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Florence, Italy 2012 March 22 – March 29. Weather Forecast Average High 60 Average Low 40.

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1 Florence, Italy 2012 March 22 – March 29


3 Weather Forecast Average High 60 Average Low 40

4 Clothing Spring means rain; have appropriate waterproof clothing and footwear, including an umbrella. Spring can also mean cold; dress in layers for warmth.

5 And we will be going into variety of places so you will need to remove layers as well. We will have be walking everywhere we go. How much you enjoy your days & evenings will partially be a factor of how you dress.

6 Bring AT LEAST TWO pairs of comfortable footwear. One should be suitable for rain.

7 Important Items to Pack

8 A way to tell the time Every student MUST be on time for each rendezvous!

9 Important Items Prescriptions should be in original containers Duplicate prescriptions for essential medications

10 Other Essentials Back-up eyewear (contacts, glasses, sunglasses) Camera Notebook CHA will provide more guidelines as we get closer to departure

11 For your personal electronic devices (IPOD, cell phone, etc.) Power Adaptor Hairdryers are supplied by the hotel.

12 Label your ONE suitcase clearly before you get to school. Helpful Hints Name: XXXXX XXXXXX Address: Moorestown Friends School Moorestown, NJ 08057 Cell#: 856-555-5555

13 Bring a small backpack or satchel: Label it Name: XXXXX XXXXXX Address: Moorestown Friends School Moorestown, NJ 08057 Cell#: 856-555-5555 And pack it for the plane. You will also need it to carry on our daily excursions.

14 Note about Pickpockets Never carry your wallet in your back pocket. Never put all of your money in one spot. Be careful with handbags. Over the shoulder bags are safer.

15 Here are some suggestions of things to bring to make it more fun: an Ipod Sudoko or other small games Books and magazines Earplugs Snacks Its going to be a LONG flight

16 Medical and Dietary Conditions Mike Brunswick will be the Safety Chaperone. If there are specific medical conditions, including food allergies or dietary restrictions, make sure he knows. 856-235-2900 ext. 257

17 We have translation cards for anyone who needs them. Please ask.

18 What not to bring Dont bring anything that you would cry about if you lost it. Dont bring anything that would cause you to violate MFS rules of conduct. Dont bring travelers checks – they are no longer practical.

19 Money Students will need $35-50 or 26– 38 per day for lunch and dinner (Total: $250 – $350 or 188 – 262); Any reasonable amount above that is at your discretion.

20 Tipping We will ask each student to contribute toward a tip for the bus driver and the guide. Please plan on $10 for the driver and $35 for the guide. Tipping at restaurants can be optional. Once we are there we can be more precise.

21 Changing Money Current Exchange Rate is: 1 US dollar = 0.75 Euro 1 euro = $1.33 US Dollar Ask your bank or AAA in advance for Euros (involves small service fee.) Many banks charge a smaller service fee for a larger order of currency. Ask for smaller denomination bills.

22 Cell Phones Check with your cell phone provider before we leave to see if you have, or can add coverage to your phone– roaming charges are no fun! International phones are available

23 Intensive Learning = Academics Students will receive a grade of Pass / Fail at the end of IL. If students do not pass, they will have to complete an additional assignment. Passing IL is a graduation requirement. Students will have an assignment to complete. (Well talk more about this with the students directly.)

24 Required Reading Students will receive an email before winter break with a list of titles to read before we arrive in Read in the House of Medici or The Medici: Story of a European Dynasty

25 And choose: one fiction or one nonfiction title Available in the library

26 All MFS school rules apply: Including: Appropriate clothing, language, behavior,.. The hotel will lock the mini-bar & disable pay-per-view movies. Students are reminded that we will know what was removed from the mini-bar or viewed on the television. You will be responsible for any additional room charges.

27 Getting a tattoo or a piercing on a school trip is forbidden Despite the drinking laws in Italy, students are forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages on this school trip. Consequences will be severe and far reaching

28 Other School trip guidelines will be available soon. We will share those with you at our final meeting.

29 We are staying in a 4 star hotel that promises 100% satisfaction to their patrons. Hotel Etiquette If a student makes noise in the hallways or adjacent room, the hotel may be asked to refund the cost to an upset patron. The hotel will charge CHA Tours. CHA Tours will charge your parents.

30 So PLEASE observe the following rules : No running anywhere in the hotel. No shouting or loud music. No slamming doors. Observe the dress codes in public areas (i.e. no pajamas or bare feet in the hotel restaurant.)

31 Boys and girls need to be in their respective rooms by 10 PM. There will be a nightly bed check: students should not be anywhere but their own rooms between bed check and wake up call. Abide by the curfew that will be announced for each day.

32 Please remember… Serious infractions of these rules will result in the student returning home early at the parents expense. Colleges will have to be notified of serious infractions.

33 Most of all…. Lets have a fun, educational, and safe time. Lets create happy memories. Lets show Florence, Italy how awesome MFS students are!

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