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Welcome To Quadrant.

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1 Welcome To Quadrant

2 The Quadrant Companies
Established 1970 ISO 9001:2008 Registered Multiple Factories in North Texas OEM supplier-Aerospace & Automotive U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Agency Registered FDA, EPA & ATF Registered Facilities 75% Fortune 1000 customer base Global Sales Presence MRP since 1990

3 ISO 9001 Certified

4 QUT Management Key Employees
Robert Jamieson President Heather Keenan Office Manager Britt Roman Plant Manager Daryl Pena Quality & Process Manager+ ISO 9001 Navin Pydugadu Product Mgr. Foam Bud McCormick National Ac. Mgr. Joey Lister Sr. Chemist Foam Zach Zadle Shipping Foam

5 Quadrant Chemical Products
Epoxy Polyurethane Silicones Fire Retardants Cleaners-Degreasers Metal Prep Paint Removers OTC/Personal Care Adhesives Sealants Automotive Care Industrial Coatings Aerospace Automotive Refinish Foam Insulation Structural Foam

6 Quadrant Supply Chain Air Products Perstorp BASF Lanxxas Bayer Dow
Hexion Huntsman Oxid Perstorp Lanxxas

7 Aerospace Customers Airbus Boeing General Dynamics LTV

8 Automotive Customers Bombardier Buell Caterpillar Dana Delphi
Federal Mogul Ford Harley Davidson Honda Husqvarna Johnson Controls Kohler Opel PSA Phillips Ryobi Stihl TI Automotive Walbro Wells Volkswagen

9 Coatings Customers Akzo Nobel RPM Carboline International Paint Jotun
PPG Sherwin Williams Valspar

10 Automotive Functional Fluids
3M Automotive Meguiars NAPA O'Reilly

11 Global Sales Distribution
NAFTA 70% EU 25% Others 5%

12 Quadrant Chemical Organizational Chart Process Equipment Products

13 Organizational Chart

14 McKinney Processing Facility

15 Production Flow Thru 200+ Raw Material Suppliers
1,000+ Raw Material Part Numbers 350+ Finished Goods SKU 500+ packed SKU 500+Customers

16 McKinney Process Equipment
7 reactors 10 blend-dispersion units 4 adhesive units 2x 8500 gal open cell foam unit 2x 5000 gal closed cell foam unit 2 x1000 gal specialty foam unit

17 Garland Process Equipment
2x 6500 gal blend units 3x 5000 gal blend units 2x 1000 gal blend units 10x<1000 gal blend units 4 semi automatic filling line 1 rotary filling line

18 Urethane Products Insulation foam Structural - Transportation foam
Roof foam Polyurea Coatings Castings

19 Foam Insulation Products
RetroSeal NHF ½ lb. OC, no heat QuadFoam 500 ½ lb. OC QuadFoam 750 ¾ lb. OC QuadFoam lb. CC BioSeal 500 ½ lb. OC, bio BioSeal 750 ¾ lb. OC, bio NatureSeal lb. CC, bio

20 Production Capacity Product Capacity, single shift ½ lb.. Open Cell
2, 3, 4 lb. Closed Cell ½, ¾, 1 & 2 lb Bio - Renewable 260 sets per day 80,000 sets per year 100 sets per day 25,000 sets per year 200 sets per day in 2012 80 sets per day 20,000 sets per year

21 QuadFoam Designed for the Applicators!
QuadFoam® 500 open cell QuadFoam® 2.0 closed cell QuadFoam® 2.0 W winter grade QuadFoam® 2.0 SW super winter RetroSeal®NHF open cell no heat QuadFoam® LHF open cell low heat

22 QuadFoam Key Attributes (Heated Foams)
Low Odor, Great for Retro Fit, 24 hr re-occupy Open Cell yield per Applicators- 18,000+ bft Closed Cell yield per Applicators- > 60’f, 8’f Excellent Adhesion to Substrate, even Cold Temps no pre-heats Reduced Misting & Overspray Dry Fall Technology Flat & Smooth finish = Reduced Coating in Attics & Crawl spaces Less trimming Reduced Tip Clogging, less down time, less time on the Jobsite 10-20% reduced material costs, easier & faster spraying

23 QuadFoam Key Attributes (No/Low Heated)
No Heat & Low Heat Systems 30-40% More Efficient Save 2-4 hrs. Per Man Per Day Less Equipment Adjustment During Application Lower Proportioner Operating Costs, Less Wear & Tear No Generator needed, Less Fuel Cost No Heated Hoses Required- #1 Repair Cost

24 Super Winter QuadFoam Job Sprayed this week
Grain depot, galvanized and sheet metal 30mph direct winds Cloudy, over cast, no sun for several days 8’f morning – 20’f afternoon – 2 days on the job 50+’f today, sunny 4400 board ft. yield No cracks, pull back or shrinkage

25 Testing RetroSeal®NHF R value = 3.75 in
QuadFoam® 500 R value = 3.85 in QuadFoam® R value = in QuadFoam® MV = .92 perms in QuadFoam® Air & Vapor Barrier

26 ASTM E 84 Fire Testing ASTM E 84 Class 1 (<25, <450)
QuadFoam® 500 QuadFoam® 2.0 BioSeal® 750 NatureSeal® 2.0 RetroSeal®NHF

27 Full Scale Fire Testing
AC 377 Appendix X Ignition Barrier QuadFoam® 500 open cell 9.5 inches in walls, 11.5 in ceilings DC 3 dry mils 400 sq.ft. gallon applied No-Burn® Plus 5 dry mils 300 sq.ft. per gallon applied

28 Full Scale Fire Testing
AC 377 Appendix X Ignition Barrier QuadFoam® 2.0 closed cell 9.5 inches in walls, 11.5 in ceilings DC 3 dry mils 400 sq. ft. gallon applied Passed without Coatings

29 Full Scale Fire Testing
AC 377 Appendix X Thermal Barrier QuadFoam® 500 open cell QuadFoam® 2.0 closed cell 9.5 inches in walls, 11.5 in ceilings DC315® and dry mils December 13 Burn Date

30 ICC ESR ESR Fast Track Roger V. Morrison, PE, RRC
Deer Ridge Consulting, Inc. Interim Report Writing our ESR All testing thru Intertek Laboratories, Inc.

31 Thank You

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