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… the biggest choice of LED in the Czech Republic PRO – VER s.r.o.

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1 … the biggest choice of LED in the Czech Republic PRO – VER s.r.o.
Save up to 80% for electricity, use LED technology. LED The future of light is … … the biggest choice of LED in the Czech Republic PRO – VER s.r.o.

2 LED technology and its features
Use of LED light source / Our product range LED as an investment LED as a replacement of current light sources Examples and comparison Future of LED Guarantee and warranty Individual offer / customer service LED technology and its features LED ( Light-Emitting Diode ) is a semiconducting light source containing a P-N junction. Unlike classical diodes, LEDs emit the visible, ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths and are used in a wide range of applications. When electric current goes through the junction in the permeable direction, the junction emits an incoherent light with a narrow band of spectrum. LED basic monocrystals are potted in moulded synthetic resin or acrylic polyester shells that boost optical features of produced light. In practise it means that LED chip rays can be focused into a small point and seems to be like a laser, or widespread to light open spaces. This feature improves the efficiency, rays of light are not uselessly emitted in lampshades or ceilings, and rays of light are directed where needed. Unlike other electric light sources (light bulbs, discharge lamp, glow lamp), LEDs have the advantage of working using less electric current and voltage. After 50 years of LED technology development this measurable feature beats old, inefficient and present light sources. The advantage of technical parameters and design of LED light sources: Low consumption – they produce more light per 1 watt than light bulbs (the most modern 100 LM/W) They produce almost no heat – no hazard of catching fire or burning nearby the source, they also decrease costs of air conditioning Lifetime – they have an extremely long lifespan. One of the producers calculated the lifespan of his LEDs between and hours (this does not apply to high-performance LEDs, there may be significantly lower values). With fluorescent lamps the common value is hours and typical fluorescent lamps – hours. Durability of light quality and resistance to use, they are ideal to use in facilities where devices are often switched on and off, unlike light bulbs that can get burnt off due to frequent turning on/off. They do not contain glass nor dangerous mercury, they do not emit UV nor infra radiation Full performance within wide range of surrounding temperature. Resistance against voltage oscillation, mechanical damage and shocks. They can emit light in a requested colour without using complex colour filters. Their shell can be designed to concentrate light to a particular place. Light heat (light bulbs) and fluorescent (lamps) often need external optical system to concentrate light. Unlike light bulbs that change their colour to more yellow when the voltage drops, LEDs do not change their colour with devices that need the function of “dimming”. They are very small and can be easily put on a printed circuit board and adapted to specific requirements. Nowadays the used regulation of reducing the performance of fluorescent lamps, point lamps and other light sources however do not influence LED sources and keep their light values. LED light sources are the future. The prices of electricity are increasing year by year and LED technology is the way to solve this problem and save up to 80% of energy costs.

3 Use of LED light sources / Our products range
The company PRO – VER Ltd. offers you a full range of products whose quality is guaranteed from 2 up to 5 years, to replace old and inefficient light sources that are all around us and we all pay dearly for their „light“. LED Hi-Lumen Spots and Bulbs LED Hi-Lumen Spots and Bulbs with wide range of lamp caps ( E14, E17, E26, E27, GU10, MR16 etc. ) provide full-blown performance of luminous flux. Light is available in several colour temperatures (Warm – Natural - Cool White). Replacement for: classical light bulbs, energy saving bulbs, halogen lights, fluorescent light tubes – obsolete technology Indoor Indoor as well as furniture LED lights, imbedded, emergency lights, etc. have many advantages: Extremely low requirements for maintenance, mechanical endurance, long life ( 50,000 up to 80,000 hours) Use: lighting of indoor spaces, objects or furniture, under cabinet lights, emergency lights for night movement, floor imbedded lights, decoration lighting, sector lighting. Drivers and accessories Necessary products to control and connect LED light are a part of our complete offer. Optimized decoders, amplifiers, controllers, remote control, dimmers, connecting materials etc. You can get all you need to maintain, control and operate comfortably LED light sources developed by our producers. LED panels Ultra-slim LED panels are innovative lightings that illuminate even large spaces. Standard, stadiums, conference rooms, schools, canteens, lecture halls, workshops, modifications for so called panel ceilings as well as single panels. They replace often used fluorescent lamps. Use: for lighting larger areas with high requirements for light quality ( offices, plants, shopping centres, lifts, corridors, restaurants, etc.) Outdoor High performance LED lighting with a high level of weatherproof. Broad spectrum of colours and an operation within a wide range of outside temperature. In relation to high colour temperature of light and a broad spectrum of colours LED lights are suitable for lighting spaces and objects surveillanced by CCTV. CCTV records have higher quality due to constant long-term values of light produced. Light study and complete solutions People perceive more than 80% of information from their environment by sight. LED technology enables eyes to see better. We offer complete solutions and implementation of light systems and a 5-year guarantee service. Use: Sightseeing, buildings, gardens, parks, suburbs, swimming pools, exhibition halls, style design, showrooms, plants and factories, etc.

