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Russian Business Aviation sphere is an indispensable tool for doing business, it has been an accomplished fact and it is undeniable. Business Aviation.

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2 Russian Business Aviation sphere is an indispensable tool for doing business, it has been an accomplished fact and it is undeniable. Business Aviation Company Ltd - is a constant quality, which is so necessary now to solve serious tasks. Sense of confidence, safety and comfort should not leave you neither on earth nor in the sky. These things will be taken care by our specialists and modern facilities, which we trust. Business Aviation Company Ltd is an aviation company of new generation which meets the latest world requirements. Our aim is to promote the success of your business. Charter flights Business jet is a complex technical facility which is together with the actions of well trained and qualified staff gives you an opportunity to evaluate the benefits of the lifting power of the wings and the quality of service provided by our operating company. Charter flights out of time and out of schedule give you unlimited possibility to keep your habits untouchable. Request the route. Tell us your timings. Order us your favorite wine or menu from your favorite restaurant. Close your eyes and... Bon appetit! The temperature outside is minus 45 degrees, the captain wishes you a good flight and you have your petit four for the dessert. If you need a car or a driver at the airport of destination – just let us know.

3 Aircraft sales So, you're flying on a nice and comfortable aircraft. Moreover, you are flying on your own comfortable business jet. You have bought this aircraft under perfect leasing condition at very reasonable price. So, you feel that you did this expensive purchase not for nothing. You are happy about it. You do not worry about the routing and the permissions. You do not know exactly how to maintain your aircraft and how to train your pilots. You dont care about the aircraft parking and the airport slotting. But you shouldnt. Its not your business. Everything is been taken care by us – Business Aviation Company Ltd - as this is our job. Aircraft management "Aviation Management" is very delicate and painstaking business process. If you want the crystal twinkled, it requires cutting. If you want to have your plane flying your direction and your schedule it requires the efforts of the whole team of professionals. Our special program of supporting for aircraft owners helps you to get effective management system for your aircraft and relieve you of the hassle. It includes: organization of maintenance, crew training, optimization of the aircraft costs, financial and commercial management.

4 In-flight service The main task of the first car was to move people on the earth's surface at a speed different from the speed of a pedestrian. Now we find it difficult to compare modern cars and their distant predecessors, because today travel comfort is also important than speed and direction. In our work we try to practice an individual approach to the client and to take into consideration its personal profile and requirements. We understand that each person is unique, so our main goal is to have you made your choice once and never be sorry for this.

5 Our services: Charter flights organization Aviation Consulting Sale and financing of business jets Aviation Management VIP Lounges

6 Our clients

7 Geography of flight routes Foreign countries and cities Russian Federation

8 Foreign aircraft catalogue Foreign aircrafts Bombardier Aerospace LearJet 45/45XR LearJet 60XR Challenger 300 Challenger 604/605 Challenger 850 Bombardier Global Express / Global 5000 Dassault Aviation Falcon 50 Falcon 2000/ 2000EX/DX Falcon 900/ 900EX/DX Falcon 7X Embraer Legacy 600 Linarage 1000 Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream 450 Gulfstream 550 Gulfstream 200 Gulfstream 150 Beechcraft Aerospace Premier 1A Hawker 700/ 800 Hawker 850/ 900 XP Cessna Aircraft Corporation Cessna Citaion Jet 2/ 3 Cessna Citation XL/XLS Cessna Sovereign Cessna X Airbus Corporation Airbus 318 Elite Airbus 319 CJ Boeing Boeing Business Jet Boeing 757 VIP Boeing 767 VIP Others Fokker 100 VIP MD 83 VIP Dornier 328 VIP

9 Russian aircraft catalogue Russian aircrafts ASTC Antonov OJC Ilushin Aviation Complex PSC TUPOLEV A.S. Yakovlev design bureau Yak 40 Salon Yak 42 Salon Tu 134 Salon Tu 154 Salon IL 62 Salon An 74 Salon

10 Promotion actions of our partners which you can have on our aircrafts Chocolate season Healthy drinks/ Health care Elite property season New car presentations. Test-drive invitations

11 Our in-flight magazines: OBJEKT LisTV Layalina OMG luxury Авиа-терминал Дорогое удовольствие МОДА Промышленный вестник Business FM Эксперт Коммерсант Millionaire Большой Бизнес Политический класс Транспорт России theMoscowNews Jet AeroJetStyle

12 Our promotion possibilities Placing printed materials on board; Promotion actions on board; Providing printed materials to the customers who use the VIP lounges and Halls of official delegations.

13 Our contacts: Tel/fax +7 (495) 926-70-01 (multi line) E-mail: Web: Office address: Moscow, 1-st Pavlovsky lane, bld 3, office 45

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