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Morphological Adaptations of a Painted Lady Butterfly

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1 Morphological Adaptations of a Painted Lady Butterfly
By Bailey Bowers, Dan Krajewski, and Michael Ang

2 What is a Morphological Adaptation?
Morphology is the study of the form or structure of a living thing. Here are some examples of morphological adaptations for a Painted Lady Butterfly Butterfly Wings A caterpillar is worm-like Butterflies can lay eggs The legs on a caterpillar go away Caterpillars shed their skin

3 The Egg Stage Hard-ridged outer layer of shell Its called a chorion
They are lined with a thin coating of wax Prevents eggs from drying out Micropyles holes that let sperm in

4 The Larva Stage Tentacles: a pair of thin movable organs on the caterpillar used for touching/feeling. Thoracic Legs: Used for holding food, jointed legs with hooks Spiracles: Holes in the caterpillars side that it breathes through Prolegs: Stumpy Legs Disadvantage: Very Big Eater, stays near plant where it was hatched, limited movement

5 The Pupa Stage Cremaster: Used to attach end of butterfly ‘s pupa to a twig or other structure. Series of small hooks or a just a single larger hook, hooks to a silk pad Chrysalis: Protective shell that caterpillar goes into for its transformation into a butterfly. Disadvantage: cannot move very vulnerable.

6 Adult Butterflies Four wings covered with tiny scales
Fore wing and hind wing not hooked together for more graceful flight Six legs, Jointed legs help it walk Feet can stick to surfaces allowing to climb walls and stick on ceilings Eat nectar through proboscis Proboscis is hollow tube that can roll into the head Compound eye gives them multiple visual receptors so the can see more things The butterfly needs to pump blood to its wings to “inflate them” before it can fly so it is vulnerable to predators

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9 The End!

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