4 LED as a replacement for current light sources
LED as an investment The purchase of LED light sources = investment. It is very easy to count what particular savings and when we can reach an adequate and full-blown replacement for current light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, discharge lamps or halogen light lamps through LED light sources that are unquestionably the future technology. The technical parameters of LED technology allows us to calculate return on investment easily. Return on investment/ the purchase of LED lighting is directly proportional to using light. Where there is the volume and frequency of lighting higher, the return on investment is faster. LED light sources also bring direct and indirect savings mainly through their maintenance-free operation. Life of LED chips is many times higher than other/common sources and their quality last much longer. LED withstand voltage fluctuation/ oscillation, which is often at operations with over average consumption of electricity or where there is a sudden increase of consumption. ( e. g. the phase of a start of machinery ). They also withstand a shot circuit in the power line on contrary to e. g. incandescent or discharge lamps. LED is also suitable for spaces where a movement sensor is used to turn on/off. Frequent turning on/off however does not influence its lifespan. The advantage of LED is the immediate output of 100%. The lifespan itself is given by the difference of the technological way of light generation; transformation of electrical power into luminous energy. And the difference can go up to the multiple of 100. Simply where there light bulbs, fluorescent or discharge lamps are changed due to the reasons and effects above-mentioned, LED light sources do not have to change. They work without noticing a user or a person. Nobody has to get a new light bulb and fix it – costs are again not increasing! The above-mentioned and provable facts confirm that the purchase of LED light resources is not a mere replacement for non-functional or obsolete sources but it is a long-term investment with clearly measurable period of good return. The use of LED light sources for your own need is a smart decision in many aspects and it is an INVESTMENT. LED as a replacement for current light sources We have a wide range of LED light sources to offer. We will find a replacement to any current lighting reaching substantial energy savings while keeping required quality parameters and the volume of the light itself. LED sources are substantially more energy-saving and their higher purchase price will soon pay off. You will forget about buying new light bulbs as a replacement for those that have burnt out. Your children and pets will never get burned by a hot light bulb. Not only do your offices get high constant quality of light but also you will get better records from your CCTV and security cameras. Immediately after an installation of LED light sources business premises requiring long-term or non stop lighting will achieve substantial energy savings.

5 LED as a replacement for current light sources
The table below showing basic data proving the efficiency of LED technology and an example demonstrating the return of your INVESTMENT through simple mathematics: TYPE CURRENT(A) ILLUMINACE(lux) EFFICIENCY(%) CONSUMPTION of el. (%) classical light bulb 60W 0.21 140 100 aginst bulb classical light bulb 100W 0.353 235 99.86 100.14 halogen light bulb 50W 0.16 125 117.19 85.33 fluorescent lamp 1200mm/36W 0.44 450 153.41 65.19 energy-saving light (id. fluoresc.) 21W 0.25 260 159.8 62.58 mercury discharge lamp N sodium discharge lamp xenon discharge lamp arc discharge lamp LED technology 0,32W / cm2 0.055 150 409.09 24.44 LIFESPAN (hours) ON/ OFF START TO 100% 1,000 resisting almost immediately 1,500 fluorescent lamp 1,200mm/36W 10,000 undesirable after while in seconds up to 40s 18,000 in tens of seconds up to 1min 20,000 5,000 LED technology 0.32W / cm2 65,000 – 100,000 by leaps and bounds= immediately

6 LED as a replacement for current light sources
An example of consumption of electrical energy ( the classical light bulb x LED light bulb): There is a chandelier with four 40W incandescent light bulbs in the living room. We replaced these for equivalent LED light lamp (product code LB35) with the output/consumption of 3.8W. The example is calculated for a period of one year with, on average the use of 6 hours each calendar day. Classical light bulb 40W: Consumption/ hr 40W Luminosity: 225LM Base/ thread: E27 Lifespan, producer data: 1,000hr Purchase price: CZK10/pc Daily use: 6 hr LED lamp LB35: Consumption/ hr: 3.6W Luminosity: 320LM Lifespan, producer data: ,000hr Purchase price: CZK228/pc Calculation: Daily use x 4 light bulbs x 365 days = The number of hours of use a calendar year 6 x 4 x 365 = 8,760*hrs *further we multiply this number by consumption/output per 1hour separately and we get the following: Classical light bulb 40W 8760h x 40W = kWh LB35 8760 x 3,6W = kWh The average price of 1 kWh within the Czech Rep. is CZK 4.50 (data as of 02/2011) The total amount for lighting for one year for 6hr daily: Classical light bulb 4pc (40W) = x 4.5 = 1,577CZK LB = x 4,5 = 142CZK Difference: = ,435CZK The difference in costs in this simple example is even higher than the purchase price for 4pc of LED lamps from our products LB35. As the price for one piece is CZK228, our initial INVESTMENT was in total CZK Note.: WE did not include the fact in our example that during one year we would have to buy 8 times a new classical light bulb due to its limited lifespan of 1,000 hours. It will improve our result/savings by another CZK And what about LED light LB35? It has used one sixth of its lifespan of 50, hours and thus it will work one year longer than our QUALITY GUARRANTY! And what about nowadays frequently used fluorescent light tubes? Their consumption is not constant. The start phase consume most as the gases inside a tube have to be heated up and lit through a choke coil and starter. After lighting up, the starter is idle but the choke coil is still connected in the circuit and increases consumption! In praxis a tubelight of 36W will permanently consume min. by 5W more. Classical tubelight 36W: Consumption/ hr W+5W Luminosity: ,250 – 1,650LM Base/ thread: G13 Lifespan, producer data: 8,000hr Purchase price: CZK165/pc Daily use: 12 hr LED tube: Consumption/ hr: 15W Luminosity: ,340LM Base/ thread: G13 Lifespan, producer data: ,000hr Purchase price: CZK1,045/pc Calculation: Daily use x 365 days = The number of hours of use a calendar year 12 x 365 = 4,380*hrs *we multiply this number by the consumption/output per 1hr separately and we get the following: Classical tubelight 36W 4,380hr x (36W+5W) = 179.6kWh LED tube 4,380hr x 15W = 65.7kWh The total amount of lighting during one year 6hr a day: Classical tubelight 36W = x 4.5 = CZK808 LED tube = x 4.5 = CZK296 Difference: = CZK512

