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Chapter 24 Finish Ceilings & Floors

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1 Chapter 24 Finish Ceilings & Floors
‘Interior’ the Venetian Hotel (Las Vegas)

2 Functions of Finish Ceilings
Visual - color, texture, pattern, shape Control diffusion of: light sound Conceal MPE Accommodate: lights, diffusers, communication, sprinkler… May assist with fire resistance distribution / return of HVAC

3 Types of Ceilings Exposed Structural & MPE Tightly Attached Suspended

4 Exposed Exposed Structure & MPE Flat Plate, PC plank (HC)
Industrial, warehouse, … Economy & ease of maintenance Timber, trusses, etc. Often for appearance Flat Plate, PC plank (HC) Painted - hotels & apartments Minimal MPE services in ceiling Economy and reduces story height

5 Exposed Structure Ceiling
“Joint” Preparation for Sprayed on Textured Ceiling Textured Ceiling

6 Exposed Timber & MPE Services @ a Ski Lodge

7 Tightly Attached Attached directly to joists or slabs
Special arrangements / accommodations for: Structural members (beams, girders) MPE systems

8 Suspended Ceilings Suspended from the Structure
Generally by wires Materials: drywall, plaster, fibrous (acoustic) Structure Ceiling Plenum space Support Wires for ducts, pipes, conduit ... Support System Metal Framing Furring Channels “Metal Grid Suspended Ceiling Drywall Plaster Acoustic (incombustible fibers)

9 Suspended Plaster Ceiling (note the delamination of the finish coat)

10 Acoustic “Lay-in Panels”
Exposed Metal Grid 2x2 or 2x4 Lay-in Panels MPE “sized” to fit grid or cut into the acoustic tile Economical

11 Acoustical Ceiling Grid Systems
“Difficult” to access Main Runners Provide Main Ceiling Support Generally 4’ o.c. Attached to “Hangers” Additional hangers may be required to support MPE “loads” Cross Tees Intermediate Support “Rest”/ attach to Mains Spacing depends on tile Wall Angle Attaches to wall

12 “Recessed” Grid Diffuser sized 2x2
(also can be Flush, …) Ceiling mounted - lights, sprinkler, smoke detector, communication Multiple Tile Finishes Available Diffuser sized 2x2


14 Common Support Grid Profile

15 Fire Resistant Membrane
Suspended Ceiling used as a Fire Resistant Membrane Combination Light/Diffuser The Integrity of the Fire Resistant Rating Must be Maintained at the Ceiling Penetrations

16 Suspended Acoustic Ceiling with a Gypsum ‘Fire’ Ceiling Above

17 Interstitial Ceilings
Common with elaborate MPE systems Hospitals & laboratories Purpose: Accommodate extensive MPE systems Provide access for maintenance & updating services

18 Finish Flooring Functions & Considerations
Visual Acoustics Light Wearing Surface Considerations Life / durability Skid resistance Sanitation Noise Fire (resistance, combustibility) Other (conductivity,..)

19 Under-floor Services Distribution of electrical /communications
Methods Conduit Cellular Raceways Cellular Decking Raised Flooring

20 Under-floor Electrical Services Placed in the concrete slab

21 Reducing Noise Transmission
Use of a Soft material Padded carpet Cushioned resilient flooring Resilient underlayment Selection of surrounding material Dense ceiling material below (plaster, drywall) Mount ceiling on resilient clips or spring hangers

22 Skid & Fire Resistance Skid Resistance Flame Resistance
Measure by its static coefficient of friction (SCOF) Skid resistance – desirable to minimize slipping Flame Resistance Most flooring required to meet minimum criteria Exit corridors typically have higher requirements

23 Hard Flooring Materials
Resistant to: Wear Moisture Noisy -conduct sound Types Concrete, stone, brick, tile, terrazzo

24 Concrete Flooring Advantages Common Uses Low initial cost Durable
Parking decks Warehouses Industrial

25 Exposed Concrete with a pattern & tinting

26 Stone Types Installation Marble Granite Slate Sandstone, … Setting Bed
Grouted joints

27 Marble

28 Granite

29 Bricks & Brick Pavers Typically laid on face (but can be laid on edge)
Often with a setting bed With Grouted Joints Without Grouted Joints

30 Paver Patterns

31 Quarry Tile Fired Clay tiles Multiple shapes/sizes Installation
Setting Bed (typical) Thin Set Grout Joints

32 Ceramic Tile Fired Clay Often Glazed Finish Floors & Walls
Multiple sizes & colors, smaller tiles shipped with backing sheets

33 Laying Ceramic Tile Reinforced ‘Mesh’ Bridge Cracks in Floor

34 Applying Adhesive with a Notched Trowel

35 Spacers Being Installed

36 Tile Placement

37 Cutting Tile

38 Small tile shipped with backing sheet

39 Decorative Ceramic Tile

40 Terrazzo Ground/polished concrete
Typ. granite or marble chips w/ colored cement Divider strips At changes in color/texture, expansion/contraction

41 Brass Divider Strips

42 Wood Flooring Materials Types
white & red oak, pecan, maple, pine, …. Types Wood Strip Flooring - blind nailed Square edge - fasteners visible (or filled) Parquet Pre-finished or finished in-place (except parquet)

43 Blind Nailed Strip Flooring

44 Multiple Floor Finishes
wood, tile, & carpet

45 Resilient Flooring Vinyl Composition Thin (1/8”), rolls or tiles (VCT)
Will show substrate irregularities Multiple colors & patterns Low cost, moderate durability Installation - glued


47 Carpet Multiple styles, colors, … Indoor and Outdoor Installation
Glued directly to substrate, or Pad & tackless strip


49 Glued Carpet abutting Terrazzo
Edge Strip Glued Carpet abutting Terrazzo

50 Sustainability in Floors and Ceilings
Indoor air quality: problems often caused by finish materials and coatings ( glues, binders, fabrics, etc.) Mold & Mildew: can be a problem in carpets, wall coverings, & fabrics Vinyl common in finishes: manufacture of vinyl releases significant amounts of air pollution Recycling of interior materials in its infancy

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