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ESSAR STEEL Let’s begin.

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1 ESSAR STEEL Let’s begin

2 Europe Steel Trade 2013, Stresa (Italy)
8th – 9th April Presented By: William Magnasco Essar Steel - Sales Chief Manager Europe (PMP + Infrastructure)

3 Contents Global overview of coated product market.
India: domestic steel market outlook. India: Galv & PPGI exports into EU Essar Steel’s strategy. Overview of coated product applications. Global Installations. Indian Installations.

4 Global overview of coated product market

5 Galfan, Galvalume, Galvannealed
Global Overview of Coated Products Total Flat Coated Steel Consumption 06‘ (In Million Tonnes) Galfan, Galvalume, Galvannealed Galvanized 19.48 MT 69 MT Electro Galva 23.52 MT Total: 112 Million Tonnes Source: Metal Bulletin /CRU

6 Major Producers of Coated Products
(In Million Tonnes) Others 38 MT USA 14.7 MT Europe 18 MT JAPAN 11.60 India Canada 4.2 MT Japan China 2.4 MT 11.6 MT S. Korea 15.4 MT Taiwan 2.0 MT 5.6 MT Total: 112 Million Tonnes Source: Metal Bulletin /CRU

7 World Galvanised Steel Growth
Source: Metal Bulletin Feb08 /CRU

8 Galvanised Steel Growth in US vs India & China
DEVELOPED COUNTRY As the economy matures, consumption of galvanized products increases. %CAGR 2006/2000-(-) 2.2% 2010/ % DEVELOPING COUNTRY %CAGR 2006/ % 2010/ % Source: Metal Bulletin Feb08 /CRU

9 End-use Markets for Galvanized Sheet (%)
USA Europe China India Automotive 40 64.2 9 2 Construction 24.3 64 56 Appliances - 7.3 12 13 Furniture 2.0 6 5 Packaging Engineering/Fabrication Others 20 0.2 7 Total 100 Note: Globally 70% consumption of HDGI is in automotive , 20% in construction Source: Metal Bulletin /CRU

10 India – Domestic steel market Outlook

11 Apparent Steel use per capita

12 Crude steel production & consumption
Source: CRU

13 Growth Driving Sectors
Source: Ernst & Young Key Opportunities Sector

14 Product Wise Indian Poduction FY 2012-13 Apr-Jan

15 Galvanized Indian market 2012 (1)

16 India – PPGI Installed capacity
Major Players Installed Capacity ( MT/ annum) ESSAR 450,000 * JINDAL 110,000 UTTAM 80,000 ISPAT 100,000 BHUSHAN 120,000 NATIONAL TATA 150,000 CRIL 60,000 MANAKSIA ASIAN COIL VARDHAMAN 30,000 TOTAL 1,300,000 * ESPF (400,000) + SCG (50,000) Total capacity in India is being expanded upto 1,5 Mn Source of Data : Interview with coil manufacturers

17 India – PPGI Market Growth
Segments Construction 10% White Goods 8% 12% Others Product Segment Expected Growth By 2013 Remarks Construction 374,420 Although Construction industry expected to grow by 10%, usage of PPGI for newer applications and untapped demand & like Decking, barricading , Doors , and door ,window frames etc will be close to 20 %, therefore ESPF growth in this segment is shown as % White Goods 72,000 Growth - 10 to 12%, (Source CEAMA) Others 13,800 Total 460,220 Others include : Bus Body , AHUs ,Generator Canopy, Signage, Solar Heaters, Lighting Fixtures , Furniture , metal doors & Frames & Decking Profilers etc Source of Data : Interview with coil manufacturers

18 Galvanized Indian market 2012 (2)

19 India: Galv & PPGI exports into EU

20 EU Coated Steel – Market Supply 2007 - 2011
Source of Data : Eurofer

21 EU Coated Steel – Imports 2012 (P)

22 Essar Steel’s Strategy

23 How to succeed vs economy deceleration
What we have to face: Temporaly economic deceleration due to: Inflation vs anti inflationary policy Weak external demand + forex 20% Rs. vs $ vs € Long term: economy needs modern infrastructure Others What we made, what we do, what we are planning to do: Business units in key driving sectors Global - > Rural focus (i.e.: mining -> hyper & expressmarts) Internationalization & innovation

