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What do you know about Avon? What do you hope to accomplish with Avon?

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2 What do you know about Avon? What do you hope to accomplish with Avon?
All About You What do you know about Avon? What do you hope to accomplish with Avon?

3 Congratulations on taking the first step in becoming an Avon Representative! During this meeting we will go over: History of Avon Charities Avon supports Celebrity endorsements Avon's Research & Development Advantages of being an Avon Representative The 3 Ways to Earn Money Avon Rewards Customer List Your Store - (brochures) Avon's Cycle to Success & Earnings Scale 5 Basic Steps to Avon Success Selling Tips

4 History of Avon Avon was founded in 1886 by a then 28 year old man name David H. McConnell. Mr. McConnell was a book publisher that was trying to make a living going door to door selling books. However, women kept slamming the door in his face. Mr. McConnell decided that he had to find a way to get these women's attention. So he started making his own perfumes in his garage. He used these perfumes as samples to give to the women and in return they would let him present his book. He quickly learned that the women LOVED the perfume but still had no interest in the books. This is how Avon got its start.

5 Avon Supports Women's Charities
Avon is the largest corporate supporter of the breast cancer cause. The Avon Breast Cancer Crusade has raised and donated nearly a half-billion dollars worldwide since 1992. Avon also has a “Speak Out Against Domestic Violence” Campaign. Hundreds of domestic violence agencies have received grants from Avon.

6 Celebrity Endorsements
With Celebrities playing such a big part in todays fashion, cosmetics and beauty industry it is only natural that Avon endorse celebrities to represent their products. One of the big faces of Avon is Reece Witherspoon. She originally signed on with Avon as a spokes model, but she was so impressed with everything that Avon has to offer that she is now An Avon Global Ambassador.

7 Research & Development
Avon is the leader in the newest and most effective products in our industry. Avon is dedicated to the safety and effectiveness of our products. Our research and development team keeps Avon on the leading edge of beauty, right up there with Este Lauder, MAC and Clinique.

8 What Avon has to Offer Avon offers you an earning opportunity equal to your ambition! Avon truly does offer unlimited earning potential. You must first build a successful direct sales business. Which means simply selling Avon products to friends, family, coworkers or even complete strangers. The second step is to earn more with Avon's premier network marketing opportunity-LEADERSHIP. You can expand your earnings by recruiting, training and motivating your own sales team.

9 The Avon Advantage Here are a few advantages to signing up with Avon
Minimal start-up costs No inventory required Set your own hours Complete support and training available for your sales success Sell through fund-raising efforts and parties if you choose Receive your own personalized Web site with an online store to service Customers at any time, from anywhere

10 3 Ways to Earn Sell, Share & Show
1st you are going to SELL Avon products to your customers. 2nd you will SHARE the Avon opportunity 3rd you will SHOW others how to do the same as you.

11 Avon Rewards With Avon you are in business FOR yourself, NOT by yourself. Avon celebrates and rewards your success as you build your personal sales and grow your team: -Rewards & discounts exclusive to new Reps - Fast Start Bonus Program for Avon Sales Leadership -Sales rallies and celebrations throughout the year -Product gifts, Free sales aids and monetary awards for product sales growth -Exclusive prizes, recognition and award trips to fun and exotic destinations for top performers

12 Customer List Starting your Avon business is easy
Customer List Starting your Avon business is easy...make a list of everyone you know or come in contact with daily, these are ALL potential customers! Family Friends Coworkers Church Members Cashier at the grocery store, pharmacy or drive thru Waitress at your favorite restaurant Daycare workers

13 Your Store! The Avon Brochure is YOUR store! You should always try to have some handy maybe in your purse or the diaper bag. Noone knows what products we have or the prices unless they see the brochures. And you never where you will meet a potential customer.

14 The Avon Cycle of Success
There is a cycle to everything...including Avon Here is the breakdown of the Avon Cycle of Success 1. Find customers. 2. Give the customers the brochures 3. Collect the customers orders 4. Submit the order to Avon. 5. The products are then delivered to you. 6. You then deliver the products to the customers. 7. The customers pay you and you pay Avon then yourself...its that simple. In additon, to grow that income you may want to participate in leadership. Here is the leadership cycle: 1. Find Prospects 2. Make Appointments 3. Train and develop new leaders.

15 How much do I earn? Because you will be a new Avon Representative you will earn 50% commission for your first 4 campaigns. Avon runs 2 campaigns a month, with each campaign running for 2 weeks. So you will earn 50% commission for 2 months. After that you switch over to a sliding scale, which means you earn a commission based on how much retail you sale.

16 Sliding Scale Order Size You Earn
$25 - $ % $145 - $ % $285 –$ % $425 -$ % $900 – $1, % $1,550 or more %

17 Additional Bonuses In addition to selling Avon products you may want to get into leadership. If you decide to get into leadership you CAN earn bonuses up to 12% on what your team sales!

18 5 Basic Steps to Avon Success
1. Approach Customer – Start with a compliment 2. Determine Customer's needs – Ask opened questions such as, What beauty products do you currently use? 3. Present & Sell the benefits – Present the brochure and match their needs with the appropriate Avon product. . 4. Answer questions & Overcome objections 5. Close the sale

19 Selling Tips Give brochures to friends & family to pass out to their friends and coworkers Leave brochures in break rooms at your work Hand out business cards and brochures to people that you see at the grocery store, pharmacy, dry cleaners Make flyers and post them in salons, post offices and any business that will let you **You will also find more tips when you sign on at

20 Do you have any questions?

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