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The Peninsula Post November 2011 From the Presidents desk: November turns autumn to winter with the culmination of most Indian festivals with Diwali. The.

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1 The Peninsula Post November 2011 From the Presidents desk: November turns autumn to winter with the culmination of most Indian festivals with Diwali. The marriage season gets into full swing right upto mid-December. It is time to pause and review. Our District celebrated Force XI on 11-11-11 at 11:11pm at Hotel Beatle, Powai. It was time to pause and recharge as the Rotary year progresses. DG, AGs, DS, Co-Presidents let their hair down. This month celebrates Childrens day. We worked with children in various spheres –Childrens Day celebration, Gandhi and 4-Way Test, Skin Donation Awareness Camp. We also organized a Harbour Cruise for Senior Citizens – both Rotarians and non-rotarians with support of Indian Navy. We also round up our entries into the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon Dream Run on Sunday, 15-Jan-2012. Members desiring to participate in this carnival-like event may rush. We look forward to a very exciting Christmas Eve Party on Saturday, 24-Dec-11 at South Lounge, World Trade Center 1, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai. Get the mood set for grooving at this party with multiple entertainment options with high sprits.

2 Gandhi & 4-Way Test: 01-Nov-11 Quiz conducted on Gandhi & 4-Way Test at Nalanda School, Byculla and certificates of merit awarded to students. Snack boxes also distributed. Project initiated by Rtn Anup Taparia, sponsored by Rtn Vijay Zanwar, Attended by Anup Taparia, Anil Jain, Asha & Jay Toshniwal.

3 Changing face of Business with e-Commerce: 03-Nov-11: He also distributed flat credit vouchers of Rs. 500/- to all members present which can be reduced from amount payable against home shopping bill. Shri Paritosh Joshi, CEO, Star- CJ Network P Ltd presented the business of Homeshopping and Teleshopping and its growth potential.

4 Childrens Day: 14-Nov-11: Our club celebrated birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Childrens Day with underprivileged children at Wilson School, Girgaum. Activities included games, gifts, chocolates and snacks for children. Project initiated by R/Ann Ruchira Dalal, attended by Ruchira Dalal, Asha & Jay Toshniwal.

5 Emotional Intelligence: 17-Nov-11: Shri Jaiprakash Kabra, renowned management consultant, spoke on Emotional Intelligence which implies a person becoming intelligent about his/ her emotions and how to convert emotions appropriately. The speaker has completed 3405 full day programs and interacted with over 250,000 participants.

6 Indian Muslims are Nationalists: 27-Nov-11: Shri Zafar Iqbal, ex-IPS ex-IAS brought out the fact that the Muslims in India are very much nationalist minded for India and are part and parcel of our country. He also highlighted that Islam always talks of peace.

7 Skin Donation Awareness Camp: 28-Nov-11: Our club held a Community Service (Medical) project – Skin Donation Awareness Camp at Girton High School, Grant Road alongwith our partner in service – Girton Interact Club. Dr. Snehal Sakpal from National Burns Centre presented slides and gave talk on the concept and benefits of Skin Donation with a view to create awareness among the children and their families. Camp attended by Vijay Zanwar, Asha & Jay Toshniwal.

8 Senior Citizens Harbour Cruise: 30-Nov-11: The senior citizens were taken on a naval ship around the Bombay harbour, shown mid-sea water transfer, naval docks. Snacks were provided for them. Our club organized a harbour cruise for Senior Citizens with support of Indian Navy. This project was executed jointly with Rotary Club of Bombay Queen City.

9 Community Service (Non-Medical): Check Dam :. Rtn Anil Jain & Prez Jay Toshniwal visited site alongwith Avenue Chair Rtn Hemant Jagtap and contractor on Sunday, 20- Nov-11. Two alternate sites were identified and revised cost estimates are to be received for approval before work and begin shortly. Our club is pursuing a community service project to construct a check dam to hold run-off water in Shahpur Taluka. We have received District Grant for 1/3 project cost and are raising funds through Standard Chartered Marathon for balance 2/3 project cost.

