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ASSISTANT PROF.SARBJEET KAUR SUBJECT:INDIAN ECONOMY Agriculture in India- Importance and Productivity.

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1 ASSISTANT PROF.SARBJEET KAUR SUBJECT:INDIAN ECONOMY Agriculture in India- Importance and Productivity

2 Meaning of agriculture The word agriculture is derived from the Latin word agri means field and culture means cultivation. Thus according to Webster agriculture is the art or science of production of crops and live stock on a farm.

3 Importance of agriculture Contribution to national product. Supply of wage goods. Increase in employment. Agriculture and industry. Agriculture and foreign trade. Role in international trade. Role in transport. Income to government.

4 Capital formation. Source of savings. Basis of economic development. Social and political importance. International importance.

5 India's ranking in world in agriculture cropIndias rankcropIndias rank Total irrigated area 1Cultivated land2 pulses1rice2 Jute1Wheat2 Butter and ghee1Sugar cane2 Spices1Fruits and vegeta.2 milk1Tobacoo2 Cashew nuts1Tea2

6 Agriculture productivity Agriculture productivity means yield/productivity per hectare of area. Following factors determine productivity :- Irrigation facilities. Good seeds, manure and fertilizers. Agriculture equipments. Scientific cultivation. Ceilings on land holdings. Soil conservations.

7 Factors Agricultural marketing. Education and research. Improvement in breed of livestock. Awareness among people.

8 Trends in agriculture productivity Per hectare productivity CropcountryTonnes per hectare RiceIndia China Usa 3.2 6.7 7.5 WheatIndia China Usa 2.8 4.7 3.1 Coarse grainIndia China usa 1.5 9.0

9 Causes of low productivity Human factors. 1. Pressure of population on land. 2. Social atmosphere. Institutional factors. 1. Small size of farms. 2. Land tenure system. Technical factors. 1. Inadequate irrigation facilities. 2. Old agricultural implements.

10 factors 3.Old methods of cultivation. 4.Lack of high yielding variety seeds. 5.Shortage of manures. 6.Defective marketing. 7.Disease of crops and pests. 8.Weak cattle. 9.Defects of soil. 10.Lack of credit facility. 11.Problem of electricity.

11 Suggestions Remedies to put less pressure of population on land. Irrigation facilities. Mechanization. Scientific and rotational crops. Good quality seeds. Use of manure. Credit facilities. Land reforms. Tenancy reforms.

12 suggestions Agricultural marketing. Mixed farming. Spread of education. Improvement in the breed of live stock. insurance facility. Help to small farmers. Price stability. Efficient administration. More investment in public sector. Corporatization of agriculture.

13 Measures employed to develop agriculture Increase in area under cultivation. Increase in productivity. Change in cropping pattern. More use of fertilizers. More high yielding variety seeds. Plant protection. Scientific cultivation. Mechanisation. Development of agricultural land. Improvement in animal husbandry. Land reforms. Improvement in agricultural marketing. Credit facilities. Kisan call centres.(1800-180-1551)


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