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How do you advertise? First, there was before the feature presentation.

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1 How do you advertise? First, there was before the feature presentation

2 How do you advertise?... then there was newspapers

3 How do you advertise?... radio was huge

4 How do you advertise?... magazines

5 How do you advertise? direct mail & flyers

6 How do you advertise? lets not forget television

7 How do you advertise? or online

8 Over the years, the number of ways to advertise has increased. So too has the cost to reach 1000 consumers.

9 but a funny thing happened in the 2000s... advertisers noticed their ads werent working as well. People started to get their news and information online. Newspapers and magazines started to close down. And telemarketing is illegal in many areas People started to download music and stopped listening to the radio People could watch videos online. Now you can even watch any TV show online without the commercials Consumers have gotten so good at online searching, they dont look at their junk mail anymore

10 Whats a small business to do?

11 the answer is text messaging Text messaging is the way teenagers communicate with each other. Because their kids use text messaging, most parents use text messaging. So, how would you advertise to teenagers or their parents? Right, text messaging!

12 SMSnet is a subscriber based text messaging company. Teenagers and their parents have agreed to accept two text messages per week from us. They want to see deals, discounts and specials on dining out at your restaurant and shopping at your store. We send your special offer to local subscribers who receive the text message on their mobile phone.

13 SMSnet gets your advertising message into the right hands at the right time and at the right price!

14 Your customers are mobile, Shouldnt your advertising be?

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