10 District News: District Celebration – Force 11-11-11: 11-Nov-11: After almost 5 months into the Rotary year 2011-12, the District celebration for Force XI was held at Hotel Beatle, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai. It reinforced bonding amongst Force XI Co-Presidents. Rtn Asha & Prez Jay Toshniwal attended the program.

11 District TRF Seminar: 12-Nov-11: Rtn John Germ & Rtn Ashok Mahajan, both Trustees, The Rotary Foundation were guests at this semiar at Rooftop, Trident. They talked on the Joy of Giving and presented mementos to all PHS, EREY, Major Donors. R/Ann Neha & Rtn Anil Jain & Jay Toshniwal attended this seminar.

12 Our little stars – Vivek Zanwar s/o R/Ann Dr. Rekha & Rtn Vijay Zanwar: Vivek Zanwar achieved the rare trekking feat of reaching the Himalayan Base Camp & scuba diving at Andaman Islands. Article: If the journey is beautiful don't ask where it leads; and if the destination is beautiful don't bother how the journey will be. This travel in the depths of the ocean and in the heights of the Himalayas, has been a great learning at the physical and spiritual level. One realizes ideas and thoughts which were beyond the realms of ones imagination, by exposing mind, body and soul to the extremes of the nature. Diving in the ocean, few of us must have imagined how beautifully nature has created and sustained the life underwater- the interaction amongst the marine life is worth observing and how appreciative are they to have a diver dive and explore their world. Underwater, I felt I too was a fish and am proud to say I have grown into an amphibian now. Trekking in the Himalayas, waking and sleeping with the breathtaking views of the snow covered mountains. Walking through the valleys in the mist along a path, where neither the sky is visible or the ground and the only sound you can hear is of the river flowing nearby and occasionally your own voice. It sure has been a journey of realizing self and hearing out the nature. Diving as deep as 30 meters and climbing as high as 5550 meters, I have a newly discovered sense of purpose, you feel more focused and confident of your being. I thank mother nature to have bestowed upon do much of love on me and allowed me to explore what was beyond my imagination.

13 December 2011 Events: 01 st December: Shri Manaklal Agarwal – speaks on Signature – A mirror of your mind. All members are requested to make 2 specimen signatures with Secret Code No. on sheet at Hall entry. The Hon. Speaker would read the signature and elaborate on that persons mind / personality using Secret Code No. and not the person name. He would also read the visiting cards of few members. Please drop them in a bowl kept with the Attendance Register. 08 th December: To be announced. 15 th December: Club Assembly. Discussions on various activities of the club, reporting by various Directors and future directions desired by members. 22 nd December: No meeting in view of Fellowship Nite Christmas–cum- New Year party. 24 th December: Fellowship Nite : Christmas-cum-New Year party at South Lounge, Centre 1, World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai 400005 9pm-12:30pm 29 th December: Mrs. Chira Palekar – speaks on LGBT- Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transvestites. Her talk would clear lots of myths and airs on this topic with a difference.

14 Signs and Notices These are supposedly actual signs that have appeared at various locations. Found written on the wall in front of a photocopier of a company going through hardships : " DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE - XEROX YOUR PAYCHECKS " At a car dealership in Maryland to announce new seat belt legislation: "Belt your family. It's the law." Seen while traveling in the Yucatan Peninsula: "Broken English spoken perfectly" At an Applebee's restaraunt: "NOTICE: AFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! A new 6% tax will be charged for the cost of collecting taxes!" Fitness Center sign: "Self Esteem is feeling good about yourself - regardless of the facts." In restaurant: "Open seven days a week and weekends." On the freeway in Boston during a MAJOR transformation of the streets and bridges, etc: "Rome wasn't built in a day. If it was we would have hired their contractor." A sign in front of an advertising agency in south superhighway, Philippines: "A BUSINESS WITH NO SIGN IS A SIGN OF NO BUSINESS" A sign in front of a Macadamia Nut Factory in Hawaii: "Caution: Nuts crossing road." This edition is designed and developed by Mridu Taparia, daughter of Rtn. Anup and Seema Taparia.

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