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Ergonomic Project – 2006 Ladder Work by Gary Majesky WSIB Consultant, Project Mgr.

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1 Ergonomic Project – 2006 Ladder Work by Gary Majesky WSIB Consultant, Project Mgr.

2 John Stepko and Jennifer York, 2006 Ergo Student/Researcher

3 John Stepko and Safety Harness

4 Climbing Ladder – 3 Point Contact

5 Working On Ladders

6 Installing Conduit Clamps

7 Overhead Conduit Work

8 Finding the Sweet Spot

9 Getting to the Top, 3-Point Contact

10 Getting to Conduit Not So Easy

11 Awkward Twists Very Common

12 On A Ladder and the Big Reach

13 Reaching & Awkward Connections

14 Awkward Twisting on Ladders

15 Twisting While Knee Flexed A Risk Factor for Knee Injuries

16 Traditional Ladder Posture

17 Moving Ladders To Chase Work Very Common

18 Positioning Ladder, Tracing Electrical Circuits

19 Moving Ladder & Gathering Material

20 Looking for Moving Hazards

21 Installing Conduit in Ceilings

22 Tight Work Space in Ceiling

23 Climbing 10 Foot Ladders Very Common

24 Ascending Ladder, 3 Point Contact

25 Climbing Ladders A Repetitive Task

26 Almost There, A Few Rungs More

27 Installing Conduit Clamps

28 Getting Ready to Hook-up

29 Safety Harness & Ladder Work

30 Hooked Up and Looking Up

31 Overhead Work and Conduit

32 Installing Conduit in Ceiling

33 Mobile Work Station - Ladders

34 John Stepko Demonstrates Why Ladder Safety Is Important

35 Making Connections Overhead

36 John Stepko Demonstrates Familiar Posture

37 Looking Overhead / Neck Extended Is Very Common

38 John Stepko Explains How To Install Conduit

39 Electricians Spend A Lot of Time on Top of Ladders

40 Exercising Caution When Dismounting

41 Climbing Ladders Stressful On Knees & Back

42 Handling Materials & Tools While Installing Clips

43 John Stepko Demonstrates Why Safety Harnesses Are Important

44 A Classic Ceiling Pose – Always Looking Up!

45 Connecting Conduit A Regular Task!

46 Measure Twice, Cut Once

47 Finding the Strut To Mount Clip

48 If it Doesnt Fit, Tap It

49 Safety Harnesses Can Prevent Serious Injury

50 Electricians At Great Risk of Falling off Ladders

51 The Job Is Rewarding - Thanks for Asking

52 Shuffling Ladders Around Can Cause Injury

53 Electricians Carry and Work Off Ladders

54 A Typical Ladder Carrying Posture

55 Another Reason Electricians At Risk of Back and Other Injuries!

56 Shuffling Off To Another Job

57 A Classic Ladder Carrying Posture

58 Erecting Ladder To Access Ceiling

59 Aligning the Ladder

60 Time to Get to Work

61 Finding Access in T-Bar Ceiling

62 Here We Go Again

63 The Ergonomist Watching A Master at Work

64 3-point Contact

65 Mounting the 10 Foot Giant

66 Moving Ceiling Tiles to Access Work Area

67 Finding Location of New Pipe Run

68 Electricians Job Complicated by Other Mechanical Structures

69 Ergonomist Eager To Learn What Electricians Do

70 Ergonomist Discovering How Awkward Our Job Can Be

71 Drilling off Ladders Regular Part of the Job

72 Getting Power Cord & Drill

73 Setting Up For Awkward Drilling Job

74 Setup Very Important to Minimize Trips Up/Down the Ladder

75 Its Looking Good But Why All the Photos?

76 Demonstrating the Depth of Concrete

77 John Explains Why Job is Difficult in Cluttered Ceilings

78 Testing the Drill

79 Working In Ceilings Sometimes Tight

80 John Demonstrates How Tight Ceilings Are Awkward to Work In

81 Finding the Connection

82 Pipe Is Just Where Sal Left It

83 Drilling in Ceilings a Common Task

84 Working Around Obstacles

85 Reaching Up & Over While Pushing a Drill, A High Risk Activity for Injury

86 WSIB Can Now Better Understand How Electricians Get Injured

87 Awkward Reach with Force, A High Risk Factor for Injury

88 Tremendous Force on Shoulders and Arms

89 Working Outside the Safe Ergonomic Working Zone

90 Some Employer Reps Claim Electricians Perform Little Overhead Work

91 Working on Ladders, Arms Overhead, Pushing a Drill, in Awkward Positions

92 Finishing the Job

93 Closing the Ceiling Tile

94 The Demonstration is Almost Over

95 John Shows Jennifer his Drill

96 Ergo Weighing Johns Equipment

97 Demonstrating the Drill & Cord Weight

98 How to Set-up

99 Demonstrating Drilling Technique

100 Through Demonstration and Observation Were Learning What you Do!

101 Proper Drilling Posture, If Youre Lucky

102 Proper Drilling Posture Taught At School

103 Unfortunately School and Work are Sometimes Two Different Things

104 30 Years of Experience on Display Thanks John!

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