24 Essar Global Essar Global Essar Energy plc* Essar Steel
Essar Shipping & Logistics Essar Projects Essar Telecom Aegis BPO Business Essar Oil Essar Power(a) Upstream Total reserves and resources (incl. unrisked): 2,132 mmboe Significant development and exploration upside in India and abroad Refining 20MMTPA capacity today Securing international distribution/access to maximise margins Marketing c.1,630 retail outlets Increasing current capacity from 3,910 MW to 6,700 MW by 2014 Current operating plants Total capacity: 3,910 MW Plants under construction Total capacity: 9,870 MW Plants under development Total capacity: 5,900 MW Coal Blocks 500 Mn coal reserves across mines in India, Indonesia & Mozambique India Hazira Steel Complex 10 MMTPA integrated steel plant Essar Hypermart Steel distribution chain North America Algoma Steel, Canada 4 MMTPA integrated steel plant Minnesota Steel Iron ore mine with resources of 1.4 bn tonnes & 4 MMTPA Pellet Plant Trinity Coal Block 188.6MT coal reserves across 6 mines in eastern Kentucky and southern West Virginia Indonesia P T Essar Indonesia 0.4 MMTPA cold rolling complex Essar Ports Operational Dry Bulk: 70 MMTPA Liquid: 46 MMTPA Under Construction Liquid: 12 MMTPA Essar Shipping Owns and operates 25 ships. One semi-submersible rig and 12 land rigs. Fleet of lighterage and transhipment assets. 12 new ships and 2 new Jack Up rigs being delivered Essar Projects India Engineering Procurement Construction Fabrication Fully geared to execute turnkey EPC projects in India and overseas Essar Offshore Subsea Ltd Engaged in marine offshore construction Global Supplies FZE (UAE) (Essar owns 25%) Global procurement company Project Management & Consultancy Essar Yu Essar Telecom East Africa GSM services in Kenya, Uganda, Congo (Brazzaville) Indus Towers (Essar owns 14%) One of the world’s largest tower company 102,000 towers The Mobile Store Chain of over retail outlets The Electronic Store Large format stores for Consumer Durables & IT products Aegis - BPO One of the leading Global player in BPO and Service sector Caters to: Telecom Healthcare Financial services Travel & hospitality Consumer products Employee strength employees globally Integrated company spanning the oil & gas value chain Over a decade of experience in the Indian power industry Integrated, global steel producer International logistics provider to the steel, oil refining and power industries Leading EPC contractor with 40 year track record global player in the communications sector Provider of multi­ channel CRM solutions to a blue-chip, multinational client base Source: Company information * Listed on London Stock Exchange Capacities stated represent gross capacity

25 Think global, act local

26 Continued positive actions

27 Overview of coated Product Applications

28 Key Differentiators Versatility of Colors Non White Shades.
“Non Standards” Widths. Lower Gauges. High End Applications. Market Diversification.

29 Product Diversification
Anti-Skid , Anti-Wrinkle ,ARS RAL 8004 – for Shutters & Door Panels RAL 9006 Metallic Coatings Double Coated Surfaces “SOFT” OEMs / White Goods , Like Deep Freezers, Washing Machines. PVDF / Metallic PVDF “High Value” OEMs / White Goods for Customers High Reflective, High Gloss paints for Luminaries

30 Product Diversification
Supply to various Service Centers Signage Boards for Companies like DHL, Ikea, Castorama Versatility & Flexibility in colors developed Supplying over 4500 shades Dead Matt Finish Sparkle Finish Slits Food Grade Paints.

31 Product Diversification
Studs Market in Europe Gypsum Boards Profiles. Channels ,T Sections and Capping Materials Minimized Spangle, Skin passed for Pre-painted End Use. False Ceilings / Acoustic Ceilings. Telecom Shelters / Cold Storage.

32 Product Applications Industry Wise
Pharmaceuticals Floriculture Super Markets Tissue Culture Hospitality Agriculture Processed Food Industry Refrigerated Containers Fisheries

33 Further Initiatives Develop Lower brands to Tap Rural / “Replacement Markets” of Galvanized with Pre-painted Steel. Bus Stands / Bus Shelters. Penetration into tier 2 & tier 3 Indian Cities. Slum Rehabilitation. Indian Railways

34 Products at a Glance – HDGI – Grain Silos
Galvanized steel with 450 GSM coating. Target business of MT with Food Corporation of India.