7 LED as a replacement for current light sources
In the second example we compared an adequate replacement for the most common tubelight 1,200mm long. Our replacement with the output of 15W returns the expenses in 24 months. When fixing a LED tube, the choke coil and starter should be removed or disconnect. LED tubes thus consumes only the amount needed for lighting. Mainly for spaces with high requirements of quality light LED tubes guarantee a constant light source. The example also shows the difference in lifespan and its consequences. Classical tubelights have the lifespan of appr. 8,000hrs, yearly the example counts with the use of 4,380hrs. The moment LED tube returns the expenses in the amount of 100% in 24 months and has used (lit) 1/6 of its lifespan of 65,000hrs, classical tube lights have to be bought new! Thus again the real yearly cost will decrease in the future. Exactly every two years there will be a decrease of CZK165 for purchasing a classical fluorescent tube light. Quite often when an old fluorescent tube is changed, the wholeconsole has to be replaced. A high surface temperature of the classical tube heats up the body of the console that can be irreversibly damaged when carelessly changing an old tube. Transparent safety covers and their clips break. As LED tubes generates heat minimally, there is not such a problem. In operation itself we do not use only a single tube as we used it in our calculation in the second example. Tubes are used in pair in a tube light console that in tens or hundreds light entire areas. Here we can multiply the achieved savings through a simple calculation and get significant numbers of reduced cost of electricity consumption of light sources. The change of LED tubes for obsolete fluorescent tubes is not a difficult job but as a part of our services we provide our customers with changing tubes. Our staff delivers LED tubes to a particular place and provides professional assembly. Similarly an occasional warranty replacement is provided. Investment itself with our complete services of delivery and assembly will bring you guaranteed return as we give a 2 – 5-year warranty for all our products delivered. Future of LED LED light sources are more and more common and we will be increasingly looking for cutting costs of electricity. The price of electricity is increasing every year by appr. 8% and its sources are not endless. Even the EU realises this fact and has discussed and approved a strict schedule of terminating the production and distribution of insufficient light bulbs and fluorescent lights. The schedule of the EU guidelines: 1 September 2010 mat and transparent light bulbs with the output higher than 65W 1 September 2011 transparent light bulbs with the output higher than 45W 1 September 2012 transparent light bulbs with the output higher than 7W 1 September 2013 increasing requirements for quality 1 September 2014 all light bulbs of energy class C LED will find its way to all places where light source is needed. It is only up to you when you start to take advantage of LED and benefit from it.

8 Guaranty and warranty, Certificates
We give a 2 – 5-year warranty for all our LED light sources, which is 3 years above the law requirements. However in a number of applications our LED lights will not reach their minimal lifespan at that time. Our own production is guaranteed by international quality certificates proving the quality of our products with a warranty of 60 months. The production procedures and processes are closely checked and each single product goes through exit control and quality tests. Our customers benefit from the state-of-art LED technology e.g. LED Epistar and CREE chips used in our products and developed over 50 years. Individual offer / Customer service We are prepared to design complete light studies with individual prices for big projects and our representatives provide our customers with free of charge consultancy backed by our education program. We look for best solutions to replace current light sources with LED lights in areas and spaces requiring quality lighting and meet all our customers’ needs in a professional way. Do you not have initial capital to start your savings? We have a unique system and a plan of financing that will be secured by renowned finance institutes including insurance protection and tools. For example we exclusively cooperate with Essox in case of small and middle investors. We find a solution for everyone who is determined and aware of what LED sources will bring them.

9 Contact/ Sales Representative:
PRO – VER s.r.o. EuroOffice: Vladivostocká 1460/10 Praha 10, Czech Republic DIČ CZ Phone.: +420  Mail: WEB: Contact/ Sales Representative:

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