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Victorian Style Houses

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1 Victorian Style Houses
How would you describe a Victorian House?

2 Victorian houses are VERY BIG

3 Victorian houses are very TALL

4 Victorian Houses can be very colorful

5 Victorian houses are designed with many shapes put together

6 Victorian houses have steep roofs

7 Victorian houses have many steps up to the front door

8 They have many decorations on the outside

9 Victorian houses have very fancy porches

10 Victorian Houses have many windows

11 Victorian homes do not have flat roofs,
they have lots of triangles and cone shapes

12 Victorian houses are covered
with different materials that show different textures…they can be made from siding, shingles, and bricks

13 Victorian houses have fancy
yards often with trees, bushes, fences, flowers, water fountains, and more !

14 Victorian Houses A Victorian house generally means any house built during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837—1901).

15 One of the best places in the United States to find examples of Victorian architecture is San Francisco. The houses seem to fit well into the landscape of steep hills with houses crammed up against each other. Victorian style houses were often built narrow and tall. That way, they could easily be lined up side to side.





20 Now let’s take a look INSIDE some of these fancy Victorian homes!
What do you see?

21 Fancy staircases… wallpaper, lighting, curtains,

22 Fancy ceilings, carpets,
and furniture

23 Painted ceilings Library rooms

24 Huge rooms, decorated doors…

25 The photographs were in black and white, and you rarely saw people smiling!
Look how dressed up these people were for this wedding!

26 Now let’s design our own
Victorian house!

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