35 Products at a Glance – HDGI
(Solar Panel–sun rise industry)

36 Products at a glance – HDGI for Dish Antennae & Set top Boxes
Galvanized Skin pass- Dish Antennae. *Set top Boxes switching to digital,

37 Products at a Glance – HDGI for Bus Body
Commercial supplies to - Tata Marcopolo ACGL Goa. Ashok Leyland Limited

38 Products at a Glance - HDGI (Cable Trays & Tubes)
Galvanized Tubes Replacement market Galvanized product for Cable Trays. New segment currently developed.

39 Disaster Management Shelter for people affected by natural calamities.
Shelter of 80 x 20 Sqm = 16 MT of PPGI. 400 people can take shelter under one roof Bamboo Shelter = 2 Months , PPGI = 10 days for erection Metecno developed PPGI prototype for Police jawans in M.P 170 shelters supplied (Police jawans)

40 Defense 20 – 25 % reduction in energy cost by using sandwich panels.
Prototype are developed by shelter manufactures. Metecno Acme Lloyds Budget Allocation Rs 5000 Cr. Roof & shelter needed 500,000 sqm Potential 5,000 MT

41 Essar Initiatives Towards Excellence
Low Cost PPGI Developed with 10 micron top coat and 4-5 micron bottom coat More cost viable for rural market Benefit to reach untapped market

42 New Initiatives PPGI for Small Refrigerator PPGI for Wine Coolers

43 Modular Building Solutions
Modular Solutions facilitate: Scale Speed Standardization Thermal & Sound Insulation 20-25% Savings in Energy Bill 4-6° Lower Temperature than ambience Ease of alterations/repairs Aesthetics Elimination of Bricks & Mortar Shortened Supply Chain Middlemen are eliminated Fast emerging as big opportunity to increase margins and enhance market share.

44 New Value Added Products - PPGI
Mapping of Ultra Violet Radiation prone areas of world. Target PVDF coatings PPGI supplies to high UV radiation prone areas. ‘Tube light Patti's’ - Simple (but highly effective) currently being replaced with PPGI .

45 New Value Added Products - PPGI
Uni coat paint system Wood finish coat Beckry therm paint shade

46 New Value Added Products - PPGI
Anti- Graffiti Lead and chrome free paints ( ROHS norms) Abrasion resistant system

47 Beckry shield anti-static paint system
New Value Added Products - PPGI Clean coat Marble Finish Beckry shield anti-static paint system

48 New Value Added Products - PPGI
RAL 9006 – Replacing the product (RAL 9006) with conventional roofs. Solar Geysers New segment - Alternate source of heat. PPGI supplied to Racold Thermo Ltd. PPGI for Power Plant Segment: SMP (silicon modified Polyester) coating and with high zinc coating (275 GSM) SMP coating with higher zinc coating gives higher corrosion resistant and longer life.

49 False Ceilings

50 Generator Canopy Kirloskar Kala Genset

51 Solar ( Tata BP Solar) Heaters

52 Bus Body Eicher ACGL Ruby Bus Body JC Coach Kamal Coach Swaraj Mazda
JCBL – Punjab Azad Body Builders

53 Low Hanging Fruits Railway Defence Furniture Metal Doors & Windows
Portal Cabins Teletronics Decking Cold Rooms White Goods Industrial Sheds Telecom Bus Body

54 Global Installations

55 RCD Espanyol Stadium, Spain

56 Some of Installations of ‘PVDF’

57 Mercedes Showroom, Spain

58 ‘Ship Lap’ Metal Garden Sheds
Garage Sheds. UK Wood-like appearance with 12 year anti rust guarantee. Flat packed and easy to transport.

59 False Ceilings ( Hunter Douglas)

60 Indian Installations

61 Tile Roofs in Kerala


63 Bus Stands & Shelters

64 Cempetitors but partners 
Bhushan Steel

65 SARLA BIRLA Academy , Bangalore

66 Stadiums, Hyderabad

67 Cochin Airport

68 Kalzip


70 Let’s begin

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