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WHY? We get up every morning knowing we can work together to create a better world… for our children and our childrens children.

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2 WHY? We get up every morning knowing we can work together to create a better world… for our children and our childrens children.

3 WHO ARE WE? We are a diversified corporation operating under the corporate laws within the Canada Corporations Act. We started with $25,000 from each of the 7 tribal councils. 7 Tribal Councils each own ONE equal share of TCIG with the right to appoint a single shareholder nominee to the Board and have the opportunity to consolidate 2 Billion in annual business in the province.

4 7 TRIBAL COUNCILS Swampy Cree Tribal Council West Region Tribal Council Interlake Reserves Tribal Council Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council Keewatin Tribal Council Island Lake Tribal Council Southeast Resource Development Council

5 WHERE ARE WE TODAY? We have revenues approaching $120 million annually and we dont receive any government funding We have a Company with a great business reputation for continued growth and great future ahead We have paid out in cash over $20 million directly to the 7 Tribal Councils in fees and donations. We have a business plan to year 2025 to achieve $1 billion in revenue.



8 WHAT DO WE DO? We work together in unity – 22 years of success We combine our resources - 22 years ago a $25,000 investment We focus on the long Term We specialize in win/win partnerships with multinational corporations (ex. PepsiCo, Parmalat, Jack Links, Blue Cross) and with Aboriginal groups.

9 TCIG BUSINESS MODEL Hospitality Financial Services Wholesale / Retail Transportation & Logistics Transportation & Logistics First Nation 1 Stop Solutions In: First Nation 1 Stop Solutions In: Tribal Councils & Bands –Other Clients Patronage & Partnership Benefit Direct benefit to Community Construction


11 FIRST CANDIAN FUELS OPERATING BUSINESS FCF is the leading Aboriginal owned fuel supplier servicing Manitoba and Ontario with a long term goal to service all of Canada. FCF provides independent First Nations, retail operations with reliable, cost effective fuel service supply which is supported by value added services which are then passed onto the public. Through the ongoing relationship of TCIG with DOMO Gasoline Corporation, FCF successfully launched three co-branded fuel sites in Winnipeg. VP & General Manager: Bill Young

12 ARCTIC BEVERAGES OPERATING BUSINESS In 1991 Arctic Beverages became wholly owned by TCIG and is the only First Nations owned and operated Pepsi bottler in the world. Arctic services Northern Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northwestern Ontario and Nunavut. Arctic brands include Pepsi and Pepsi products, they are also the distributor of Frito Lay Canada, Parmalat, Nestle, Jack Links, and Canada Bread. VP & General Manager: Terry Brown

13 PRECAMBRIAN OPERATING BUSINESS TCIG is the owner of Precambrian Limited since January 2009. PWL contributes to the success of First Nations people and businesses. PWL is a full service, wholesale and retail, product support services and transportation provider. PWL specializes in improving quality of life by providing a wide variety of specialty programs and products such as food service, household items and leisure items. VP & General Manager: Bill Young

14 WOK BOX OPERATING BUSINESS Wok Box is a Canadian franchise operating in 65+ locations in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Atlantic Canada and Lebanon. As the Wok Box developed for Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota regions.

15 FAMOUS DAVES OPERATING BUSINESS Known for its on-premise real pit smokers where the BBQ is slow- smoked for up to 10 hours over smoldering hickory wood Famous Dave's serves scratch-recipe cooking, and has won over 500 awards 200 restaurants across the U.S. including Hawaii Winnipeg is the first International location…the first in Canada 200 seat dinning room

16 FIRST CANADIAN TRANSPORTATION OPERATING BUSINESS Road, air, rail and sealift A professional team that has over thirty two years of experience in moving wholesale goods and freight from major distribution centers to destinations throughout the Central Canadian north. FCT recognizes that northern customers require reliable year round access to goods and services at rates that are fair and reasonable. Serving Northwestern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the Central Arctic. General Manager: Harold Bonazew

17 FIRST CANADIAN CONSTRUCTION OPERATING BUSINESS In 2006 TCIG majority owner partnered with CH2m Hill Canada Ltd. to form First Canadian Infrastructure Inc. FCI has performed work for over 25 First Nations across Canada and continues to grow the business on a national basis. FCI, provides expert advice and services, jobs and economic development for First Nations.

18 FIRST CANADIAN HEALTH OPERATING BUSINESS First Canadian Health Management Corporation became wholly owned by TCIG in 2000. Since that time business volumes have doubled. During 2008 & 2009 FCH realize a 15% increase in revenues while continuing to deliver high quality and exceptional service levels. TCH partners with ESI to administer the Health Canadas Non-Insured Health Benefits Program for medical, dental and pharmaceutical claims for Aboriginal people. General Manager: Mary Dee-Smylie

19 INVESTMENT COMPANIES First Nations Bank Paragon Pharmacies Exchange Income Corporation Big Freight Systems Artis Reit All in West! Capital Corporation Larters at St. Andrews & The Meadows Tribal Marketing

20 Awards & Achievements 1998 Pepsi Cola Canada Bottler of the Year 2001 Regional finalist for the 50 best managed companies 2007 Lieutenant Governors Award for outstanding contribution in the community by a business 2007 Pepsi Cola North America Bottler of the Year 2007 Pepsi Cola Canada Bottler of the Year 2008 Lieutenant Governors Award for outstanding medium business 2008 Lieutenant Governors Award for outstanding contribution in the community by a business 2011 Pepsi Cola Canada Bottler of the Year *Canada has 14 Pepsi bottlers *North America has 180 Pepsi bottlers

21 TCIG VISION TCIG Shareholders, Board & Management are committed to working together to: Vision 2025 - 20% growth per year - $1 Billion of Revenue Knowledgeable & well informed leadership – throughout our communities Investments in synergy type businesses (Key Investment Areas) $7 Million of annual payouts to Owners Generate wealth by doing business together.

22 WHAT IS OUR PRIMARY FOCUS? Profitability Managing Risk Wealth preservation Employment opportunities – Today - 400 employees with 25% Aboriginal workforce – 1991 – 17 employees with 10% Aboriginal workforce The more we make the more we can give back

23 HOW DO WE OPERATE? We have a strict Investment Formula – Low risk & high return Focus on our exit strategy Look for synergy and build our relationships

24 WHAT CAN WE BRING TO THE TABLE? Tribal Ownership Strength of Corporate Diversity Purchasing Power Capital Expertise in partnering with multinational companies


26 Started in 2008 in Pukatawagan as a corporate partnership between TCIG, Arctic Beverages, PepsiCo & ONEXONE Partnered with the ONEXONE First Nations Breakfast program projected to serve 350,000 hot breakfasts in 13 communities in 2012 The Program has already seen overwhelmingly positive results since first implemented in October 2008. The healthy meals provide at the start of every school day have tremendous positive impact on learning, creativity, improved test grades, and even attendance.

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