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1 Lion Project presented by

2 1 The Lion Park is situated near to Port Elizabeth on the south coast of South Africa. 1.The Lion Park (Port Elizabeth)

3 The Lion Park is owned by Janice & Rusty and has white lions in addition to the usual brown ones.

4 Legislation protects lions which are hand reared and imprinted with humans. They are not allowed to be hunted.

5 It is the Volunteers responsibility to feed the cubs…

6 ... prepare food and feed the other cats at the Park.

7 Part of being a Volunteer involves play time with the cubs...

8 ... and the volunteer takes on the role of the adult lion during play time.

9 The sub-adult lions are in a separate enclosure...

10 ... and they form a bond with the volunteers.

11 The Park has two leopards.

12 The tigers were very small when they first arrived at the Park…

13 … 2 years later and they need lots of exercise...

14 … a break...... and TLC...

15 A tame caracal that is handled every day by the volunteers. He just loves people and craves attention.

16 Other animals at the park include the bush pig and vervet monkey...

17 ... Zebras... Giraffe

18 ... Wildebeest... Meercat... Nyala

19 Educating volunteers on indigenous and foreign plants and trees.

20 The Park has a tourist centre and restaurant which overlooks the Indian Ocean.

21 Volunteers are accommodated in lovely wooden chalets.

22 The beds have electric blankets in the winter...

23 ... and each room has an en suite shower room.

24 Accommodation in wooden cabin Food Transfers from and to the airport T-shirt All project materials necessary Included in the price:

25 Flights Medical/Travel insurance Vaccinations Luxury items e.g. Cigarettes, alcohol etc. Excursions on days off Not included in the price:

26 To give students the cheapest possible price we are subject to the exchange rate. All our projects are priced in SA Rands with an approximate price in £ sterling given on our website. Example: Price for two weeks is R11,050 = (£960) at an exchange rate of R11.5 = £1 The exchange rate used is 30 days before the start of your project. Costs:

27 1. Check our website and send us an email 2. Fill in the joining form 3. Send us the deposit to secure your project 4. Book your flights 5. Final amount due 30 days before the start of the project Booking Procedure:

28 Contact details: Loraine Scheepers

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