Soldier of Fortune


10 id Tech 3 0 Previously known as the "Quake III Engine", it was derived from id Tech 2, although a large portion of code is new or re-written. 0 Commercial games using id Tech 3 0 Quake III Arena (1999) – id Software Quake III Arena 0 Return to Castle Wolfenstein (2001) – Gray Matter Interactive (SP) / Nerve Software (MP) Return to Castle Wolfenstein 0 Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (2003) – Splash Damage Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 0 Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (2003) – Raven Software Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 0 Call of Duty (2003) – Infinity Ward Call of Duty i = 0x5f3759df - ( i >> 1 ); // what the fuck?


12 id Tech 4 0 Formerly the "Doom 3 engine", originally based on id Tech 3. It has a C++ based engine framework, and a new renderer, AI framework, physics engine, gameplay trigger system, and sound framework. 0 Games using id Tech 4 0 Doom 3 (2004) – id Software Doom 3 0 Quake 4 (2005) – Raven Software Quake 4 0 Prey (2006) – Human Head Studios Prey 0 Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (2007) – Splash Damage Enemy Territory: Quake Wars 0 Wolfenstein (2009) – Raven Software Wolfenstein 0 Brink (2011) – Splash Damage Brink 0 Prey 2 (2012) – Human Head Studios Prey 2


14 id Tech 5 0 This is the engine being used for id Software's new games. 0 The engine is not based on any previous id Tech engines, however it reuses much of the technology from the most updated id Tech 4 engine, including MegaTexture technology, parallax mapping, bloom, motion blur, soft particles, soft shadows and pixel shader effects. 0 Games using id Tech 5 0 Rage (2011) – id Software Rage 0 Doom 4 – id Software Doom 4


16 id Tech 6 0 id Tech 6 is an upcoming OpenGL-based game engine under preliminary development by id Software, which will tentatively follow id Tech 5 for id Software games following Rage and Doom 4. It will work by raycasting the geometry represented by voxels (instead of triangles) stored in an octree.

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