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Private Secondary School Klasika By 8th B Form students 2012/2013 School Year.

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1 Private Secondary School Klasika By 8th B Form students 2012/2013 School Year

2 There is a wide choice of activities to do in Riga and all over Latvia. In Latvia people spend their leisure time in many different ways.

3 After school children go to different clubs (dancing, music, sport, art), or spend their leisure time at some other places (watching TV at home, visiting concerts, cinemas, theaters, museums or going shopping).

4 Going to theatres is a favourite past time of many families. There are many theatres in Riga – the Latvian Opera and Ballet Theatre, the National Theatre, the Russian Drama Theatre, the Puppet theatre and others. People can choose where to go and what to watch: an opera, a drama, a ballet, a puppet show or a concert.

5 The Riga National Zoo is often visited by nature and animal lovers. It is situated in a park on the shore of the biggest Riga's lake. There are around 3000 animals from all over the world. Kids like playing with domestic farm animals: sheep, goats, pigs. There you can ride a horse, have fun on merry-go-rounds and visit a cafeteria. The Riga National Zoo

6 The Riga CIRCUS Latvians also like going to the Riga circus, which is 100 years old. It is the only circus in the Baltic countries. Kids and adults enjoy watching amazing shows presented by animal performers, clowns, acrobats, jugglers and tightrope walkers. You can get lots of positive emotions.

7 "LIDO" Amusement Children Park and Restaurant (Riga) At weekends many Latvians go to Lido restaurant to try diverse Latvian kitchen meal, to listen to live Latvian music and get fun at the amusement park. There is a large skating rink, a child driving school, shooting, bungee jumping and many other fun breathtaking attractions. It's the most lovely place for children in Riga.

8 "GO PLANET" Fun & Games' Entertainment Centre (Riga) GO Planet is the biggest and the most modern indoor entertainment centre in the Baltics. Families can spend the whole day, experiencing real feelings of F1 pilot on the new generation simulators, going on a professional Go-Kart track, watching an incredible four dimensional movie in the 4D cinema, taking part in exciting laser games and enjoying many other attractions.

9 AQUAPARK «LIVU AKVAPARK» Livu Aquapark is a great place to spend leisure time with the family. It offers more than 40 different attractions, pools, saunas, bistros, that are placed on three floors. The attractions can be selected according to the visitors age, interests and character. Children like playing in a special children's town "The Island of captain Kid", which offers exciting slopes, waterfalls and water cannons. Adults enjoy Pool paradise with amazing waves, Waterfalls, Fountains, Running River which goes inside and outside the park.

10 Another lovely place for visiting is Sigulda. We like visiting medieval castles, walking around the National Gaujas park, watching caves and waterfalls.

11 The bravest people can try going on the Funicular cable car of Sigulda (in height of 43 meters) or feel free like a bird in the vertical wind tunnel "Aerodium.

12 People, who like an active entertainment, visit adventure parks : Mežakaķis in Mežaparks, "High Rope Park" in Jaunmarupe, or Tarzan in Sigulda. They overcome a wide variety of obstacles in cords suspended in trees.

13 Orienteering sport is a very popular outdoor activity in Latvia. Many people take part in competitions all year round.

14 Latvians like sailing and wind sports. Windsurfing, kite boarding, yachting are very popular leisure time activities. The wind and waves storming in the seaside of Kurzeme is the paradise for windsurfers.

15 Some Latvians like jumping with a parachute. They go to the small Latvian airfields, such as Spilve airport in Riga, or airports in Jelgava, Daugavpils.

16 Thank you for your attention!

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